Courtesy is Required on WikiTree

Point IV in our community's Honor Code is about courtesy.

Conflicts are common on a collaborative website like WikiTree. They tend to increase over time as the size of the community grows and the depth and complexity of the collaboration increases.

To work together in a productive and enjoyable way we must all be courteous to one another.

This is an unfortunately common scenario: Member A is an experienced genealogist. They're good at research. They know how to cite sources and judge the validity of facts. But they have no patience for others and don't care if they sound rude or unkind. Member B is a beginner. They're making mistakes. But they mean well and are trying to follow the Honor Code. We really hate to lose the valuable contributions of Member A, but they must find a way to be kind to Member B. The success of our project depends on it.

Here are tips for avoiding and defusing conflicts:

If someone is consistently unkind or impolite, point them to Honor Code <> and this page <>. If that doesn't work, contact

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