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Abraham Peterson

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Abraham Peterson aka originally Pietersen
Born in Bergen County, NJ
Husband of — married [date unknown] [location unknown]
Husband of — married [date unknown] [location unknown]
Died before in Ontario
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Abraham Peterson was born 27 July 1741 near Tappan, New York, and baptized 23 August 1741 in Tappan, son of Nicholas Peterson II and Tryntje Meyer. The family farm was in what became Bergen County, New Jersey--in 1788 recorded as Abraham's birthplace. By about 1748 the family lived near Schraalenburgh, Bergen County. In 1764 "Abraham Petterson" married "Lena Mandego" in Schraalenburgh; this seems to be the record of Abraham's marriage to Mary Magdalena Van Ordin, who was recorded as the mother of his children. In 1775 he had a leased farm with six horses, six cows and five young cattle, and nine hogs; these and three boats "used for carrying Loyalists on expeditions" were lost to the Rebels. In 1776 he joined the British in New York City, becoming an Associated Loyalist. In August 1783 he sailed with Captain Grass for Canada. The muster at Sorel, Lower Canada, in December 1783 shows him with wife and five children. Their first Canadian home was in Adolphustown, but by 1788 Abraham was among the first settlers of Hallowell (or Picton) Bay in Sophiasburgh Township, Prince Edward County, across a narrow strait from Adolphustown. Mary Van Ordin died and by 1789 Abraham married Mary Wright, widow of Samuel Wright. Their farm prospered; its 1798 assessment was £10, among the highest five of 70 assessments in Hallowell. In that year the Crown paid him £72 (on his claim of £122) for possessions lost in New Jersey. “From the time Abraham Peterson had sold a bushel of wheat in Kingston in 1799, agriculture—wheat, barley, buckwheat—had been slowly gaining economic importance” (Lunns). He died in 1823. His will of that year bequeathed hundreds of pounds but only £3 to "beloved wife" Mary, who contested the will but lost.

1. Nicholas Peterson b ~1768-1845; NJ, NY, Hallowell; m 1809 Margaret (Peggy) Van Tassell [here?]Abraham Peterson 1811-1860? 1869? m 1841 Sarah Tompkins; Sophiasburgh [here?] Susannah Peterson bp 3 May 1813 Hallowell Nicholas Peterson b 1816 [not mentioned in Abraham’s 1823 will

Henry Peterson b 1817; m 1. Sarah ____ 2. [here?] Mary S. Vanarklin; Hillier (Prince Edward Co.)

1. Abraham Peterson b ~1845; Blenheim (Hallowell Tp.) 1. William Peterson b ~1853; Blenheim (Hallowell Tp.) [children of Mary? grandchildren?:] ? 2. Charles Peterson 1868; m Sabra ___; Hillier Glaudis (Claudia? Gladys?) Peterson 1895 Basil Peterson 1898 ? 2 Ida Peterson 1871 ? 2. Angelina Orella Ethel Peterson 1877-1939 ? 2. Ethel Peterson b ~1878

Daniel Smith Peterson ~1819; m 1841 Mary Parks; Hallowell

Oliver Peterson ~1849 Hiram Peterson 1852-1919; m Pennelie ___; Hallowell, Bloomfield Rosie Peterson b ~1885, Hallowell Sarah Peterson ~1856

Samuel Peterson b ~ 1821 (1851 Hillier, single) (may = Samuel S. in 1881 m, Marmora & Lake [Hastings N.])

Sarah Ann c 1827 1. Ann (Annatje) Peterson 1773-1845; m ~1799 (as second wife) (John) Henry Loyst; NJ, NY, Hallowell, S. Fredericksburgh; JHL m

1. Anna Shewman, children 1791-1797/98 not shown here. (Anna vs. Ann confusion; both "Annoka;" 1. died probably 1797/98.)

Peter L. Loyst 1800-1881; m 1837 Rosannah Sharp (or Rosanna Lewis); S. Fredericksburgh (Margaret) Deborah Loyst 1838-1909 m 1861 John Clapp Rikely; Fredericksburgh James Lawrence (or S.) Loyst 1839-1930 m 1867 Mary Ann Malcolm (=? Mary Ann Oliver); N. Fredericksburgh Margaret Jane Loyst 1869-1913; m John Roderick Allison Amy G. Allison b 1890 J. Anita Allison 1895-1908 Rylance Archibald Loyst 1871-1952; Fredericksbrgh Esther (Hester) Ann Loyst 1876-1953 Charles E. Loyst b 1880 Philip M. Loyst 1841-1842 Peter S. Loyst 1842-1925; m 1862 Elizabeth (Lizzie) Parks; Fredericksburgh Rosannah Loyst 1863-1941; Fredericksburgh Alice Jane Loyst 1871-1936; m 1892 William James Galt; S. Fredericksburgh Walter William Galt 1894-1962 Clarence Arthur Galt 1896-1968 Raymond Archibald Galt 1900-1919 Martin S. Loyst 1877-1949; m 1902 Effie Brown; Fredericksburgh Helen Loyst d 1939 Abraham (Abram) Loyst 1844-1913; m 1867 Alice Maude Dupree; S. & N. Fredericksburgh Andy Loyst (female) or Andrew Loyst ; Fredericksburgh Donald Loyst'; Fredericksburgh Ethel Elma Loyst 1884-1974; m Frank Bogart Bygott; Fredericksburgh Harry Cleveland Bygott 1907-1962 Charles Bogart Bygott 1912-1966 Mary Jane Loyst 1846-1879; m 1866 John Bruce White Jacob James Rikely Loyst 1850-1933; m (1) 1875 Mary L. Glass (2) 1904 Evelena Spencer; Hayburn (Fredericksburgh S.), Sillsville 1. Jacob Loyst or Jay Benson Loyst 1876-1941; m 1907 or 1909 Emma Florence (Frankie) Rosborough; North Bay (~ Nipissing), Napanee Stewart Rosborough Loyst 1912-1969 1. Mabel Blanche Loyst 1880-1946; m Charles Wilfred Rose; S. Fredericksburgh, Tacoma WA 1. Walter Alexander Loyst 1886-1963; m 1916 Martha (Mae) Murphy; Napanee; Calgary Olive Marie Loyst 1918-1976, m 1939 _____ Walter Leonard Loyst 1925-1995 Deborah Loyst bp 1803; Fredericksburgh Martin Loyst 1805-1830; m Deborah___ ; Fredericksburgh John Loyst 1807-1881; m 1835 Eleanor Simmons or Simmonds; Fredericksburgh Ann (or Hannah) Jane Loyst 1836-1860; m 1858 Garrett Garrison (later m Christie Ann Ranous); S. Fredericksburgh, Richmond unnamed Garrison, b & d 31 Dec 1859 William Henry Loyst 1838-1914; m 1862 Elizabeth Ann Allen; S. Fredericksburgh, N. Fredericksburgh Lillian V. Loyst 1863-1872; S. Fredericksburgh Wellington Edgar Loyst 1865-1943; m 1890 Emma Alice Doller; S. Fredericksburgh, Toronto Mary Helen Loyst b 1905 Minetta May Loyst 1867-1939; m 1888 Alvin Stewart Vandewater; S. Fredericksburgh, London ON William Glynn Vandewater 1898-1988; Napanee Ernest William Loyst 1869-1927; m 1899 Mary Jane Russell; S. Fredericksburgh, London ON Russell William Loyst 1900-1974 Agnes Minetta Loyst 1902-1954 George M. Loyst 1840-1920; m 1869 Lenora Georgina Adeline Dupre; S. Fredericksburgh Eleanor Elizabeth Loyst 1870-1900 or -1952; m 1892 Henry Wilkie Kimmerly; S. Fredericsburgh, Toronto Arthur Bismark Loyst 1874-1965; m (1) 1895 Margaret A. Hoffman, (2) ~1918 Pearl Alma Huffman; S. Fredericksburgh, Napanee 2. Mary Elizabeth Loyst 1923-1993; m William Robert Box 2. Arlington William (or B.) Loyst 1926 or 1923-1993; m 1948 Erma Mae Hawley John Edgerton Loyst 1877-1941; m 1899 Bertha Maude Fields; S. Fredericksburgh, Napanee Cecil Carrington Loyst 1900-1984; m 1920 Gladys Hannah Gale Lanorah Amelia Adelaide Loyst 1908-1998 Marjorie Melissa Loyst 1879-1953; m 1903 James Herbert Miller; S. Fredericksburgh Madeline Miller 1904-1953 George William Loyst 1881-1961; m (1) 1908 Lillian Maude Gallagher (2) 1914 Mary Wilhelmina Fitchett; or (2) Mary Jane Holmes; S. Fredericksburgh 1. Elsie May Loyst 1909-1985; m 1935 John Helfant 2. Mary Isabel Loyst 1918-1989; m 1942 Clifford Everett Magee; ---, Napanee Florence Esther (or Estella) Loyst 1883-1973; m 1908 Frederick Gallagher; S. Fredericksburgh, Napanee Francis Shannon Loyst 1888-1949; m 1911 Gertrude Amelia Rendell; S. Fredericksburgh, Claremont Eva Grace Loyst 1913-1994; m 1938 Henry Roy Thompson Arthur George Edmund Loyst 1915-1992 Harold Loyst 1917-1966 Mildred Eleanor Loyst 1919-1995 Frances Marion Loyst 1921-1995 Elizabeth Jane Loyst 1843-1865; m 1861 Peter Vandewater S. Fredericksburgh, Portland Tp. (L&A Co.) Anne Elizabeth Vandewater 1862-1942; m 1889 Francis William Hart; S. Fredericksburgh Rosannah Adeline Loyst 1845-1878; m 1864 Wilson Ferguson Dafoe; S. Fredericksburgh Edward Leslie Dafoe; m. Mary M.; S. Fredericksburgh Eleanor Ann Dafoe b 1873; S. Fredericksburgh John Roderick Dafoe 1876-~1878; S. Fredericksburgh John Marvin Loyst 1848-1923; m (1) 1870 Margaret Elizabeth Victoria Ruttan Mitchell (2) 1910 Amanda Jane Dowager or Amanda Lubban or Amanda Brunner Ruttan; S. Fredericksburgh, Ernesttown, Napanee 1. John Albert Matthew Loyst 1872-1887; S. Fredericksburgh, Ernesttown 1. George Marvin Loyst 1874-1968; m 1901 Carrie Eva Creighton; Gosfield Tp. (Essex), Napanee 1. Anna Eleanor Elizabeth Loyst 1876-1973; m 1909 Andrew Carlton Miller; S. Fredericksburgh, Belleville 1. William Charles Thompson Loyst 1877-1941; m 1899 Almira or Almora Hawley; Gosfield Tp. (Essex), Ernestown 1. Amanda Leone Mercides Loyst 1880-1977 m 1909 Frederick Parkinson Lawrence; Gosfield Tp. (Essex), Lenadco Richmond Tp. (L&A) 1. Helen Augusta Muriel Loyst 1882-1929; m 1907 William Eldin Lawrence; Gosfield Tp. Essex, Kingston Sarah Sophia Loyst 1851-1923; m 1868 Peter Steele; S. Fredericksburgh, Victoria B.C. Peter Steele 1870-1946; m 1894 Mary Teresa Rex; Victoria B.C. Peter Bertram Steel 1895-1944; Victoria B.C.; Los Angeles CA Thelma Margaret Steele 1898-1986; m 1926 Arthur Little; Victoria B.C. Beatrice Helen Steele 1900-1980; m 1922 Alexander Cross Roberts; Victoria B.C. Rex Joseph Steele 1902-1955; Victoria B.C., Los Angeles CA Erma Josephine Laurraine Steele b 1909 James Titus Loyst 1855-1935; m 1879 Nancy Ann Kennedy; S. Fredericksburgh Eleanor (Nellie, Nelletta) Pearl Loyst 1881-1945; m1911 Edmund Facey & m Andrew C. Miller; Napanee; London ON George Leroy Loyst 1890-1982; Hayburn (S. Fredericksburgh) Edgerton Ryerson Loyst 1859-1877; S. Fredericksburgh Henry Loyst 1811-1883 m 1839 Jane Ann Garrison; S. Fredericksburgh Henry Marvin (or Marvell) Loyst 1840-1913; m Susan or Samantha F. Edgar, S. Fredericksburgh Victoria Jane Loyst 1864-1946;; Fredericksburgh Elizabeth Ann Loyst 1866-1945; m Edda McCabe; Fredericksburgh Maud McCabe b 1895 Ida Loyst 1872-1950; m Arthur Blake Thompson; Sillsville, Napanee Jessie Alwilda Loyst March 1877-April 1877; Fredericksburgh Philip Henry Loyst 1842-1922; m ~1864 (Elizabeth) Charlotte Sharpe; Ivanhoe (Hastings Co.) S. Fredericksburgh, Kent Co., Sillsville (Hastings Co.) (Philip) Henry Loyst 1866-1877; Sillsville (William) Charles Loyst 1870-1877; Sillsville Garrison Loyst 1871-1871; Sillsville Madeline Dorcas Loyst 1872-1962; m Walter Damon; Sillsville Emma May Loyst 1876-1937; m William Glover; Sillsville Herbert Andrew Loyst b 1878; m ~1900 Georgina Callop; Sillsville Arthur Loyst 1903-1932 Arthur Loyst 1879-1882; Mitchell Bay (Perth Co.) Gertrude Loyst 1881-1915; m William Snelgrove; Mitchell Bay Ada Loyst 1883-1884; Dover Tp. (Kent Co.), Mitchell Bay Harold Philip Loyst 1887-1959; m 1. Eva Gathridge 2. Irene Sharpe; Mitchell Bay, Sillsville 2. Arthur Loyst Raymond Loyst 1889-1974; Mitchell Bay Herbert Loyst Morris Loyst Michael Dafoe Loyst 1845-1895; m Alwilda Sharp Rhoda Ann Loyst 1867-1887 (Getta) Elizabeth Loyst 1870-1931 Lydia Alberta Loyst 1875-1890 Bertha Loyst 1876-before 1891 Addie Loyst 1880-1899; Kingston Henry Loyst 1884-1954; m 1907 Ruby Belle Galt; Hayburn (Fredericksburgh S.), Sillsville Addie Ruth Loyst 1909-1994 Henry Ronald Loyst 1911-1983; m 1937 Birdie May Rombough Morley Percival Loyst 1913-1943 Rhoda Christine Loyst 1915-1965 Rhoda Ann Loyst 1848-1867 Abraham Loyst 1814-1891; Fredericksburgh 1. Catharine/Katerina Peterson 1769-1848; m Richard Fitchett; Fredericksburgh, , Camden E. (L&A Co.) Mary Fitchett b 1787; m John Thomson; Frederickburgh, Richmond Abraham Fitchett b 1791; Fredericksburgh, Camden East Sarah Fitchett b 1795; m 1823 Samuel Crippen; Fredericksburgh, Trafalgar Jacob Fitchett b 1798; Fredericksburgh [a Jacob Fitchett m Elizabeth McIntyre] Joseph Fitchett b 1801; m Katharine Peterson; Fredericksburgh Peter Fitchett; Fredericksburgh, Pickering Isaac Fitchett; Fredericksburgh, Pickering Henry Fitchett; Fredericksburgh, Matilda William Richard Fitchett b before Aug 1806 1. Margaret Peterson b 1776 d aft 1843; m ~1794 (Dexter) Doctor Pringle; Fredericksburgh, Adolphustown Joel Pringle 1788-1869 m 1. Priscilla A. Youngs 2. 1851 ________; Hastings Co., Portsmouth Bay MI 1. Alexander Pringle b ~1828 Townsend (Norfolk Co.) 1. Sanford B. Pringle b ~1832-1869; Townsend (Norfolk Co.), Portsmouth Bay MI Magdalena/Lanah Pringle b 1791; m Richard Pringle; Fredericksburgh Mahetable Pringle; m Reuben Hudson Caleb Pringle b ~1807-1810; m 1832 Olive McClumber Deborah Pringle b 1795; m 1812 Elijah Kellog; Fredericksburgh Daniel Pringle b 1796; m Margaret Diamond; Belleville, Napanee Andrew Nelson Pringle b ~1819 S. Fredericksburgh; m Jane Huff; set. Belleville Margaret Maria Pringle, m Robert Bogle, set. Belleville John Nelson Pringle, m 1. Jane Elvins, 2. Julia Elvins; set. Belleville John D. Pringle, m & set. Chicago (perhaps = John Pringle of Richmond m Jean Clark 1836) Charles Pringle; m & set. U.S. David Pringle; m & set. New York Mary Ann Pringle b 1822, m James Baker, set. Belleville Sarah Maria Pringle . James Dulmage, set. Belleville Margaret Pringle m James Baker, set. Belleville William Alexander Pringle 1838-1858; Napanee Abraham Pringle b “1825”??; also m 1814 Margaret Diamond at Fredericksburgh [McDowell list] 1. Caroline Peterson 1778-bef. 1784; NY City 1. Peter Peterson 1782-1783 or 1784; NY City, Adolphustown 2. Sophia Peterson 1789-1863; m 1. 1811 William Black, 2. __ Williams; no children listed in Abraham’s will; Hallowell



In Prince Edward County “From the time Abraham Peterson had sold a bushel of wheat in Kingston in 1799, agriculture—wheat, barley, buckwheat—had been slowly gaining economic importance.” Abraham was materially successful: he cultivated 60 of his 136 acres, and the 1798 assessment of Hallowell records his tax at £5, among the higher levels.39

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