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Related surnames: LEWIS (14476) LUDWIG (1070) LUTZ (899) LOOS (317) LOUIS (201) MCCLOY (47) LADWIG (30) LUDWIGSEN (5) LUDVIG (3) LUISI (3)   [edit]

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sort-Name sort-Birth Manager sorted down-Last Edit sort
Irene Ludvigsen 1970's Anders Andersen 16 Oct 2012 *
Mary E. (Ludvigsen) Scholbrock 1920's Allan Scholbrock 7 Oct 2012 *
Robin Pedersen 11 Sep 2011 *
    ditto     ditto *
1537 Palsgaard, As, Vejle, Denmark Jeff Johnson 10 Sep 2011 *
E Louise Ludvigsen Robin Pedersen 19 Aug 2011 *
Hilmar Emil Ludvigsen 1890's     ditto     ditto *
Elsa Ludie Ludvigsen 1920's     ditto     ditto *
Marie Ludvigsen 1910's     ditto     ditto *
Olaf Ludvigsen 1880's     ditto     ditto *

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