by Eowyn the Forest Elf

It’s Family History Month!

October (in the United States) is a time to not only remember where we’ve come from but also to celebrate our individual histories, lineages and identities. Back in 2001, Congress passed a resolution that was originally introduced by Senator Orrin Hatch.  He wrote, “By searching for our roots, we come closer together as a human family.”  Since then, every October, genealogists, researchers and family history enthusiasts have celebrated Family History Month!

Celebrate on WikiTree

Here’s some ideas of ways to celebrate Family History Month on WikiTree:

  • Update and add to some of your profiles that haven’t been touched in awhile. From your Watchlist click the fourth header ‘Last Edit’ to sort the list so that the first profile listed is the one that’s gone the longest time without being edited. Check it out! Maybe there’s something you can add or improve!
  • Post in the G2G forum for help on breaking through one of your brick walls.

Celebrate with the Younger Generation

Get your younger kids and teenagers involved in celebrating your family history!  Here’s some ideas:

  • Visit your local cemetery or a cemetery where your relatives and ancestors are buried.  Do some tombstone rubbings!
  • Throw an ancestor a birthday party.  You could wrap up a few mementos of the person, have your children unwrap them and then you can share the stories behind them.  Or celebrate the same way your ancestor might have celebrated.
  • Prepare an ancestor’s favorite family recipe.

More Celebration Ideas

The ways you could celebrate are endless but here are a few more suggestions to get you going:

  • Begin writing down some of your own life story.
  • Call a relative you haven’t heard from in awhile and rebuild that connection.
  • Create a family cookbook. Include recipes of ancestors and living family members.  Encourage people to share stories related to food and family.
  • Scan and preserve your family pictures.
  • Take a trip to visit an area your ancestor(s) lived.




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