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Ottar Egilsson

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Ottar "Vendil Crow" Egilsson
Born in Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
[sibling(s) unknown]
[spouse(s) unknown]
Died about in Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
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Relationships between historical figures could have been simplified or even fabricated in the text to give the impression that succession remained within the same family….Precise chronology is also difficult to assess from the Sagas….The conclusion must be that the tight family network described in the Sagas is unlikely to be correct and that the relationships shown below should be treated with considerable caution.

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Family Trouble

Aun is reported as dying at age 90, which indicates a disparity with birth/death dates listed. Elsewhere he is credited with fathering a daughter in 480, so birth date is most suspect, but his ancestors have no large gaps.


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Name: Aun The Aged Ani /Jorundsson In Uppsala/
Source: #S-1995395427
Text: Birth date: 509Birth place: Sweden, Sweden
APID: 1,7249::103410320
Date: 509
Place: Uppsala, Stockholm, Sweden
Source: #S-1995395427
Text: Birth date: 509Birth place: Sweden, Sweden
APID: 1,7249::103410320
Name: Aun "The Aged", King in Sweden /Jorundsson/
Source: #S5
Page: Ancestry Family Trees
Note: #N2103
Note NI267!SOURCES: 1. The Viking Age, Gen. Hist. 19, v. 1, p. 67
2. Attarskra Bjarni Thorsteinsson, Ice FH 1, p. 432
3. Hist. of the Anglo-Saxons, Eng. 36, v. 1, p. 241
4. Keiser und Koenig Hist., Gen. Hist. 25, pt 1, p. 137


Ohthere (also Ohtere), Old Norse Óttarr vendilkráka (Vendelcrow; in Modern Swedish Ottar Vendelkråka) is a semi-legendary king of Sweden of the house of Scylfings who would have lived during the 6th century (fl. c. 515 – c. 530[1]).

His name can be reconstructed as Proto-Norse *Ōhta-harjaz or *Ōhtu-harjaz. The harjaz element is common in Germanic names and has a meaning of "warrior, army" (whence English harry); by contrast, the oht element is less frequent, and has been tentatively interpreted as "fearsome, feared".[2]

A prince of the Swedes, Ohthere and his brother Onela conducted successful raids against the Geats after King Hrethel had died. In 515, Ongentheow was killed in battle by the Geats and Ohthere succeeded his father as the king of Sweden. Ohthere led an army against the Geats, and besieged one of their armies. He nearly killed the Geatish king Hygelac but lost many of his forces in the conflict. Ohthere managed to get back to Sweden. In the 520s, Ohthere led a large raid to Denmark and plundered the Danish coast. A Danish army led by two Jarls, however, was waiting for him. Battle broke out. The Danish were reinforced, and Ohthere was killed in the battle. His corpse was taken back to Sweden and buried in a mound.

Snorre writes:


Ottar was the name of King Egil's son who succeeded to the domains and kingdom after him. He did not continue friendly with King Frode, and therefore King Frode sent messengers to King Ottar to demand the scatt which Egil had promised him. Ottar replied, that the Swedes had never paid scatt to the Danes, neither would he; and the messengers had to depart with this answer. Frode was a great warrior, and he came one summer with his army to Sweden, and landed and ravaged the country. He killed many people, took some prisoners, burned all around in the inhabited parts, made a great booty, and made great devastation. The next summer King Frode made an expedition to the eastward; and when King Ottar heard that Frode was not at home in his own country, he went on board his own ships, sailed over to Denmark, and ravaged there without opposition. As he heard that a great many people were collected at Sealand, he proceeds westward to the Sound, and sails north about to Jutland; lands at Lymfjord; plunders the Vend district; burns, and lays waste, and makes desolate the country he goes over with his army. Vatt and Faste were the names of the earls whom Frode had appointed to defend the country in Denmark while he was abroad. When the earls heard that the Swedish king was laying Denmark waste, they collected an army, hastened on board their ships, and sailed by the south side to Lymfjord. They came unexpectedly upon Ottar, and the battle began immediately. The Swedes gave them a good reception, and many people fell on both sides; but as soon as men fell in the Danish army other men hastened from the country to fill their places, and also all the vessels in the neighbourhood joined them. The battle ended with the fall of Ottar and the greater part of his people. The Danes took his body, carried it to the land, laid it upon a mound of earth, and let the wild beasts and ravens tear it to pieces. Thereafter they made a figure of a crow out of wood, sent it to Sweden, and sent word with it that their king, Ottar, was no better than it; and from this he was called Ottar Vendelcrow. Thjodolf tells so of it: --

"By Danish arms the hero bold, Ottar the Brave, lies stiff and cold. To Vendel's plain the corpse was borne; By eagles' claws the corpse is torn, Spattered by ravens' bloody feet, The wild bird's prey, the wild wolf's meat. The Swedes have vowed revenge to take On Frode's earls, for Ottar's sake; Like dogs to kill them in their land, In their own homes, by Swedish hand."


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On June 16, 2011 Shaunna Fuellbrandt wrote:

"Legend says he was also howed in one of the three burial mounds at Gamla Uppsala (Old Upsala) north of Stockholm, Sweden. (GJ p39)" Notes from my Dad, who is GJ?

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