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Welcome to the November 2013 edition of “News from the Tree”, our monthly report on new features and changes around the site, notes on community leaders, tips, etc.

What’s New?

DNA Test Connections

DNA testing has become an important tool for genealogy, and it’s rapidly becoming an important part of WikiTree.

In our latest round of DNA integration features we’ve enabled members to say they’ve taken a yDNA or mtDNA test and enter their corresponding IDs for those results in YSearch and MitoSearch. This information — with links to the corresponding DNA tests — then appears on all the profiles in the member’s family tree where the person should have the same Y-chromosome or mitochondrial DNA.

One of our members, Peter Roberts, has been instrumental in developing our DNA features. And now he’s become an evangelist for them too! He co-wrote this great blog post with Roberta Estes: WikiTree and DNA. If you’re looking for a good introduction to what we’re doing with DNA, check it out. I think it also makes a great introduction for genetic genealogists who haven’t tried WikiTree yet. If you know any, tell them!

For more information or to get involved check out our DNA Project or join our DNA Google Community.

If you’ve taken a DNA test for genealogy enter it or add the new information here.

Who’s New?

New Team Member

We’re thrilled to welcome Allen Minix to the WikiTree team! Allen assists on WikiTree’s complex server operations. It’s critically important that our systems be stable, secure, and efficient. For most of us, all that stuff is deep in the background. It’s invisible and assumed and we never think about it. Thanks to people like Allen.

He’s well-qualified and experienced. Allen has been working with Linux and open source since “before it was cool” (coming up on 20 years). Like many of the best, he’s largely self-taught.

Allen has also become the leader of our new WikiTree Apps initiative. Although a lot of WikiTree is not open source, for security and privacy reasons, we do have a basic API (“application programming interface”) and a growing community of developers who are sharing their WikiTree enhancements with the rest of us.

New Supervisors

We’re also pleased to have four new supervisors:

Michelle Hartley – Michelle is extremely active in our G2G Forum and as an Arborist and Greeter.

Irene Dillon – Irene is committed to helping our members become familiar with our site and educated about WikiTree, which is why she is the project leader of our new Mentors Project.

Rhian Geleick – Rhian is also very active in our G2G Forum and as an Arborist, Integrator and Greeter.

Peter Roberts – Peter is vital part of our DNA Project as well as the project leader on our Bahamas Project.

Community Accomplishments

Top 10 contributors for October 2013:

1. Betty Tierney (13,851 edits in October)
2. Jacques Charles Pictet (13,740)
3. Vincent Piazza (12,054)
4. Paula Johnson (7,724)
5. Philip Smith (7,667)
6. Stephanie Sanchez (7,139)
7. Michelle Brooks (6,972)
8. Daniel Thompson (6,934)
9. Robert Blais (6,144)
10. Sir William Arbuthnot Bt (5,888)

Super Star recipients (recognized by a Supervisor for extraordinary contributions that go far beyond what is normally seen on WikiTree):

Sir William Arbuthnot, Irene Dillon, Rhian Geleick, Martyn Grifhorst, Billy Wallace, Nae and Kimball Everingham. Way to go!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

Volunteer Opportunities

We have a few new projects underway and would love to have more members involved. Perhaps one of these will spark your interest. If so, contact the project leader and dive in!

Integrators Project

WikiTree Integrators are volunteers who have taken on the mission of integrating our Genealogist-to-Genealogist Forum with the main WikiTree site (and vice versa!). At the moment, G2G and WikiTree function more as two separate entities rather than one. For example when someone poses a question like “Was my great-great-grandma So-and-So in the 1900 Census?”, helpful members find the answer to the question and post it on the G2G. What would be even more effective is if the information found was posted directly onto the profile. This project is designed to facilitate the integration of WikiTree and the G2G so they work together rather than separately. If you are interested, please contact Erin!

WikiTree Profile of the Week

WikiTree Profile of the Week is the new sister project of the Family History Photo of the Week. The goal is to bring attention to great profiles — ones with interesting stories, or that are especially well-researched, or well-formatted, categorized, etc. Please join us in our Google+ Group to participate and discuss the nominees.

Volga Germans Project

The objective of the Volga German Project is to use the collaborative powers of WikiTree to collect, organize, and trace the information of those families into one, easily referenced, location. The dream is to trace families alive today beyond their Mid-Western present, through their colonial days in Russia, and back to the Regions in Germany where they originated. Contact Ray Triboulet to join!

You Rock!

As always, we have to give a BIG THANK YOU to our fantastic community. We’ve surpassed 6,000,000 profiles! We couldn’t do it without your hard work and diligence.

The WikiTree Team and Supervisors

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  2. It seems so difficult just getting past my mom and dad ,I don’t know if others have the same problem ,no family records of grannies or grandpa s

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