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The little icons and buttons on person profiles and trees help you navigate between different family views.

pedigree.gif   Pedigree Chart

This is the all-around "friendliest" family tree view. It's the first one you see when you click the green Family Tree tab on a profile.


ahnentafel.gif   Ancestor List

This ancestor list uses the handy ahnen numbering system, i.e. it's an "ahnenlist" in geneaspeak.

It displays seven generations along with birth and death dates and locations, but no images or fancy stuff. This makes it the most information-packed view, and well-suited for printing when you're doing offline research.


printable.gif   Printer-Friendly Tree

This view parallels the pedigree chart view but it is optimized for printing.


family-group.gif   Family Group Sheet

This illustrates nuclear families based on marriages. It's especially handy when an ancestor had children from more than one marriage. A limitation is that children won't appear in a family group if their parents were not married.


descendant-link.gif   Descendant List

This shows five generations of spouses and children.


shareable.gif   Wikid Shareable Tree

A public family tree view designed for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites.

This icon will only appear if the profile's Privacy Level is "Private with Public Family Tree" or higher. Otherwise their tree is not shareable.


surnames.gif   Surnames

This displays seven generations of the person's family names.


widget.gif   Family Tree Widgets

This leads to a selection of "widgets" to enable bloggers and others to embed the person's family tree inside any blog post or web page.

Widgets only work if a profile's Privacy Level is "Private with Public Family Tree" or higher.


relationship.gif   Relationship Finder

This will search for a relationship between you and the person whose profile you're viewing. For example, it might tell you that the person is your "first cousin twice removed".

This icon will not appear when viewing your own profile page, for obvious reasons, but you can click to the Relationship Finder at any time and look-up the relationship between any two people.


dna.gif   DNA View

There are two DNA views. The DNA Ancestors view show ten generations of direct-line paternal (Y-chromosome) and maternal (mitochondrial) ancestor lines. The DNA Descendants view for men shows Y-chromosome DNA carriers and for women it shows mitochondrial DNA carriers. These views also connect to any DNA test information for the individual.


cousin-bait.gif   Cousin Bait

Click the fish hook icon for quick and easy ways to lure cousins to the profile.


find-matches.gif   Search for Matches

This finds potential duplicates on WikiTree.

map.gif   Location Map

If the person's place of birth, marriage, or death is known, clicking this icon will pinpoint the location on a Google Map.


See How to use WikiTree or the Help index for more tips.

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