Josiah Rising Raizenne (1694-1771) Acadian/Quebec connection to the GFR

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I've been looking forward to getting some Canadian connections happening in the Global Family Reunion, and now they are finally starting to pop up. Here's one from 17th century Quebec (Hi Lianne! Hi Roland!) Josiah (Rising) Raizenne is 34 degrees removed from AJ.

Josiah Rising Raizenne -> his father, John Rising -> his wife, Mary Claflin Rising -> her brother, Daniel Claflin -> his son, Robert Claflin -> his son, Daniel Claflin-> his daughter Phoebe Claflin Sprague -> her son, Almon Sprague -> his wife, Lucy Bentley Sprague -> her brother, Orlando Bentley -> his wife, Caroline Sears Bentley -> her sister, Elizaette Sears Austin -> her son, Duane S. Austin -> his son, Lloyd Austin -> his daughter, Gertrude Austin English -> her husband, James A. English -> his father, John Royal English -> his mother, Alice Parker Finnell -> her husband Ashford Bartlett Finnell -> his sister, Nora Finnell Ayers -> her husband, Frank C. Ayers -> his father, George Ayers -> his wife, Nancy Morrison Ayers -> her daughter, Nellie Crowley Kuntz -> her husband, Edward Kuntz -> his sister, Emma Kuntz Ferrell -> her daughter, Georgia Ferrell Hirsch Takacs -> her husband, Irwin Hirsch -> his mother, Harriet Friedenheit Hirsch -> her sister, Sophie Friedenheit Kingsbacher (AJ's 2nd great grandmother).

WikiTree profile: Josiah-Ignace Raizenne
asked Mar 12, 2014 in Requests for Genealogy Help by Erin Breen G2G6 Pilot (183,330 points)

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Yay! I've been keeping an eye on the category hoping to see a French sounding name pop up (I got my hopes up with Toussaint but it turned out to be from the Netherlands). Finally, hope of finding my connection! :)
answered Mar 13, 2014 by Lianne Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (347,430 points)
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Erin, you are awesome! Thanks to this post I found my link! I wrote a blog post about it here:

Here's the path from me:

Lianne Lavoie (me) -> my father, Louis Gilbert Lavoie -> his mother, Clemence Wilhelmina Marguerite Richard -> her mother, Marie Alberta "Bertha" Daigneault -> her father, Narcisse Daigneault -> his father, Anselme Daigneault -> his father, Louis Daigneault -> his father, Pierre Deneau -> his father, Jacques Deniau -> his father, Pierre Deniau -> his brother, René Deniau -> his son, Jean-Baptiste Deniau -> his son, Joseph Deniau -> his daughter, Josephe Deniau -> her daughter, Marie Josephe "Angelique" Bissonnette -> her daughter, Angele Andre dit St. Amant -> her husband, Guillaume Seguin -> his father, Guillaume Seguin -> his father, Guillaume Seguin -> his mother, Marie Anne Raizenne -> her father, Josiah Rising Raizenne -> his father, John Rising -> his wife, Mary Claflin Rising -> her brother, Daniel Claflin -> his son, Robert Claflin -> his son, Daniel Claflin-> his daughter Phoebe Claflin Sprague -> her son, Almon Sprague -> his wife, Lucy Bentley Sprague -> her brother, Orlando Bentley -> his wife, Caroline Sears Bentley -> her sister, Elizaette Sears Austin -> her son, Duane S. Austin -> his son, Lloyd Austin -> his daughter, Gertrude Austin English -> her husband, James A. English -> his father, John Royal English -> his mother, Alice Parker Finnell -> her husband Ashford Bartlett Finnell -> his sister, Nora Finnell Ayers -> her husband, Frank C. Ayers -> his father, George Ayers -> his wife, Nancy Morrison Ayers -> her daughter, Nellie Crowley Kuntz -> her husband, Edward Kuntz -> his sister, Emma Kuntz Ferrell -> her daughter, Georgia Ferrell Hirsch Takacs -> her husband, Irwin Hirsch -> his mother, Harriet Friedenheit Hirsch -> her sister, Sophie Friedenheit Kingsbacher (AJ's 2nd great grandmother).

answered Mar 14, 2014 by Lianne Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (347,430 points)
edited Mar 14, 2014 by Lianne Lavoie
Love the blog post!
Fantastic!  What other nationalities and locales can we connect?
Well from Lianne, we can connect to me, and I'm married to a Brazilian so there's a Brazilian connection if we didn't have one before...
Also if you go through me you get English, Scottish, and Swedish connections!

Unrelated to me, I was working on a family that led me to an immigrant to the US from the Netherlands:

Interestingly, I found another connection of my family to the Risings/Raizennes through Joseph Kent (My grandmother's uncle was a Kent, and a pretty important one - but that's the subject of another post). I find that I myself am only 19 steps away from Josiah Rising/Raizenne.  That makes me only 39 steps away from Lianne. 


This looks like a line that's pretty scant on WikiTree, so it may take me a while to put together the profiles to make the connection, but I will work on it. 

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