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Henry Goodman

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Henry Goodman
Born in Virginiamap
Husband of — married in Monroe, Tennessee, USAmap
Died after in possibly Texasmap
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Name: Henry Goodman Residence: Roane county, part of, Roane, Tennessee Age: 33 years Calculated Birth Year: 1817 Birthplace: Tennessee Gender: Male Race (original): Race (expanded): Death Month: Death Year: Film Number: 444849 Digital GS Number: 4206051 Image Number: 00220 Line Number: 32 Dwelling House Number: 790 Family Number: 833 Marital Status: Free or Slave: Household Gender Age Charlott Goodman F 32y Margaret A A T E Goodman F 10y Wm L C Goodman M 8y George Goodman M 4y Mary Goodman F 1y Henry Goodman M 33y 1850 United States Census

Name: Henry Goodman Residence: Van Buren, Arkansas Minor civil division: Cadron Township Age: 45 years Estimated birth year: 1815 Birthplace: Va Gender: Male Page: 40 Family number: 269 Film number: 803051 Digital GS number: 4211310 Image number: 00385 NARA publication number: M653 Collection: 1860 United States Census

Name: Henry Goodman Estimated birth year: 1814 Gender: Male Age: 56y Race or color (expanded): White Birthplace: Virginia Residence: Cadron, Van Buren, Arkansas, United States Collection: 1870 United States Census

Name: Heny Goodman Residence: Cadron, Van Buren, Arkansas Birthdate: 1815 Birthplace: Virginia, United States Relationship to Head: Self Spouse's Name: Charlotta T. Goodman Spouse's Birthplace: Tennessee, United States Father's Name: Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania, United States Mother's Name: Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania, United States Race or Color (Expanded): White Ethnicity (Standardized): American Gender: Male Martial Status: Married Age (Expanded): 65 years Occupation: Farmer NARA Film Number: T9-0058 Page: 373 Page Character: A Entry Number: 203 Film number: 1254058 Collection: United States Census, 1880

Details: Batesville, Arkansas Land Office Citation Text: September 23, 1858 Henry Goodman Homesteaded 280 acres in Van Buren for 12 1/2 cents per acre at the land office at Batesville, Arkansas. Purchase # 14832. Declaration dated August 30th, 1859 personally appeared before me, the undersigned Justice of the Peace for the County and State aforesaid, Henry Goodman who, being duly sworn by me according to law deposes and says, in relation to the land entered by him on the 22 day of September 1858, per certificate of purchase No 14832 that the same was for his own use and for the purpose of actual settlement and cultivation under the provisions of the Act of Congress, of 4th August, 1854, "to graduate and reduce the price of the public lands to actual settlers and cultivators", that he is at this time in the occupancy of said land, and has been residing thereon since the 29th day of August, 1859, that he has one dwelling house and other labor done on said land that he has made or entered into no contract or agreement, either directly or indirectly, for the sale of transfer of said land, and that he was twenty one years of age at the time he entered the same Attest WM. F. McNamee} Henry X Goodman His mark Sworn and Subscribed before me, on the day and year first written above written. Wm> F. McNamee, clerk Notation on Census record 1860 Van Buren Co, Arkansas from Ruth Sheffield (See notation on Nancy Crone and Minerva Goodman Moore family notes. 1880 Van Buren County, Arkansas Census 1880: 79-0058 page 373 letter A Entry 203 Film 1254058 Henry Goodman 65 bn VA Occ: Farmer Father bn PA Mother bn PA Charlotta T. Goodman 62 bn TN Father bn Ireland Mother bn NC

Source: Details: Charlotte and Henry Goodman got a divorce June 30, 1884 Case #5 File Box 162 This was notarized on November 14, 1884 Citation Text: Warranty Deed Wish Relinquishment of Dower For in consideration of the sum of one hundred & seventy and 25/100 dollars to us this day paid by Henry Goodman his wife of the County of Van Buren and State of Arkansas The receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged I Henry Goodman and of the County of Van Buren and State aforesaid have this day granted, bargained. Sold (can't read) and conveyed and by the presents doth grant bargain, sell (can't read) and convey unto the said Charlotte Goodman and unto her heirs and assigns the following described tracts or parcels of land lying and being situated in the County of and State of and described as follows. The South half of the Northwest quarter of section fifteen Township South of Range Twelve West. To have and to hold the same together with all and )Can't Read). The(can't read) privileges, improvements and appertures therein belonging or (can't read) to her the said Charlotte Goodman and unto her heirs and assigns forever. And I the said Henry Goodman do hereby(can't read) and wish the said encumberances, and that I, my heirs administrators and executors will forever warrant and defend the title to the said In witness thereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 14 day of November 1884. Henry X Goodman his mark State of Arkansas) County of Cleburne) On this day before me a duly commissioned and acting Notary Public within and for the County and state aforesaid, personally appeared Henry Goodman to me well known to be the same person whose name appears upon the (can't read) and foregoing deed, as party Grantor and acknowledged that he executed the sum for the consideration and purposes therein mentioned and set forth. Witness my official signature this the 14 day of November AD 1884 T J Jenkins Notary Public Filed and (can't read) this 11 day of April 1892 J B Thompson clk P C Burnett DC


Date: 11 SEP 1838


Place: Monroe, Tennessee, USA
Source: Citation Text: Charlotte and Henry Goodman got a divorce June 30, 1884 Case #5 File Box 162
Source: Details: Filed July 30, 1884 Al Riscoe, Sol for Plaintiff Charlotte Goodman vs Henry Goodman In Van Buren Circuit Court Citation Text: Charlotte Goodman plaintiff against Henry Goodman Defendant, Complaintin (Chancery?) The plaintiff for cause of active complains and says: That on the ----day of---ad at-----in the State of ---she (accuses??)to the defendant, that the plaintiff and defendant of-----this said marriage ---of this State and that the plaintiff now is and has been over years --- before the (commencement) of this active and actual ---of the State.That since the said-----the defendant has treated her in a cruel and ---manner, and since almost to the year----8-- has been an habitual drunkard and in his fits of of drunkenness has repeatedly committed acts of cruelty and violence upon plaintiff, and that the defendants----course of conduct towards the plaintiff with---intervals has been for a long period (uniformly) brutal and abusive, he being constantly in the habit of applying abusive (epithets) to her of threatening her with violence and attempting to strike her and it has become entirely unsafe for her to live with him that five years have not elapsed since the (con???) of said (ind???) That although the plaintiff has always conducted herself towards the said defendant as a faithful and obedient wife, the defendant disregarding his duties as a husband has been willfully absent from the plaintiff for the space of over years last past without any cause or justification th---- ----, so far as this plaintiff is (concerned?) That on the ----day of----18--- at the house of Mrs. McNiss in the City of Little Rock, the defendant committed adultry with a woman whose name is unknown to the plaintiff, That said adultry was committed without the consent, (con---), (privity??) or (proc-----) of plaintiff, That five years have not elapsed since the plaintiff discovered such adultry: and the plaintiff has not voluntarily cohabited with the defendant since such discovery. Witness for the plaintiff prays judgment that the bonds of matrimony between herself and defendant be dissolved and that a reasonable provision for the support of the plaintiff be made out of the property of the defendant. And for the costs of this action and attorney fees and in duty bound she will ---- and etc. Albert W. Rison(?) Sol for plaintiff Charlotte Goodman Plaintiff Against Henry Goodman Defendant
Source: #S00343
Text: Hon Frank P. Vaughn Circuit Judge of the 6th Judicial District Dear Sir One Charlotte Goodman has entered suit for divorce against Henry Goodman. I was out in Texas the last days of July 1884 and saw Henry Goodman he says that he was to go to Texas and stay 2 years and she was to (sign this form), he asked me if she had enter such for divorce I could not answer him since I came home I have made inquiries and have found out she has. I also seen her (Charlotte Goodman) daughter and she says the same as Henry Goodman states I want to employ an attorney in the case but if necessary and mostly to be qualified also if you want any further proof from Mrs Cass Stafford Wm Johnson. I am sorry to own to you that the said Charlotte is my sister & the said Henry Goodman is a brother to my wife and I want justice done to them both, and if any person is entitled to a divorce it would be Henry Goodman and he is in Texas and is ignorant to what she is trying to do in going to court . Yours George W. Moore


Source S00007
Title: 1880 United States Census
NOTE1880 United States Census.
Source S00021
Title: 1860 United States Federal Census
NOTE1860 United States Federal Census.
Source S00023
Title: 1850 United States Federal Census
NOTE1850 United States Federal Census.
Source S00024
Title: 1870 United States Census
NOTE1870 United States Census.
Source S00343
Title: letter to Circuit Court from George W Moore
NOTEletter to Circuit Court from George W Moore.

Memories: 1

On October 28, 2012 Charlene Sparks wrote:

Back in the 1970's I was in touch with a wonderful lady, Lucille Goodman, who sent me the tintype of Cassandra Goodman Fowler Stafford. Lucille and her sister traveled to Quitman, Cleburne Co., (used to be Van Buren Co.) AR after I told her about the trip that my parents, sister & I took in 1977 and the trip that Donna & I took to do genealogy in 1978. Lucille & her sister went to Quitman and contacted Gerald Bettes, who was a historian, and well informed about Quitman & Moore family history. When we were there Gerald had a large, very old, red velvet picture albumn of Moore's from the 1800s but I do not know what became of it? Gerald & his parents lived in an old, well kept house full of antiques, surrounded by a yard that looked like it belonged in House & Gardens, full of flowers. Donna & I were only in the house once, briefly, although his parents invited us to spend the night, we did not. Gerald descended from William & Unity Moore, brother of our Hugh A. & Mary "Polly" Tucker Moore, a case of Moore brothers marrying Tucker sisters in the early 1800s & the double cousins left TN and moved to AR in the middle 1850's. I highly recommended Gerald to Lucille Goodman when she & her sister planned to visit Quitman.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Lucille Goodman in person but she was kind and generous with information to me & Mildred Burfford, at that point I did not know that Nancy Fowler Brown was interested in genealogy or I would have included her.

I have often wondered what became of Lucille's research, Lucille died in Honolulu many years ago and I did not know her sister, Mildred didn't either.

I did not see the original letter I am about to include, Lucille typed it for me. It was dated Wynnewood, OK Sunday June 8, 1941 from John Rollow to Lucille Goodman. I type it spelled as it was spelled. I am sorry if I make any mistakes, contact me if you see any and I will try to correct them.

My dear Lucille: Well, to say I am surprised is putting it mildly, indeed, to hear from a relative I never saw, or hardly know of, as in this instance.

Well, now then, Sis, I will answer your letter of inquirey as far as I can. To begin with, I will state our relationship as far back as your great grandparents, whom I knew well as a child of ten or twelve years of age. Now then, your grandfather's father was Henry Goodman and he was brother of my grandmother, Minerva Goodman. She married Geo. W. Moore in 1844. Again, your grandfather's mother was Lottie Moore and married to Henry Goodman. You will note that brother and sister married brother & sister. Geo. W. Moore and Henry Goodman and their families left Lenoir, Tennessee, (the place was called Lenoir's Ferry in the old days) and came to Arkansas in 1849. This place called Lenoir or Lenoir's Ferry is six miles up the Tnnnessee River from Louden County in east Tennessee. There, as I understand it, the older children were born. Your grandfather was born in 1846 as I recall and so was Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary was a sister of my Mother and Aunt Mary lived to be 92 years old, having died 2 years ago this spring at Tulia, Texas.

Grandpa and Grandma had the following children: Oldest died in infancy and I forget the name, Nest was Aunt Mary, Uncle Hugh, my Mother, Sarah, then Uncle Will and last is Aunt Lizzie. Aunt Liz was born August, 1859, and was the youngest of the set and she is still living, lives at Ada, Oklahoma, and will be 82 in August. Uncle Henry and Aunt Lottie (your side of the house), as I remember it, had four children. I forget the name of one of them, for I haven't thought about this in years. There was George, your grandfather, Lon, who died before I was born and is buried at old Goodloe School House and Church in the settlement we lived in, 2 miles north of Quitman, in Cleburne County, Arkansas. (Your grandfather brought his brother Lon back from Illinois in a metallic coffin and it was talked of lots when I was a child. I remember it well). The daughter whose name I can think of was Casandra, and my recollection is that she married Dave Gooch.

I will see Aunt Liz in a week or so, and will write you again, and if I have misstated anything, I will correct it and will wirte you more fully when when I have seen Aunt Lizzie.

You will recall that your grandfather, George Goodman, and my mother (in fact Grandpa & GrandmaMoore's children) were very close kin, what we call double cousins. Same way with our immediate family, my father and his brother, W. C. Rollow, married sisters. My father's wife was Sarah and Aunt Lizzie is Uncle Will Rollow's widow. Uncle Will Rollow was born in 1850 and died the 19th of September, last year, nearly ninety years old.

As to where the old set came from, that is to this country, I am not sure but think it was Ireland. My grandfather's father (note: It took me some time to figure out our relationship to him, but his grandfather would be our great-grandmother's father, so it would be our great-great-grandfather by the name of Moore) was an Irishman, a full blood, and came from Ireland, but I can't say as to the Goodman's, for I don't recall. Aunt Lizzie will probably know. She is in Arkansas for a week or so, and I will see her in the next few days I know, for they come over here and we go over there pretty often. If Aunt Liz can throw more light on this than I have, why of course, she will be glad to do so and I will write you again about it all.

I hope you can unravel the relationship exsisting, I have tried to make that part of it plain.

My grandfather, George Moore, was born in 1821; his sisterAunt Lottie, (your great-grandmother) was older than he. My grandmother (Minerva Goodman) was born at or near Old Turkey Town in Northeast Alabama. The Goodman family moved from Alabama to East Tennessee when she was a child. I think that her brother, Henry Goodman, (your great grandfather) was older than grandma, but Aunt Liz will know, I am sure.

All I know of your grandfather is what I've heard the family say. He joined the army and served throughout the war, came back home, stayed a short while and then went to Illinois where he married. No, I never knew anything of his wife's folks. There is one thing about George Goodman (I never saw him but once; he was here about 35 years ago) that I never could understand and that was he hated the Yankee's until the day he died, hated them so bad, and then went back up among them and married. I told Dollie that once.

In 1905 I went to the Portland Exposition and intended to stop over and see my kinfolks and wrote Aunt Mary to send me the address of George Goodman, but she didn't do it, so I missed them. I went in by Bilings to Butte, stayed at Butte two days. I also missed seeing Dolly (in Glendale in 1934) by one week. I saw her mother-in-law and the old lady accused me of looking like the Goodman's. I told her I was half Goodman anyhow, my grandmother was a Goodman.

Well, Sis, I will see Aunt Lizzie in not too many days and I will then write you again, and add more information, if she can give it to me and I think she can. I tell you what you do - write her straight - she would be tickled to death to hear from you. She is like me - or I am like her - she likes her kinfolks. Address her as follows: Mrs. W. C. Rollow, Ada, Oklahoma. She is the only one of the older set left. In writing me, don't say Mr., I am just plain common "John."

Since thinking it over since starting this letter, I am sure that George Goodman, your grandfather, was born at Lenoir's Ferr, as stated because they all lived there together and left about the same time. And I am slso sure that his father, Uncle Henry Goodman, was born where my Grandmother (his sister) was born, at Old Turkey Town, Alabama, for Grandma said she was a good big gal when they moved to East Tennessee. I believe you would be safe in putting it down that way. But it might be a good idea to let me see Aunt Liz first, for I am sure she will know.

Excuse different kinds of paper in this letter. I wanted you to know about us. Two of my boys and I are in together in the pecan shelling shelling business under the name shown above (Wynnewood Pecan Company), We get out 450 to 550 pounds of pecan kernels (pecan meat we call it) per day. I am sending you via P. P. mail, insured, a small package of our pecans grown in this section of the country, so that you can know more about this what has always been called "that wild and woolly section."

I am awfully glad to have heard from you and will expect to hear again just as soon as I see Aunt Liz, I will write you again.

Wish you well.

Your cousin,

John Rollow

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