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Using Categories

Any WikiTree profile or page can be categorized. Categories help you organize your own family history, help connect genealogists whose family histories intersect, and help historians who are researching specific subjects.

Categorizing a profile is as simple as including a tag such as [[Category:World War II Veterans]] inside the bio/text section. See Using Categories for simple instructions.

The categorization system is still being refined. If this topic interests you, please help us by joining our Categorization Project.

Finding Categories

To search for categories by keyword, click here.

If you prefer to browse, the category at the very top of the tree is Category:Categories. Below is a list of a top-level categories with examples of subcategories. Click on any category below to see all of its subcategories.

Note: These are the English language categories. To find categories in other languages, see the interlanguage links on Category:Categories.

Categories for People




World History

Categories for Free-Space Profiles

These aren't really separate from the categories for person profiles. Categories for people are often subcategorized or cross-categorized in the following. For example, British Prime Ministers goes under British Political History as well as Politicians.






Science and Technology



World History

Categories for Genealogy Help Pages

Genealogy Help

Note: These categories are meant to provide information: Please do not use to hold profiles.

Special:Categories has complete alphabetical list. However, this will be overwhelming. Use the category search instead.

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