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This page explains what a GEDCOM is, how to use WikiTree to compare people in your GEDCOM with profiles already on WikiTree, how to share your GEDCOM with WikiTree, and how to download a GEDCOM from WikiTree. Please read WikiTree is Different to understand more about what it means to share your GEDCOM on WikiTree.


What is a GEDCOM?

GEDCOM, which stands for GEnealogical Data COMmunication, is a file format for transferring family tree information.

The GEDCOM standard has been almost-universally adopted by major genealogy websites and software tools. This is good for everyone. It means that you aren't locked-in to one tool. You can move and copy your information. It helps ensure that the work you put into your family tree research won't ever be lost.

Uploading a GEDCOM

Click here to upload your GEDCOM.

Uploading involves no obligation. You can even do it as a guest without becoming a full member. You'll be presented with a neat "GEDCompare" report that shows you which family members might already exist on WikiTree. Try it!

Note: GEDCOMs with more than 5,000 people cannot be uploaded and will need to split up.

Importing a GEDCOM

After uploading and GEDCompare, if you want to help with our mission to create a single, shared family tree as a Wiki Genealogist, you can add branches to WikiTree by importing your GEDCOM.

Our GEDCOM import process is different than what you might have experienced on other sites. For a great step-by-step guide to the import process, complete with screenshots, see this post by blogger Randy Seaver.


  • GEDCOMs with more than 2,500 people cannot be imported.
  • GEDCOMs with more than 100 people and no sources cannot be imported.
  • GEDCOMs with more than 500 suggested matches cannot be imported.
  • You may import multiple GEDCOMs, but please wait until the first GEDCOM file is completely processed before uploading another.
  • Additional GEDCOM imports will not automatically replace profiles created through previous imports. Duplicates need to be skipped during the GEDCompare process.
  • All GEDCOMs are reviewed by a WikiTree team member prior to import.
  • Individuals born prior to 1500 will be automatically skipped.
  • Individuals born prior to 1700 need to be skipped unless you have taken our Pre-1700 Self-Certification and are coordinating with the project for the time period, location, or historical topic, if there is one. This means telling project leaders what families you are planning to import. They will check to see if they are already present.
  • See Before importing a GEDCOM for important information.

Exporting a GEDCOM

Click here to export a GEDCOM from WikiTree.

For information and tips on exporting from other websites and programs, see Exporting a GEDCOM.

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