Jacques  Archambault

Jacques Archambault (1605 - 1688)

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Jacques Archambault
Born in L’Ardillière, Dompierre-sur-Mer, Charente-Maritime, Francemap
Husband of — married in Saint-Philbert-du-Pont-Charrault, La Roche-sur-Yon, Vendée, Francemap
Husband of — married about in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Quebec, Canadamap
Died in Montréal, Quebec, Canadamap
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Categories: French Immigrants to New France.

Flag of France Jacques Archambault migrated from France to New France. Flag of New France

Biographie/ Biography

Jacques Archambault 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (1605 - 1688)

Père et mère:

Antoine Archambault et Renée Ouvrard.


Vers 1605, il naît à Dompierre-sur-Mer, La Rochelle, Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, France [1]


Le 24 janvier 1629, il épouse Françoise Tourault à Saint-Philbert-du-Pont-Charrault, La Roche-sur-Yon, Vendée, France 11, 12, 13, 14.

Vers 1645, il immigre en Nouvelle-France.

Le 18 septembre 1651, il obtient une concession de 30 arpents joignant les terres réservées pour la ville, à Ville-Marie, [2]

Le 6 mai 1651, à Ville-Marie, Île de Montréal, Canada, Jacques Archambault et Charles Le Moyne se portent au secours de deux colons, dont un certain Jean Chicot, surpris par une dizaine de maraudeurs Iroquois. Une balle perçe la coiffure de Le Moyne et les Iroquois scalpent Chicot, lui arrachant un morceau de crâne dans leur hâte; celui-ci devait survivre seize ans à sa cruelle expérience. (Jean Boudart et Jean Chiquot) 15, 16. (Jean Chiquot:[3]

Le 28 octobre 1652, Jacques Archambault est présent au mariage de Anne Hayot et Étienne DeNevers dit Bretigny à l'église Notre-Dame-de-Québec, Québec 3, 18, 19, a.

Le 15 janvier 1654, il obtient une allocation située entre 400 et 1000 livres tournois, à la condition de s'engager à persévérer dans la mise en valeur de sa concession. 20.

En 1658, il est puisatier, Il creuse un puit à la demande du sieur de Maisonneuve, aujourd'hui tout près de l'actuel Musée d'archéologie et d'histoire. Une plaque de bronze en indique l'emplacement au temps de Ville-Marie 21, 22.


Le 26 janvier 1666, il épouse Marie Denot de Lamartinière, fille de Élie Denot de Lamartinière et Marguerite Delafond à Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Champlain,Canada 3, 23. Le contrat de mariage de Marie Denot de Lamartinière et Jacques Archambault est signé le même jour par devant Sévérin Ameau dit Saint-Sévérin.

  • Recensement de 1667: Jacques Archambault, 62 ; Marie Denot, sa femme, 60 ; 30 arpents en valeur. |Marie Denot de Lamartinière et Jacques Archambault vivent sur l'Île de Montréal 3.
  • Recensement de 1681: Jacques Archambault 77 ; Marie Desnos. sa femme, 62. Marie Denot de Lamartinière et Jacques Archambault vivent au fief Verdun, Île de Montréal 2.

Acte de mariage:

Le 28 oct 1652. après publication de deux bancs de mariage le 29 de Sept et le 6 d'oct et dispense obtenu pour le troisième, ne s'étant trouvé aucun empêchement, le Père le R.P.Pierre Bailloguet à ce député, a interrogé Estienne Tenevers fils d'Estienne Tennevere et d'Agnès Luosbisec ses père et mère de la paroisse d'Espinay en Champagne; Et Anne Hayaut fille de Thomas Hayot et de Janne Boucher ses père et mère habitant de ce pays, lesquels ayant donné‚ leur mutuel consentement par parole de présent, il a solennellement mariés dans l'Eglise de Sillery en présence de témoins connus. René Méseré dit Nopce, Jacques Archambault, Charles Gandier.[citation needed]


Le 15 février 1688, il décède à Montréal, Île de Montréal, Canada, âgé de 84 ans 24. Il est inhumé le même jour à Montréal 25.[4]

Liste des enfants connus de Jacques Archambault et de Françoise Tourault:

Denis Archambault (1630 - 1651)

Anne Archambault (1631 - 1699)

Jacquette Archambault (1632 - 1700)

Marie Archambault (1636 - 1719)

Louise Archambault (1640 - )

Laurent Archambault (1642 - 1688)

Marie Archambault (1644 - 1685) [citation needed]

Jacques Archambault: The family resided in Lardilliere, parish of Dompierre sur Mer, LaRochelle, France.

Jacques and Francoise were married in France and had 7 children before coming to New France. Only Louise did not cross, because she died before her family left France.

Upon his arrival (1645-1646), it appears that he was a servant of Pierre Legardeur de Repentigny, at Quebec but by 1654 he was with Maisonneuve in Montreal. In 1658 Jacques contracted with Paul de Chomedey to dig a well, inside the fort at Ville-Marie, at the place d`Armes. He had found his calling.

At a reenactment Fair at nearby Fort #4 in Charlestown, N.H. in the summer of 1995, I met a reenactor from Canada who was also a descendant of Jacques Archambault. He told me that one of his wells was a historic site in Montreal, still giving sweet water to this day! GJR

There is also a short biography of Jacques in "Our French-Canadian Ancestors by Laforest -GJR

On May 6, 1651, Jean Chicot and the mason Jean Boudart were surprised by ten or so marauders. Chicot hid under a tree, while Boudart went back towards his house to take refuge there with his wife, but she had carefully barred the door. It was too late: the couple fled. The Iroquois quickly caught up with Madame Boudart. Her husband came back to try and save her, but it was a futile effort, and he died under the Iroquois` blows. His wife was spared " to make a cruel meal of her"- the Iroquois tried to take as many prisioners as possible for the pleasure of slowly burning them to death. Three settlers ran to the scene: Charles Le Moyne, Jacques Archambault and a third whose identity we dont know. Some forty of the Iroquois fell upon them. They retreated to the hospital - it was open and Jeanne Mance was there alone. Le Moyne (whose cap had been pierced by a bullet) and his companions endeavoured to bring her to the fort; then they went out looking for Chicot. Chicot had defended himself so vigerously to keep from being captured, that they scalped him right there, even taking a piece of his skull. The Iroquois left him for dead but he survived, living sixteen more years after this cruel experience.

This last from: MONTREAL A History by Robert Prevost (translated) and translated from the website of Robert Rochon, "Liste des Patronymes":

JACQUES ARCHAMBAULT Archambaldus, Latinized Germanic first name, which means indigenous daring. Jacques Archambault and Francoise Tourault are the only ancestors of this great Archambault family of the same patronym. Jacques and Francoise are both natives of Dompierre-on-Sea, in the area of the Small rock, in Charente-Maritime, formerly French province of Aunis. Son of Antoine Archambault and Renee Ouvrard, Jacques was born into 1604. As for Francoise, she was born towards 1599. Both lived in Dompierre, in a hamlet called Lardillière. Jacques and Francoise married on January 24 1629, in Saint-Philibert of the Bridge-Charault, in old Poitou, in France. Jacques is a ploughman then also vine grower. From 1630 to 1644, Francoise gives him seven children, two sons and five girls. Towards 1645, with Pierre Legardeur de Repentigny, director of the new Company of the Inhabitants, the couple embarks for New-France, accompanied by six children.

That which interests us, it is Jacquette Archambault, born towards 1632, she is 13 years old on her arrival. She marries on September 28 the 1648 ancestor Paul Chalifou(r), widower of Marie Jeannet. She runs out her life in the area of Quebec and presents to her husband 14 children, including three girls who continue a descent to us. The grandmother of Chalifou(r) is buried on December 17, 1700, in Quebec.

In 1647, the farmer Jacques Archambault becomes tenant of a ground of the seigniory of Lachenaie. September 15 1651, he becomes dealer of a ground in the Cape Rouge. In 1654, the colonist agrees to fix himself definitively in the island of Montreal, on a plot of land close to current Place of Weapons. One allots Jacques Archambault the merit to have dug the first well of the Island of Montreal, October 11 1658, for Paul de Chomedey. December 9 1663, one buries the body of Francoise Tourault, 64 years old. In 1666, Jacques Archambault signs at Three-Rivers, a marriage contract with Marie Denot of Martinière, he even widowed twice. With the census of 1681, Jacques and Marie, live at the stronghold of Verdun, in suburbs of Montreal. The ancestor Jacques Archambault is buried, in Montreal, February 15 1688, at the 84 years age.

In 1647, they rented a farm in Québec. Between 1651 and 1653 they seem to have alternated between Montréal and Québec. The family was in Montréal during the terrible summer of 1651. Jacques barely escaped the massacre. Their son Denis was killed that summer by the cannon which he was getting ready for the third blow against the Iroquois.

With his son-in-law Urban Tessier, Jacques Archambault was chosen among those to defend the stronghold known as "l'Enfant Jesus" in Montréal. This small fort was situated at the extremity of Tessier's grant. Its defenders, who were also its proprietors, were responsible for its being guarded 24 hours a day.

In 1678, when Jacques was 74 years old, his three sons-in-law and his son Laurant granted a life pension to him "a septuagenarian and quite unable to work and to earn his living and clothing, for the natural friendship they bear him, as they always have." He died 10 years later.[5]

Tanguay p 11 says Jacques came from France with his family. He was 84 when he died.

Jacques Archambault, born 1604 to a farmer, married Francoise Thoureault in 1629 in France. In 1645, they went to New France -- now Quebec-- with six of their children, a seventh having died young. They lived first in Repentigny, then Lachenaie, then Cap Rouge, then Quebec City and Montreal. After 1654, they were on the island of Montreal for good. Jacques Archambault wasn't very good at agriculture per se -- he was deeply in debt at one point -- but as a dowser he seems to have been rather gifted. He dug the first well on the island of Montreal on Oct.11, 1658; it was the firs


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First-hand information as remembered by Shane Pronovost, Thursday, February 12, 2015.

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Flag of France

Jacques Archambault and Francoise Tourault
Jacques Archambault and Francoise Tourault

Antoine Archambault and Renee Ouvrard
Antoine Archambault and Renee Ouvrard

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On 15 Mar 2015 at 04:17 GMT Danielle Liard wrote:

Archambault-306 and Archambault-36 appear to represent the same person because: same man, wife etc

On 1 Nov 2014 at 22:28 GMT Linda Gauvin wrote:

Refer to profile and space containing...Husband of Marie Denot — married January 26, 1665 in Ameau, Cap de Madeleine, Quebec

I believe Ameau was the notary of the marriage contract

On 23 Mar 2014 at 17:38 GMT Linda Gauvin wrote:

I just untangled a mess due to this...

Jacques Archambault and Françoise Tourault named their daughters Marie and Marie-Anne. Marie was born on Feb. 24, 1636 and married Urbain Tessier; her sister Marie-Anne was born in 1638 and married Giles Lauzon. There's also an Anne Archambault born abt. 1632 married to Michel Chauvin and Jean Gervais.

On 30 Mar 2012 at 01:48 GMT Gaston Tardif wrote:

Son of Antoine and Renée Ouvrard who remained in France. Jacques Archambault is the sole ancestor in America. In 1645, he came to New-France with six of his children. According to René Jetté, Jaacques Archambault et Françoise Tourault wedded on January 24,1629 St-Philibert du Pont-harault, Luçon, Vendée but René Jetté brought a correction:

Married about 1629, Dompierre-sur-Mer, France. Fichier Origine share this correction.

Jacques is 18 degrees from Kevin Bacon, 40 degrees from Anne Frank, 23 degrees from AJ Jacobs, 30 degrees from Neil deGrasse Tyson and 17 degrees from Queen Elizabeth II of the Commonwealth Realms on our single family tree. Login to find your connection.

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