Descendants of Gjertrud Dungalsdotter Tomb

Gjertrud Dungalsdotter Tomb ( m. Guttorm Ingesson ) is the mother of one child and the grandmother of 2 grandchildren. Listed below are details on up to five generations of descendants. Icons after childrens' names link to their family tree charts ancestors and descendant lists descendants. Click here for Gjertrud Dungalsdotter Tomb's ancestors.

  1. Gyda (Guttormsdatter) Tofte ancestorsdescendants (1225 - 1293) m. Ivar på Norheim Guttormson
    1. Øystein Gydusson Bratt ancestors (1245 - )
    2. Guttorm Ivarson Norheim ancestorsdescendants (1260 - February 20, 1306) m. Gjertrude Dugalsdatter