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Extra Privacy: The "Unlisted" Privacy Level

Profiles of living people and non-living people who are added as nuclear relatives of living people are set at the "Private" Privacy Level by default.

Although the most sensitive information on a Private profile can only be seen by the Trusted List, their names will appear in our surname index, search results, and automatic matches. This way distant relatives can find the profile and request to join the Trusted List.

There is a Privacy Level that is more private than Private. It's called Unlisted.

Children under 13 are Unlisted by default, and it's an option for anyone who is uncomfortable seeing their name on the Internet except active members of WikiTree. If you're contributing to WikiTree and want your own profile to be Unlisted, see Unlisted active users.

Even More Privacy: Anonymization

To go even further, don't enter first names or dates for living people. Include the Last Name at Birth and nothing else. See the page on Anonymization for more information.

If you're not totally anonymizing a profile with a message in the text of the page, be sure to check the "intentionally blank" option next to any fields that you do want kept blank. That way others in the Trusted List will know not to add the information.

This may limit your family's enjoyment of some features, but you can always add information later if you become more comfortable with our privacy system.

Click here if there are privacy conflicts between members and other visitors to the website. Click here for information on deletion.

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