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  1. Modern family history is only shared with trusted family members. As you go back in time the privacy controls open up.
  2. Collaboration between distant relatives is kept enjoyable and productive through a simple nine-point Wiki Genealogist Honor Code.
  3. There are many personal benefits of membership but our common goal is to grow a worldwide tree that's free and accessible to everyone.

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This free project has been growing since 2008. As a community we are creating a single shared family tree using traditional genealogical sources and DNA tests. As individuals we are connecting the tree with our private family histories.

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Ben Thompson Profile of the Week: Ben Thompson (1843-1884)

AJ Jacobs Are you related to A.J. Jacobs yet, author of the New York Times op-ed "Are You My Cousin?" and organizer of the global family reunion? Login to check.

Gail Cox          "After three years on WikiTree, it is still amazing to me that I can find such a rich online experience with so many different options ... totally FREE. All that is asked of me is that I be responsible to our community with the information that I'm putting up." — Gail Cox