Hugh Capet

Hugh Capet

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Hugues (Hugh) "King of France" Capet aka Robertian, de France
Born about in Paris, Seine, Francemap
Husband of — married in Paris, Seine, Francemap
Died in Paris, Francemap
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Hugh Capet

  • Coronation: 03 Jul 987 Noyons[1][6]
  • Duke of France: 956 - 987
  • kingdom included: present day France except Brittany and Aquitaine.


Hugh Capet[7]
b. abt mid-10th century[6] (unproven) Laon[8]
d 24 Oct 996[6] "les-Juifs", Prasville, Eure-et-Loire, France.[9]
Burial: 996 Saint Denis Basilique[10][11]

Early Life

p. Hugh the Great and Hedwige of Saxony (c.910-c.965).[12]


m. 970 Adelaide of Aquitaine a.k.a. Adelaide of Poitiers.[13] Issue:[14][6]
  • 1. GISELA de France (b. 970). m anti. 987 HUGUES[15]
  • 2. HEDWIGE [Avoie] de France (969 - aft 1013).[16] m. 996 REGINAR IV Comte de Hainaut[17]
  • 3. ROBERT de France (Orléans ([27 Mar] 972-Château de Melun 20 Jul 1031, bur église de l'Abbaye royale de Saint-Denis).[18]
mistress. ilegimate issue:[19]
  • 4. GAUZLIN (d.1030).[20]
Unknown. The precise relationship between the following person and the family of the Capetian kings has not been established. It is possible that he was related through the wife of King Hugues Capet.
  • 1. INGO (d.29 Jan 1026). Succeeded as abbot of “sancti Petri Vivi” in 1015.


  • devoted to church; interested in clerical reform and in participating in church ceremonies.
  • "Because of its political importance he wished to retain effective direction over the Abbey of St. Martin of Tours"[6][21]



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