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SOINE Genealogy

Related surnames: SHANE (203) SINN (149) SHONE (133) SENN (127) SHINE (127) SEHN (89) SYME (86) SENNE (75) SIME (66) SON (59)   [edit]

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Frances Soine

sort-Name sort-Birth Manager sorted down-Last Edit sort
photo A214 1960's Dan Soine 4 Feb 2014 *
Geraldine M. (Thibodeau) Soine photo 1940's Geraldine Soine 17 Jan 2014 *
November 10, 1912 Dan Soine 23 Dec 2013 *
photo November 1, 1909     ditto     ditto *
October 12, 1873 Minnesota     ditto 20 Dec 2013 *
June 2, 1874 Wang Twp, Renville County, Minnesota     ditto     ditto *
Barbie (Soine) Zeimes 1940's     ditto     ditto *
Barb (Unknown) Soine photo     ditto     ditto *
Stacey (Soine) Garry photo 1970's     ditto     ditto *
Scott Soine photo 1960's     ditto     ditto *
Angie (Haggerty) Soine     ditto     ditto *
Jim Soine photo 1940's     ditto     ditto *
Joyce (Soine) Krook photo 1940's     ditto     ditto *
David K. Soine photo 1930's     ditto     ditto *
Janice L. (Soine) Peterson photo 1960's     ditto     ditto *
Cynthia F. (Friedl) Soine photo 1970's     ditto     ditto *
Sarah G. Soine photo 1990's     ditto     ditto *
Samuel D. Soine photo 1990's     ditto     ditto *
Kimberly K. (Soine) Severino photo 1960's     ditto     ditto *
Dianne M. (Soine) Mack photo 1960's     ditto     ditto *
Dawn M. (Soine) Watkins photo 1960's     ditto     ditto *
October 23, 1914 Ohio, United States Ron Callahan 2 Dec 2011 *
Samara LaBelle 24 Jul 2011 *
Carmen Soine 1960's     ditto     ditto *
Bettina Soine 1960's     ditto     ditto *

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