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Welcome to the July 2015 edition of News from the Tree, our monthly report on new features and changes around the site, notes on community leaders, tips, etc.

What’s New?

Relationship Trail with Confidence Settings

Have you tried out our Relationship Finder recently?   We’ve updated it to include confidence level indicators: Uncertain, Confident, and Confirmed with DNA.  Give it a whirl and see what you think!

If you check the relationship between two people and one isn’t a descendant of the other, there will be a whole subsection on Relationship Confidence that explains it a bit more.

WikiTree at the Global Family Reunion

On June 6th, a bunch of WikiTreers attended the Global Family Reunion in New York City to spread some WikiTree love.   Chris Whitten, our WikiTreer-in-Chief, was there, along with team member Erin Breen and leaders Tom Shaw, Keith Hathaway, Mags Gaulden and Karen Tobo to man our WikiTree tent.  Team member Lianne Lavoie, leader Roland Arsenault and his lovely wife and Keith’s family made frequent guest appearances. Our Forest Elf, Eowyn, who was also working as the Chief Cousin Coordinator of the Reunion, popped up every now again as elves are prone to do.

Mags Gaulden, Lianne Lavoie, Tom Shaw, Erin Breen, Eowyn Langholf, Christianne Arsenault, Roland Arsenault, Lucy Lavelle

People stopping by the tent were invited to participate in a fun contest to win one of our awesome WikiTree sweatshirts.  All they had to do was post with some of our fabulous orange props and let us post said photo to Instagram and they were entered in the raffle.  It was a blast! Here are a few:






You can view all the awesomeness in our galleries on Facebook, Google+ and Instagram!  You can also check out some live footage from our Hangout on Air.

Who’s New?

Help us welcome Maryann Hurt as our newest WikiTree Leader!   She’s been one of our outstanding members since January 2014.  Maryann has German, Irish, Danish and Scottish roots. She’s very active in many of our projects include the Categorization Project, Profile Improvement Project, European Aristocrat Project and she volunteers as one of our Rangers to help keep WikiTree safe and vandal-free!

Mentor Tips

  • After trying GEDCompare with your full GEDCOM file upload a smaller one for your first GEDCOM import. The WikiTree process is different than with other websites and a smaller file lets you get a feel for the process without getting overwhelmed.
  • Did you know you can “favorite” the posts you like in the G2G forum so you can find them later?  Here’s how.
  • Prioritize your profile updates. From your Watchlist click the fourth header ‘Last Edit’ to sort the list so that the first profile listed is the one that’s gone the longest time without being edited. Check it out! Maybe there’s something you can add or improve.

Project Updates

Family History Photo of the Week Winner: Esther Dearborn

The Categorization Project is doing major housecleaning. Now is a great time to join the project and learn many of the basics of using categories as they go through and discuss the best way to set them up, use sub-categories, and coordinate with projects of all sorts.

The Roll of Honor Project is starting work on an War of 1812 sub-project. Contact Terri Rick if you’re interested in working with them!

On Wednesday, June 24th, the Greeters Project hosted two Google Hangouts on Air.

The Hangouts were just a general chat session so we could get to know each other. The official agenda actually included the words “Yada, Yada”. The Hangouts were fun and relaxed even though we had some technical challenges during the first one. The second Hangout went along swimmingly!

Why two Hangouts? We hosted two to try and make sure everyone had a chance to jump in, despite time zones. You can view the recordings on:

Google+:  Morning, Evening

YouTube: Morning, Evening.

Lastly, check out our two newest projects:

  • Quakers Project that covers all Quakers worldwide, coordinated by Andrea Powell and led by Paula J.

Community Accomplishments

Top 10 contributors for last month:

WikiTree Club 1000 May 2015

  1. Kirsty Ward (12,552 edits in May)
  2. Vincent Piazza (12321)
  3. Carolyn Martin (6310)
  4. Philip Smith (6212)
  5. Paul Leonard (5406)
  6. Trace Allison (4993)
  7. Ronel Olivier (4554)
  8. Robert Hathaway (4460)
  9. Beryl Jacobs (4362)
  10. Carrie Quackenbush (4220)

Super Star recipients (recognized by a Leader for extraordinary contributions that go far beyond what is normally seen on WikiTree):

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication: Gaile ConnollyJohn BeardsleyDale ByersValerie Kerr and Carrie Quackenbush.

New Member Comments

When a Guest or Family Member volunteers to become a full contributing Wiki Genealogist we ask them to leave a comment telling a little about how and/or why they’d like to volunteer to grow our shared tree. We get some really great responses.  Comments such as:

  • Family History Photo of the Week Winner: Mary Hewish

    “My mother began doing family genealogy research before her death. A few months ago, I began looking over her findings and have continued to build upon them. I’m hooked! Each new bit of information is a puzzle piece that when fit correctly, will help enlarge a picture of not only our personal family’s history, but it’s contribution to our great nation.” – Toni

  • “I became very interested my family genealogy over 30 years ago when I first found out that some of my ancestors had already been traced back to 1700 in Pennsylvania — and especially when I was able to visit the original homestead which is still being used as residence. I am serious about accurately tracing the family trees of my own and my wife’s families. Therefore, I do agree with ‘our mission’ and ‘our nine simple rules’ and will try to ensure the accuracy of my work.” –  Dave
  • “I  think this is an exciting project in a more and more global community that the world is becoming. Both the interconnectivity of all human beings as well as going back to your roots can walk hand in hand.” – Roeland
  • “I’ve been working on the ol’ family free on and off for over a decade now. Just on a run about it again at the moment, trying to fill in some blanks when I stumbled across wiki tree. I think it’s brilliant and I’d love the opportunity to contribute. Who knows! I may have the details you’ve been looking for, and visa versa.” – Kat
  • “I am currently exploring. I stripped my Family Tree Maker file down to just my ancestors and one generation of descendants at each level. This is the sort of tree that my nephew and I started working toward a few years ago. If we can produce a global tree, with DNA, this would be quite a resource. If it works the way I think it should, I’m in.” – Steven

Anyone can view the latest comments on the Volunteer Feed.

If you have a few minutes to spare they are fun to read through and a great way to find people with interests similar to your own or researching the same surnames/locations. When you see a comment that resonates for you, click the thank-you link or post a comment to make them feel welcome to WikiTree.

Don’t Miss These!

Family History Photo of the Week:   Every Wednesday, two fun things happen in our Family History Photo of the Week project. First, you get to vote on the photos that were nominated during the previous week, and second, you can nominate photos to be voted on the next week. Follow the tag “photo_of_the_week” in the G2G so you don’t miss out on the Time to Nominate and Time to Vote posts.

Collaborative Profile of the Week:  WikiTree is all about collaboration and every week many members come together to work on the Collaborative Profile of the Week. Every week a profile is nominated. It’s usually a profile from one of our current projects that is in desperate need of some TLC.

Each Monday a new collaborative profile is posted and interested members can then chip in to help make the profile as great as it can be. Check out last week’s wonderful results on Edith Emma Coe’s  profile or join in on this week’s efforts with author Lucy Maud Montgomery. Follow the tag “profile_of_the_week” in G2G if you don’t want to miss these.

Weekend Chat:  Each Friday we start a Weekend Chat  post in G2G. All members are invited  and encouraged to come and post, whether it’s to introduce themselves, share what they’ve been working on, talk about the weather or post tips and suggestions.  This is a great way to get to know some of the awesome members of our community!  Follow the tag “weekend_chat” if you don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Thanks for all you do WikiTreers. You’re the best.

The WikiTree Team and Leaders

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