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New Members

We’ve had two new members join since the last newsletter. Welcome to Thomas Darga and Wes Risdon!

To Do List

I added a new section to the project page today, containing a to do list. Right now it only has one item on it (adding sources to a family), but I hope that soon it’ll be a more comprehensive list of what needs attention on the project’s profiles. Feel free to add to this list!

On a related note, I started Category:Acadian Unsourced Profiles. If you find an Acadian profile without sources (and you can’t add sources right then), please put the line [[Category:Acadian Unsourced Profiles]] at the top of the profile. And if you can add sources to any of the profiles in that category, that would be great!

Acadians Who Died at Sea

Project member Nina Pyne replied to my last newsletter and brought up the topic of Acadian families who died during the deportation when their ships sank. Lucie Leblanc Consentino has a blog post on this subject here: http://acadian-ancestral-home.blogspot.ca/2009/03/acadians-aboard-duke-william-violet-and_15.html

I think this would be an interesting topic for our project to have a task force working on. Would anyone be interested in focusing on these families for a while? We could create categories for each of the ships that sank. I’d be happy to help with the categorisation aspect of things.

December 13 is Acadian Remembrance Day, which commemorates the sinking of the Duke William and the Acadians who died on board. It would be nice to have something in place by then.

Filles du Roi

Nina also brought up the Filles du Roi, some of whom apparently came to Acadia. If you’re interested in this topic, you should check out the Filles du Roi Project, led by Erin Breen!

Great Acadian Profiles

We’re still looking for the best profiles the Acadians Project has to offer! If you have a favourite profile, please send it my way!

Acadians Category

I’ll just squeeze one more topic into this already long email. 🙂

Currently, all profiles with the Acadian template on them appear in Category:Acadians. This started out as a useful way to list profiles managed by the project, but over time it’s become quite large, and strictly speaking it isn’t the best idea for a category, given how much bigger it could get.

So, what are your thoughts on phasing out that category? Instead of that, we would have the Acadians categorised only by the places they lived, eg. Category:Port-Royal, Acadie, as well as the immigration categories, primarily Category:French Immigrants to Acadia.

If we decide to do this, it would be pretty easy. Simply removing the category from the template would probably almost empty the category, leaving only those that have [[Category:Acadians]] on them instead of {{Acadian}}.

Please let me know your thoughts on this, if you have an opinion on the matter!

And, as always, let me know if there’s anything you want me to cover in the next newsletter.

Until next time,

~Lianne (Acadians Project Leader)

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  One Response to “What’s Up with the Acadians?”

  1. (just posted on Google)

    I’m unaware whether a decision has been reached on who is an Acadian, but I’ve always assumed that an Acadian was a person who actually lived in Acadia, whether born there are not.

    I would therefore propose that we create a template for those of us who are of Acadian descent and call it (…….drum roll) ACADIAN DESCENDANTS. This would allow thousands of people to express their pride in their ancestry and demonstrate the extraordinary size and geographical breadth of our brothers and sisters.

    I would prefer to use the same image for Acadian Descendants, unless a better one could be suggested. The Acadian flag is distinctive (and I like it).

    What do you think, folks?

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