Community Membership

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WikiTree has three types of members: Wiki Genealogists, Family Members, and Guest Members. All member types are 100% free (there are no "premium" memberships).

Joining the Community

If you see that a close family member is already using WikiTree, ask them for an invitation.

Otherwise register for a guest membership instantly. Especially if you're a genealogist. Our community needs more good genealogists!

Benefits of Membership

Wiki Genealogists who agree to the Honor Code and work with the community to further the mission of creating a shared family tree enjoy all of the following for free.

WikiTree's only source of revenue is advertising on public pages. This is very limited, so we can only afford to provide these free services to genealogists who share our mission to grow a shared family tree that will someday make genealogy free and accessible for everyone.

Membership, of course, is subject to the legal Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy.

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