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Antoine Desrosiers (1617 - 1691)

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Antoine Desrosiers
Born in Noailly, Roanne, region de La Loire, Francemap
[sibling(s) unknown]
Husband of — married in Trois-Rivières, QCmap
Died in Champlain, Trois-Riviéres district, Canada, Nouvelle-Francemap [uncertain]
14 April 2016
22:40: Ross Ashley edited the Birth Place for Antoine Desrosiers. (Changed birthplace to correspond with that in the Fichier d'origine. His birth was apparently recorded in Renaison, which is 10 km or so away. ) [Thank Ross for this]
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Categories: Trois-Rivières et ses Environs en 1666 | French Immigrants to New France.

Flag of France Antoine Desrosiers migrated from France to New France. Flag of New France
Royal French Flag This person lived in New France in what is now Québec.
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According to Fichier Origine: Antoine Desrosiers 1617 Drawn from one of the many names of the surname Desrosiers, the line Lafrenière we used here, one of the oldest, if not the oldest, would root ancestor Antoine Desrosiers dit Lafresnière. The ancestor contracts marriage with Anne Leneuf du Herrisson before the notary Boujonnier in Trois-Rivières and married Nov. 24, 1647. The couple gave birth to eight children between 1650 and 1672, including at least three sons who married and founded families. Antoine Derosiers Dit Lafrenière, born in 1664, in Trois-Rivières, married Marie Renee Desmarais Lepellé in 1696. They had eleven children. Pierre, born in 1719 in Sorel, married his first wife, Genevieve Casaubon, January 18, 1744 and his second wife, January 21, 1759 in Berthierville, Marie-Madeleine Boucher. The descendants of this line, Lafrenière were spread into parts of Champlain, Sorel and Berthier also. Name Antoine Derosiers Gender Male

Birth 14 Apr 1617 Renaison, region de La Loire, France

Father-Jean Deronzier Mother is Undetermined-Unknown

Baptism 30 Aug 1620 (Age: 3) The act of baptism in 1620, which could be one of the pioneer, was discovered by Nicole Morel-Desrosiers Jean-Pierre Morel in 2007. Uncertain and does not recognize legal status of the relationship between family members, due to the absence of the names of his parents marriage contract in New France.

Marriage Contract 24 Nov 1647 (Age: 30) Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada to Anne Leneuf He was born between 1617 and 1619. No information on the date of his marriage, but a marriage contract dated 24 Nov 1647 passed in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada.

Marriage 24 Nov 1647 (Age: 30) Trois-Rivieres, Canada to Anne Leneuf-The ancestor contracted marriage with Anne de Leneuf Herrisson before notary Boujonnier in Trois-Rivières and married Nov. 24, 1647.

Death 08 Aug 1691 (Age: 74) Champlain, Quebec, Canada

Occupation Judge

Fichier Origine


Date de baptême: 30-08-1620
Lieu d'origine: Noailly (St-Pierre) (Loire) 42157
Parents: Jean DERONZIER et ...
Première mention au pays: 1641
Occupation à l'arrivée: Engagé des Jésuites
Date de mariage: 24-11-1647
Lieu du mariage: Trois-Rivières (contrat Boujonnier)
Conjointe: Anne Leneuf du Hérisson
Décès ou inhumation: Champlain, 08-08-1691
Remarques: Acte incertain et non filiatif en raison de l'absence du nom de ses parents en Nouvelle-France. Le contrat de mariage du pionnier est cité dans un acte du 15-08-1691 greffe Séverin Ameau, à Trois-Rivières. L'acte de baptême, daté du 14-04-1617 à Renaison (Loire), est celui d'Antoine DENISE (Antoine & Philippe ...).[1]


Name: Antoine /DESROSIERS/[2][3][4][5][6]


Date: 14 APR 1617
Place: Roanne, Drôme, Rhône-Alpes, France[8][9][10]
Date: 14 APR 1619
Place: Roanne, Drôme, Rhône-Alpes, France
Date: August 24, 1619


Date: ABT 1625
Place: Remaison dan le Forez, Lyonnais, France


Date: 08 AUG 1691
Place: Champlain, Quebec, Canada[11]
Death: Louiseville (St-Antoine-de-Rivière-Du-Loup) Louiseville (Index), Québec
Date: 08 AUG 1691[12]


Marie Desrosiers+12,13,14,15,16,17,18 b. 16 Jun 1650

Michel Desrosiers dit Désilets+15,9 b. circa 1652

Joseph Desrosiers15,9 b. circa 1655, d. before 1666

Jean Desrosiers dit Dutremble+12,15,9 b. 29 Sep 1657, d. 23 Feb 1704

Anne Desrosiers+19,20 b. 12 Nov 1661

Antoine Desrosiers dit Lafresnière+21,9 b. 30 Aug 1664

Pierre Desrosiers dit Dargy+21,9 b. circa 1667, d. before 1723

Marie-Jeanne Desrosiers+21,22,23 b. circa 1671


Place: Canada[13]


Type: Arrival
Date: 1641
Place: Quebec, Canada[14]


Note N21399
Note N21400
Note N21401
Note N21402
Note N21403
Note N21404

Antoine Desrosiers 1st ancestor in the country of Sinai Lafreniere and of the families Desrosiers,Derosiers,Dutremble,Desilets,Dargy and Lafreniere,originated in Renaison,Forez,previously the province of Lyonnais. This community is now part of the Loire region. In the summer of 1641, Antoine Desrosiers came to Canada and was employed as a domestic servant of the Jesuit Brothers in Three Rivers. On the 24 of November1647 he was married to Anne of Herisson by the notary Audouard. Two years later he and his bride obtained and settled a concession of land. The region was infested with Iroquois Indians,and Antoine Desrosiers was captured in 1659 by the Onneyouts.After many attempts he managed to escape.In light of the ever present danger,he forsook the land and reestablished himself in Champlain. In a census taken in 1681,he reported the following;Antoine Desrosiers,62 years of age,Anne of Herrisson,his wife,50 years of age;children;Jean 20 years,Antoine 17 years,Pierre 14 years,Marie 10 years,Anault,servant for 9 years;4 rifles,4 pistols,9 head of cattle,and 60 acres,in value. Antoine Desrosiers passed on in Champlain on August 9 1691. The descendants of Antoine Desrosiers have multiplied throughout the province of Quebec and beyond,but mainly in the regions of Champlain,Nicolet,Rimouski,Sorel,Three Rivers,Montreal and the neighbouring communities.

ANTOINE DESROSIERS... was born about 1617 in Renaison, department of the Loire in the old province of Auvergne, France. He died in August 1691 in Champlain, PQ at the age of 74.

He arrived in Canada around 1641 as a carpenter. In time, he became a master carpenter. In 1645, he was employed by the Jesuits at Trois-Rivières.

The marriage contract, drawn up in November 1647, between Antoine Desrosiers and Anne LeNeuf was witnessed by her father, Michel LeNeuf, squire of Hérisson; Jacques LeNeuf de la Poterie, her uncle; Jacques Hertel de la Fresnière, a respected interpreter and fur trader; Gaspard Boucher; Pierre Boucher, governor of the Trois-Rivières colony and Pierre LeFebvre among others. Twelve signatures, in all, plus two marks by citizens unable to sign. The dowry bestowed upon the couple by her father included: 500 livres in cash, two suits of clothes, a mattress with bolster, two blankets and twelve sheets, six tableclothes, three dozen napkins, twelve plates, twelve dishes and a pot (all of pewter), a pregnant heifer and a pregnant sow.

In 1649, Antoine Desrosiers was granted a piece of land of 10 sq. arpents (approx. acres) for cultivation on the right bank of the St.Maurice River on the outskirts of Trois-Rivières.

Also in 1649, he and two others were commissioned by Pierre Boucher to supply and deliver 500 stakes eleven-feet long to the fort he wanted to build to protect the citizens of this small settlement. The fort was commanded by Jacques LeNeuf, the uncle of his bride, Anne LeNeuf.

In 1650, Desrosiers received a concession of land at Trois-Rivières accorded by Governor d'Allebout located on the inside of the fortification built to protect colonists from the Indians. On this plot, 128 feet square, he built a house and small stable. It was here that he raised his family. Seventeen years later, he sold this piece of land to Michel Godefroy. who in turn gave it to his daughter, Marguerite-Thérèse in 1691 as dowry when she contracted to marry Jacques Hertel de Cournoyer, son of François Hertel.

In 1657, Desrosiers obtained a concession of 10 arpents at Rivière-aux-Sables, Pointe-du-Lac where he became a neighbor of Pierre LeFebvre.

Antoine Desrosiers was captured around May 26, 1659 by a band of Onondagas (Iroquois) at Lac St.Pierre along with two companions. One companion was tortured and put to death by fire. Desrosiers was rescued near Lake Ontario eleven weeks later.

In 1664, he was granted some land by Quentin Moral at l'Arbre-à-la-Croix, former fief of Jacques Hertel at Cap-de-la-Madeleine. In 1667, he was living there with 15 arpents under cultivation.

He and fellow settler, G. Larue, undertook to contruct a windmill for the Jesuits at the Pointe de St. Éloy in 1668.

Antoine Desrosiers was fiscal manager, trustee and judge of the new fief of Champlain from 1669 to his death in 1691.

He married Anne LeNeuf in 1649. She was 17 and he was 32 years of age. They had eight children, among them sons Jean and Antoine, who were members of an association created in 1683 between nine men from Champlain for the purpose of fur trading. The composition of these associates is noteworthy in that it concentrated the power of three influential families in the region: Dandonneau (Huguenot fur-trading merchants), Chorel and Aubuchon. Jean's wife was Françoise Dandonneau. The association dissolved after the summer of 1688 when Jacques Babie, merchant and principal investor, died.

All the sons were involved in the business of procuring and selling furs in one way or another.

Michel Desrosiers dit Desilets born 1652 married Thomasse Artault the daughter of an Algonquin and a fur trader.

Jean Desrosiers dit DuTremble, born in 1657 married a Marie-Françoise Dandonneau as mentioned above.

Antoine Desrosiers dit LeFréniere, born in 1664 was part of the syndicate mentioned above and received a passport in 1689 to trade in the west. The west, in this case, was probably no further than the Great Lakes. To control the fur trade and collect appropriate taxes, the French government issued passports (permits), a form of license. They were difficult to acquire since in many years, only 25 were issued. To conduct fur trading or to travel west without a passport was considered illegal and subject to punishment, most often fines or the confiscation of furs. To obtain these passports (congées), it was helpful to have connections. The Desrosiers did.

Pierre Desrosiers dit Dargy born around 1667, married Marguerite Aubuchon in April 1693 in Champlain, PQ. Her uncle was active in the trade.

The genealogy of it...

Antoine DESROSIERS and Anne LENEUF, m.c. 1649 in PQ

Pierre DESROSIERS dit Dargis and Marguerite AUBUCHON, m. 4-27-1693 in Champlain, PQ

Pierre DESROSIERS dit Dargis and Louise Thérèse DUREAU, m. 11-7-1728 at Trois Rivières, PQ

Antoine DESROSIERS dit Dargis and Marie-Louise DESHAIES, m. 11-3-1767 in Bécancourt, PQ

Antoine DARGIS and Louise PRINCE, m. 10-4-1802 at Nicolet, PQ

Antoine DARGIS and Hélène LaFOND, m. 9-1-1844 at Granby, PQ

Napoléon DARGIS (Dargie) and Léonise TURCOTTE, m. 10-15-1883 in Lewiston, ME

Delia DARGIS (Dargie) and Wilfred CAMERON, m. 10-11-1910 in Attleboro, MA

Rhea CAMERON and Edward LIZOTTE, m. 6-20-1636 in Attleboro, MA


Peut-être baptisé le 30 août 1620 à Noailly (actuel département français de la Loire); il serait alors le fils de Jean Deronzier, le nom de la mère étant inconnu. [1] Peut-être baptisé le 14 avril 1617 à Renaison (actuel département français de la Loire); il serait alors le fils d'Antoine Desrosiers et de Sylvie. [2]

Sexe Masculin Occupation Engagé des Jésuites à son arrivée en Nouvelle-France. Employé des Jésuites à Trois-Rivières en octobre 1645. [1, 3] Résidence Première mention en Nouvelle-France en 1641. [1] Décès 8 août 1691 [3] Sépulture 9 août 1691 Champlain (paroisse Notre-Dame-de-la-Visitation) Trouvez tous les individus avec un événement dans ce lieu [3] ID personne I2858 Principal | ancêtre de Céline Dion, ancêtre d'Éric Bernier, ancêtre de Macha Limonchik, ancêtre de Valérie Blais, ancêtre de Madonna, ancêtre de Thomas Mulcair Dernière modif. 07 mars 2009


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Citation in Jean Talon's 1666 census of Nouvelle France: Capitre 4, under Trois-Rivieres: Antoine des Rosiers, 46, habitant: Anne du Hérisson, 34, sa femme ; Michel, 13 ; Jean, 8 ; Anne, 4 ; Antoine, 2 ; Jacques Bourdin, 22, domestique.



Since Antoine Desrosiers didn’t specify his parents name and only that he came from Renaison, France, I’m going by his date of death that he was 90 years old and the Registry in Renaison only started their Registration in 1615 which doesn’t make sense that he was born there but if you look nearby there if a village called Roanne just 12km from Renaison. These handwritten documents are very hard to read since they were written with a feather and could be misinterpreted, looking at the birth I notice that the mother was not mention so his mother I'm using the marriage of Benoit, I leave it up to you if you decide if I’m wrong.

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On March 8, 2015 at 03:52GMT Lianne Lavoie wrote:

Denis: Filles du Roi and French Immigrants to Acadia are both subcategories of French Immigrants to New France, but they aren't all that goes in that category. The broader category is meant to hold everyone who migrated from France to New France.


On January 27, 2014 at 18:48GMT Ross Ashley wrote:

The Antoine Desrosiers in the 1666 Census at Trois-Rivieres was aged 46 - see

On January 24, 2014 at 19:27GMT Ross Ashley wrote:

The "Lieu d'origine" given on is now Noailly in the Loire department (St-Pierre parish). Arrondissement is Roanne; the Wikipedia listing says

Region Rhône-Alpes Department Loire Arrondissement Roanne Canton Saint-Haon-le-Châtel Intercommunality Communauté de communes de la Côte roannaise

On December 4, 2013 at 18:12GMT Ross Ashley wrote:

Thanks for the documents; some of us descendants of Antoine have determined that there were three Antoines - and the one who married Anne Le Neuf du Herison was born in 1617. See my family tree segment at

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