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Robert Clement Sr (1595 - 1658)

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Robert Clement Sr aka Clements, Clemens
Born in Cosby, Leicestershire, Englandmap
Brother of
Husband of — married [date unknown] [location unknown]
Died in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, United Statesmap
3 February 2016
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The Puritan Great Migration.
This person migrated to New England during the Puritan Great Migration (1620-1640).
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Robert Clement b. 1595, Coventry, Warwickshire, Eng., m. (1) Lydia. Robert died 29 Sept. 1658, (or 11 Oct. 1658?) Haverhill, MA.


  1. Job Clement d. 1682.
  2. John Clement d. 21 July 1659.
  3. Lydia Clement b. 1618, Eng., d. 16 Jan 1676, Ipswich, MA.
  4. Abraham Clement.
  5. Daniel Clement. (this Daniel perhaps son of Robert & Elizabeth Fawne).
  6. Sarah Clement.
  7. Robert b. 1624.
  8. Mary Clement b. ab. 1637.

Robert was a prosperous English wine merchant living at Croft, near Leicester city. During the 1620s and 1630s, Clements had a fleet of ships that sailed between North America and England. HIs wife Lydia died in March 1641, and his son Job appears to have travelled to New England and convinced his father to sell his estate and move to New England. He was noted as the cofounder of Haverhill, Massachussets. In due time all of his children emigrated, with the notable exception of Daniel and Abraham, who both fought in the English Civil War and eventually received grants of land in Ireland and both were High Sherriff of County Cavan.[1]

Robert was a Deputy and commissioner in 1647. He was allowed by Salisbury Court to sell wine in Hampton in 1653.

There was a Robert, brother of John (resident of Haverhill, Mass), born in England about 1590; Freeman at Haverhill, Mass., 1643. (SOURCE: Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families, 1620-1700, compiled by Frank R. Holmes, 1974).

James Savage says Robert Clements came about 1642 from London bringing many children. He was representative 1647-1653 and administered the estate of his brother John. John may have died in a shipwreck on voyage to England. Abraham Morrill is mentioned in Robert's will.


Note: The History of Haverhill, Massachusetts
By Benjamin L. Mirick, John Greenleaf Whittier
Robert Clement came from England early in the year, to Salisbury, and sometime in the summer removed to Haverhill. He was a cooper by trade, and was the first in town. In 1652, he married Elizabeth Fane, and had eleven children. He settled at first, a few rods east of the burial-ground, and in the following year removed to the Rocks' Village, where he improved " ye land in ye planting of corne.----

Robert Clements was baptized 14 Dec 1595 in Cosby, Leicestershire, England and died 29 Sep 1658 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. Robert was married (1) to Lydia before 1615 in England. Lydia ____ was born in England and was buried 12 Mar 1641/1642 in Ansley, Warwickshire, England. The eight children of Robert and Lydia (____) Clements: Job, Lydia, John, Abraham, Daniel, Sarah, Robert and Mary. 1 Clements, Job was born 1615 in England and died 4 Sep 1682 in Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire. He was married (1) to Margaret Dummer 25 Dec 1645 in Haverhill, "Old" Norfolk, Massachusetts. Margaret was born in England and died about 1653 in Haverhill, "Old" Norfolk, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Thomas and () Dummer. He was married (2) to Lydia ____ before 1658. He was married (3) to Joanna ____ 16 Jul 1673 in Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire. Joanna was born about 1617 and died 15 Jan 1704. The three children of Job and Margaret (Dummer) Clements: John, Job and Mary. i Clements, John was born 17 Nov 1646 in Haverhill, "Old" Norfolk, Massachusetts and died about Dec 1646 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. ii Clements, Job was born 17 Apr 1648 in Haverhill, "Old" Norfolk, Massachusetts and died about 1716 in Dover, Strafford, New Hampshire. He was married to Abigail Heard 28 Feb 1688 in Dover, Essex, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of James and Shuah (Conley) Heard. iii Clements, Mary was born 12 Dec 1651 in Haverhill, "Old" Norfolk, Massachusetts and died about 1672 in Dover, Massachusetts. She was married to Joseph Canney 25 Dec 1670 in Dover. Joseph died 1690. A child of Joseph and Mary (Clements) Canney: Jane. 1 Kerney, Jane. 2 Clements, Lydia was born about 1618 in England and died 16 Jan 1675/1676 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts. She was married to Moses Pengry before 1658. Moses was born 1611 and died 2 Jan 1695/1696 in Ipswich. The eight children of Moses and Lydia (Clements) Pengry: Sarah, Lydia, Moses, Aaron, John, Thomas, Mehetable and Abigail. i Pengry, Sarah was born about 1646 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. She was married to John Day 20 Apr 1664. He was the son of Robert and () Day. ii Pengry, Lydia was born about 1648 in Ipswich and died 14 Mar 1689/1690. She was married to Thomas Burnham 13 Feb 1665/1666. Thomas died 21 Feb 1728. iii Pengry, Moses was born 1650 in Ipswich. He was married (1) to Sarah Converse. Sarah was born 21 Apr 1649 and died 20 Feb 1692. She was the daughter of James and () Converse. He was married (2) to Abigail Morse. Abigail was born 14 Feb 1652 and died in Carolina?. She was the daughter of William and () Morse. iv Pengry, Aaron was born 1652 in Ipswich, Massachusetts and died 14 Sep 1714. He was married to Ann Pickard 22 Mar 1681/1682. Ann died 3 Feb 1740. She was the daughter of John and Jane (Crosby) Pickard. v Pengry, John was born 1654 in Ipswich and died 15 Jan 1723. He was married to Faith Jewett 20 May 1678. She was the daughter of Joseph and () Jewett. vi Pengry, Thomas was born about 1658 in Ipswich and died 25 Jan 1662 in Ipswich. vii Pengry, Mehetable was born in Ipswich and died 8 Jan 1668 in Ipswich. viii Pengry, Abigail was born 30 Jan 1666 in Ipswich. 3 Clements, John was baptized 22 Oct 1620 in Narborough, Leicestershire, England and died 1659. He was married to Sarah Osgood 1 Jun 1648 in Andover, Massachusetts. Sarah was born about 1630 in England. She was the daughter of John and ____ (____) Osgood. The four children of John and Sarah (Osgood) Clements: Sarah, Lydia, Mary and Hannah. i Clements, Sarah was born 24 Mar 1649/1650 in Haverhill, "Old" Norfolk, Massachusetts. ii Clements, Lydia was born 23 Apr 1651 in Haverhill. iii Clements, Mary was born 17 Jul 1654 in Haverhill. iv Clements, Hannah was born 4 Nov 1656 in Haverhill. 4 Clements, Abraham was born about 1622 in England and died 5 Apr 1667 in Killencrott, Cavan, Ireland. He was married (1) to Elizabeth ____. Elizabeth was buried 4 Oct 1656 in Coventry, Warwickshire, England. He was married (2) to Jane ____. A child of Abraham and Jane (____) Clements: Lydia. i Clements, Lydia. She was married to Joseph Pratt. 5 Clements, Daniel was born about 1624 in England and died after 1683. He was married to Elizabeth ____. 6 Clements, Sarah was born about 1626 in England and died Aug 1694 in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts. She was married (1) to Abraham Morrill 10 Jun 1645 in Haverhill, "Old" Norfolk, Massachusetts. Abraham was born in England and died about 18 Jun 1662 in Roxbury, Massachusetts. She was married (2) to Thomas Mudgett 8 Aug 1665 in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Thomas died about 1701. The nine children of Abraham and Sarah (Clements) Morrill: Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Abraham, Moses, Aaron, Richard, Lydia and Hepzibah. i Morrill, Isaac was born 10 Jul 1646 and died 17 Oct 1713. He was married to Phebe Gill 14 Nov 1670. Phebe was born 1649/1650 and died 6 May 1714. ii Morrill, Jacob was born 24 Aug 1648 and died 23 Apr 1718. He was married to Susanna Whittier 15 Jul 1674. Susanna was born 27 Mar 1656 and died 15 Feb 1726/1727. iii Morrill, Sarah was born 14 Oct 1650 and died after 1717. She was married (1) to Philip Rowell 5 Jan 1670. Philip was born 8 Mar 1647/1648 and died 7 Jul 1690. She was married (2) to Onesiphorus Page 31 Jul 1695. Onesiphorus was baptized 20 Nov 1642 and died before 1708. She was married (3) to Daniel Merrill 29 May 1708. iv Morrill, Abraham was born 14 Nov 1652 and died about 1697. He was married to Sarah Bradbury about 1688. Sarah was born 26 Feb 1661/1662 and died 5 Mar 1708/1709. v Morrill, Moses was born 28 Dec 1655 and died 20 May 1731. He was married (1) to Rebecca Barnes about 1685. He was married (2) to Mary ____ after 1727. vi Morrill, Aaron was born 9 Aug 1658 and died 31 Jan 1658/1659. vii Morrill, Richard was born 6 Feb 1659/1660 and died 17 Feb 1659/1660. viii Morrill, Lydia was born 8 Mar 1660/1661. She was married to Ephraim Severance. ix Morrill, Hepzibah was born 8 Jan 1662/1663. She was married to John Dibbs about 1689. The two children of Thomas and Sarah (Clements) Mudgett: Mary and Temperance. i Mudgett, Mary was born 30 Apr 1667 and died 17 Aug 1710. She was married to John Quinby about 1687. John was born 7 Sep 1665. ii Mudgett, Temperance was born 10 Oct 1670. 7 Clements, Robert was born about 1629. 8 Clements, Mary was born 1637 in England and died 27 Oct 1710 in Andover, Massachusetts. She was married to John Osgood 15 Nov 1653 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. John was born 1632 in England and died 31 Aug 1693. He was the son of John and ____ (____) Osgood. The twelve children of John and Mary (Clements) Osgood: John, Mary, Timothy, Lydia, Peter, Samuel, Sarah, Mehetable, Hannah, Sarah, Clemence and Clement. i Osgood, John was born 3 Sep 1654 in Andover, Massachusetts and died 22 Apr 1725. He was married to Hannah Ayer. Hannah was born 2 Aug 1662 and died 6 Sep 1735. She was the daughter of Peter and Hannah (Allen) Ayer. ii Osgood, Mary was born 27 Aug 1656 in Andover and died 1740. She was married to John Aslett 8 Jul 1680. John was born 16 Feb 1657 and died 1728. iii Osgood, Timothy was born 10 Aug 1659 in Andover and died 16 Sep 1748. He was married (1) to Deborah Poore 29 May 1689. He was married (2) to Mary Poole 1728. Mary died 13 Jul 1752. iv Osgood, Lydia was born 12 Aug 1661 in Andover and died 14 Apr 1741. She was married to James Frye 20 Jan 1679. James was born about 1652 and died 28 Sep 1734. v Osgood, Peter was born 30 Aug 1663 in Andover and died 24 Sep 1753. He was married to Martha Ayer 19 May 1690. Martha was born 1 Mar 1667/1668 and died after 1730. She was the daughter of Peter and Hannah (Allen) Ayer. vi Osgood, Samuel was born 10 Mar 1664/1665 in Andover and died 22 Apr 1717. He was married to Hannah Dean 4 Feb 1701/1702. vii Osgood, Sarah was born 7 Apr 1667 in Andover and died 22 Apr 1667. viii Osgood, Mehetable was born 4 Mar 1671/1672 in Andover. She was married to Daniel Poor 25 Apr 1688. Daniel was born 6 Sep 1656 and died 1735. ix Osgood, Hannah was born 30 May 1674 in Andover and died 3 Aug 1674. x Osgood, Sarah was born 4 Nov 1675 in Andover and died 23 Sep 1724. She was married to Thomas Perley 1695. Thomas was born 1668 and died 1745. xi Osgood, Clemence was born 4 Oct 1678 in Andover. xii Osgood, Clement was born 12 Oct 1680 in Andover and died 18 Nov 1680.

Robert Clements & Judith ____ Robert Clements was baptized 14 Dec 1595 in Cosby, Leicestershire, England and died 29 Sep 1658 in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts. Robert was married (2) to Judith after 1642. Judith ____ died before 1669.



Date: 14 DEC 1595
Place: Cosby, Leicestershire, England
Source: #S255
Place: England
Source: #S387
Page: Tree #0218
Date: C 1590
Place: England[2]
Date: BEF 13 DEC 1593/4
Place: Norborough, Leicestershire


Baptism 14 DEC 1593/4 Cosby, Leicestershire


Date: 1640/1
Place: From London
Type: Immigration
Date: 1642
Place: Massachusetts, USA[3]


Date: 29 SEP 1658
Place: Haverhill, Essex, MA[4]
Date: 29 SEP 1658
Place: prob. Haverhill, Essex, MA
Source: Footnote: Pope, Pioneers of Mass, p. 104
FOOT Pope, Pioneers of Mass, p. 104
Source: #S255
Date: 29 SEP 1656/7
Place: Haverhill, Essex Co., Massachusetts


Husband: Robert Clement
Wife: Lydia Drummer
Source: #S387
Page: Tree #0218
Text: Date of Import: May 12, 1998
Date: 1615
Place: England
Source: #S255
Text: Online publication - OneWorldTree [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc.
Husband: Robert Clements
Wife: Lydia Drummer
Child: Sarah Clements
Date: 1612/3
Place: Cosby, Leicestershire


Place: Coventry, Warwickshire, England[5]
Date: 1642
Place: Andover, Essex, MA[6]
Date: 1643
Place: Haverhill, Essex, MA[7][8]


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Date: 29 Sep 1658
Place: Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, United States[10][11]


Place: on his farm in Haverhill, Essex, Massachusetts, United States[12]

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CONT CONT The Clements in numbers were registered as freemen, elected delegates to the General Court, appointed as judges, commissioners, and one as Royal Councillor; appear as grantees, proprietors and settlers of frontier townships, and served as enlisted men and as officers in the weary century of early wars, from that of King Philip in 1675 to the American Revolution of 1775. CONT CONT Robert Clements, sen., was born in England, about 1590, presumably in Warwickshire, as his youngest daughter, Mary, lived in the city of Coventry until 1652, when she rejoined her family in Haverhill. Robert landed at Salisbury in 1642, and settled that summer in Haverhill with his wife* (her name is unknown), his sons John and Robert, jr., and the older daughters, Lydia and Sarah. His oldest son, Job, had preceded the family by a year or two, and was one of the twelve men who settled Pentucket (now Haverhill) in 1640. CONT CONT As was usual in the case of plantations in Massachusetts, the Indian title to the lands occupied was extinguished by purchase. Robert Clements first appears in the public records as the second (the minister John Ward CONT CONT •In his will of Notember 7 (probated 4 December), 1616, John Foote of London mentions nil daughter PrUcilk, wife of Bobert Clement (N. E. H. A G. Beg. 51: 118). CONT CONT was first) of the five men who, on November 15, 1642,. under written agreement, purchased, with the consent of Passaconnaway, from the Indian sachems, Passaquo and. Saggahew, their rights to the lands within the bounds of the settlement of Haverhill. , CONT CONT Robert Clements was evidently the leading man of the* town, and the confidence in his integrity, judicial fairness and administrative ability caused his uninterrupted employment in the public service for years. (Records of Massachusetts Bay, v. 1-3.) By election of his own town,, by choice of the majority of the freemen of old Norfolk County, and by appointment and confirmation of the General Court, he served for six years, between 1647 and 1654, as trial judge, commissioner and associate judge in Norfolk County. He died Sept. 29, 1658. CONT CONT In his legislative duties, Robert Clements displayed a broad liberality that was somewhat unusual in that age. On June 7, 1651 (Ibid, v. 4: 42), he asked to be recorded against the adverse judgment of the General Court in its fine imposed in the case of Mr. Marmaduke Matthews and I the Malden church. CONT CONT Haverhill elected him as its first deputy to the General Court in 1647, and continued him in that capacity by yearly re-elections until 1654, when he was succeeded by his son, John3 Clements. CONT CONT When the General Court by formal vote (Ibid, 3 : 144) severely punished by fine and imprisonment Dr. Childs and his associates for for their strongly worded remonstrance of Oct. 3, 1646, against the alleged bigotry and unfair legislation of the government, especially against non-conformists, Robert Clements officially declared for much more lenient sentences in each case. CONT CONT As time passed, the General Court, despite his minority votes, turned often to him in matters ecclesiastical and administrative, besides bestowing high judicial honors. June 19, 1650, he was appointed commissioner to admin- , ister the oath of fidelity at Haverhill. In 1649 he had been named as commissioner to lay out county roads. On June 1, 1652, he was on a committee to review the case of Leonard Buttle, appealed from the sentence of the commissioners of Boston. CONT CONT Owing to the disturbed conditions of local trade, the General Court of Massachusetts Bay on November 13, 1655, prohibited the importation of meat and grain, and then appointed a Committee of Trade (possibly the first Tariff Commission in America). Among the four men from the County of Norfolk was named Robert Clements, though not then serving as a deputy. The legislative record runs thus :— CONT CONT This Court cannot bnt be very sensible of the state and condition of this country in respect to the manifold wants already upon us, and fearing what may further ensue, If God's providence prevent not, beyond what we are for present able to see, do judge it necessary, and account ourselves bound, to use our utmost endeavors for the procuring of suitable supplies, and as a means to attain such an end, have thought it meet to refer it to the several committees hereafter nominated to meet together in their respective counties or otherwise, if they shall judge meet, then and there to consider of some such way as thereby both merchandizing may be encouraged and the hands also of the husbandman may not wax weary in his employment, and, for begetting a right understanding and a loving compliance between both, they may advise together or assuage as they see cause, and the result of such their meetings to present to the next General Court, to be confirmed and allowed as they shall judge meet, and to consider of some way to regulate in point of workmen's wages, if any way may be found. CONT CONT In ecclesiastical affairs Robert was equally prominent . In 1652 he was one of the Haverhill signers of a petition asking remission of the fine imposed on Major Robert Pike for declaring that, in prohibiting Joseph Peasley from preaching, in the absence of a minister, the General Court "Did break their oaths to the country, for it is against the liberty of the country, both civil and ecclesiastical." CONT CONT When religious disputes reached an acute stage, and there were serious breaches between the churches of Salisbury and Haverhill, the Governor and Council of Massachusetts Bay had Clements' qualities in mind, and the Council of the Commonwealth, after providing for a Church Council: CONT CONT "Ordered that Mr Robert Cleaments for Haverhill, Mr. Samuell Hall for Salisbury, shall take Care for the entertainment of said Council, and all persons concerned therein, which shall be satisfied by the Treasurer." CONT CONT It appears probable that Clements' health did not permit his active participation in the entertainment of the Church Council, and these duties evidently devolved on his oldest son at home, for the General Court, on October 14, 1657, ordered a levy to cover the expenses incurred by John1 Clements at Haverhill for this purpose. CONT CONT Robert Clements does not appear to have used his abilities for his personal advantage, for in 1650 no less than twenty-three of the thirty-seven recorded property owners had houses and lots of greater value than his. After his death Clements' estate was inventoried at j£494, the largest item being horses and stock to the value of £123. He was a man of substance, actively engaged in business affairs, ordering goods and receiving rentals from England. As of historical interest, his last will is reproduced, exhibiting the degree of comfort and the household accessories of a man of property in the first quarter of a century of the existence of a New England colony. CONT CONT "I Robert Clements of Haverhill being of perfect memory, blessed be God for it, do ordain and make this my last will, in manner and form following: CONT CONT "First I commit my soul into the hands of God my creator and maker, believing through the merits, righteousness and obedience of Jesus Christ my redeemer to have & enjoy life & salvation everlasting by him. CONT CONT "For my goods I give first unto my wife my house and lot & all the accomodations that belong to it, & after her decease to return to my children's children that are in New England, each his portion to be delivered into the hands of their parents for their children's use. I give also to my wife my best yoke of oxen I have, & three of my best cows, & my mare which brought the mule, & also my swine, & two of my best beds with their furnishings to them, & six of my best pewter dishes, six spoons, my best brass pot, & three of my best kettles, and two spinning turns, & all hangles on the fire, with fire shovels and tongs, and two of ye best cushions, one ... & a cup, with all my wooden and earthen vessels, and all manner of clothing that belong to her, as also my bible, candlestick & chamber pot. My will is that if there be any goods of mine come out of England this year or the next my wife shall have five pounds of it according to ye bill of lading. Also I, give my wife all ye linen in my house & all the corn in my house (excepting two pairs of sheets that are for my bed), barn & growing on the land, & also a debt of seven pounds & some odd money in the hands of John Hutchins for the repairing the house & the fencing ye home lot. I give to my wife also what is due to me (or will be) from Mr Dumer by bills, or covenants, & also the cloth that is at the weavers, with what woolen yarn & flax is in the house, & also three pounds which is in the hands of Mr Cooke of Boston. I give her two skillets, two stocks off the best beere, & two chests with lock and key to them. I give to my wife the boards I bought at Salisbury to repair the house. It is my will that one half of the goods which I give to my wife, if she should spend not, at her decease it shall return to my executors to be equally divided. CONT CONT "I give to my son Job Clements one filley, which will be two years old next May. I give him my best cloak & best hat, my best pair of shoes & stockings. CONT CONT "I give to my son Robert twenty pounds due to me out of my rents in England, & what rent is due to me more I give to my three sons John, Abraham and Daniel. All the rent of my estate in New England due to me upon bonds, or bills, or any accounts, land or goods whatsoever, I give to my sons [sons-in-law] Moses Pengrow, Abraham Morrill & John Osgood, whom I make my executors to see this my will performed & my debts paid & my body laid in ye grave. I give to our minister Mr Ward five pounds." CONT CONT Robert Clements seal Proved in court at Hampton, 11 : 8 mo : 1658. On file CONT CONT in the probate court at Salem. (Essex Antiquarian, 7: CONT CONT 158.) CONT CONT Children: CONT CONT 2. Job, b. about 1615; d. 1682. CONT CONT 8. John, b. about 1618; d. 1658. CONT 4. Robert, b. about 1624; d. 1712. CONT CONT 6. Sarah, m. 10 June, 1645, Abraham Morrill; d. (will proved, 14 Oct.), 1662. Children: (1) Isaac; (2) Abraham; (3) Jacob, b. 1648, d. 1715, m. 1674, Susan Whittier; (4) Hepsibah, d. young; (5) Sarah; (6) Moses, b. 1650, d. (will proved) 1709; m. 1st, Sarah Converse, 2d, widow Abigail Hendricks; (7) Lydia; (8) Hepsibah, posthumus. Sarah m. 2d, 8 Oct., 1665, Thomas Mudgett. CONT CONT 6. Lydia,* d. 16 Jan., 1676; m. Moses Pengry of Ipswich, b. 1610, CONT CONT d. 2 Jan., 1696, aged 86. Children: (1) Sarah, d. 1695, m. 20 April, 1664, Robert Day, d. 1692; (2) Lydia, d. 14 March, 1689, m. 13 Feb., 1665-66, Thomas Buraum; (3) Moses, b. 1650, d. (will proved) 1709; (4) Aaron, b. 1652, d. 1714; m, Ann Pickard; (5) John, b. 1654, d. 1723, m. 20 May, 1678, Faith Jewett. CONT CONT 7. Mary, b. 1637 (68 in 1695); d. 1695; m. 15 Nov., 1653, at Haver CONT CONT hill, John Osgood, of Andover; d. 31 Aug., 1693.t Children: (1) John, b. 12 Sept., 1654; (2) Mary, b. 1656, d. 1740; m, 1680, John Aslett; (3) Timothy, b. 1659; (4) Samuel, b. 1665; (5) Sarah, b. 1667, d. 1667; (6) Ebenezer, b. 1678, d. 1680; (7) Clements, b. 1680, d. 1680. CONT CONT 8. Abraham; mentioned only in will. CONT CONT 9. Daniel. The only record of Daniel, besides in the will, is his CONT CONT reported harrassing of a tax collector at Hampton, N. H., in 1683 (Prov. Papers, N. H., 1: 551).
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  • Source: S27 Title:
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  • Source: S63 Title: Genealogical and personal memoirs relating to the families of Boston and eastern Massachusetts Author: William Richard Cutter, A. M. Page: Vol. 2 p 851 Data: Text: Robert Clement, immigrant ancestor of the Clements in America, was born in England, about 1590, and came to America in 1642, landing at Salisbury. He was in Andover also in 1642, and removed to Haverhill in 1643, where he settled and became a prominent citizen. He was deputy to the general court from 1647 to 1653 inclusive. His family came with him probably, except his youngest daughter, who remained in Coventry, Warwickshire. England, until 1652, when she too came to Haverhill and soon afterward married John Osgood, of Andover. Robert Clement became associate judge of the county court and was early appointed to give oath of fidelity to the inhabitants of Haverhill. He was frequently appointed on committees to set off land and fix limits for the pioneers. He is recorded as being "a man of rare integrity and superior talents." He must have been an innkeeper in 1653, when he was given permission by the Salisbury court to sell wine in Haverhill. He owned the first grist mill built in Haverhill. He died on the farm where he first settled, in Haverhill, September 29, 1658. His will was dated September 6, 1658, when not all of his children were in New England. He mentions his wife, sons Job, John, Abraham and Daniel; sons (in law) Moses Pingrin, Abraham Morrill and John Osgood; "to my children's children that are in New England: to Mr. Ward, our minister." CONT Children: CONT 1. Job; was the first tanner in Haverhill; his marriage to Margaret Dummer is the first marriage recorded in the town. He was given a quarter of an acre of land near the mouth of Mill Brook, on the south side of Water street, where now stands a tenement house, and there he built the first tannery in town. In 1650 he was appointed a judge to decide small causes. CONT 2. John, married, 1648, Sarah Osgood. CONT 3. Robert, mentioned below. CONT 4. Abraham. CONT 5. Daniel. CONT 6. Sarah. CONT 7. Lydia. CONT 8. Mary, born about 1637; indicted for witchcraft, 1692; living in 1695.

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It may be possible to confirm family relationships with Robert by comparing test results with other carriers of his Y-chromosome or his mother's mitochondrial DNA. Y-chromosome DNA test-takers in his direct paternal line on WikiTree:

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On March 14, 2015 at 21:17GMT Richard Skelhorn wrote:

Hi, do you know anything about David Clements listed as a son here?

On February 25, 2014 at 16:38GMT Kelley Rosenbach wrote:

Robert married Lydia Unknown prior to the 1615 birth of their first child. Many internet sites have her maiden name as Drummer, but there is no evidence for it.

Robert is 14 degrees from Kevin Bacon, 20 degrees from Frank Russell Capra, 19 degrees from Mark Hamill, 20 degrees from AJ Jacobs and 17 degrees from Queen Elizabeth II of the Commonwealth Realms on our single family tree. Login to find your connection.

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