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This project is a simple way to organize those of us who are interested in how WikiTree can integrate DNA test results.

For background information, we have started this page: DNA.

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Are you interested in genetic genealogy? Join us! dna.gif

For the full list of current participants, see the badge report.

The project leader is Kitty Smith. If you'd like to participate in this project, please add yourself to the Google+ group and contact Kitty.

DNA tests dna_tested.gif

Have you taken one? Please add yourself at Special:DNATests.

Note that BritainsDNA and the Genographic Project are not included in our database because they do not allow direct comparisons or matching for genealogy.

Ordering or recommending a test

If you plan to order a test for yourself, or would like to recommend that a family member or friend be tested, please use one of these URLs. This way WikiTree gets the referral credit.


Choosing a test

Before you order a DNA test, it is important to know what you want to learn. Different tests will supply different genetic information.

Another good link to this information is on "4 Kinds of DNA for Genetic Geneaolgy."

After receiving your test results

After your DNA is analyzed, you will want to increase your opportunities for making matches. The first step is to complete as much of your WikiTree family tree as possible.

As you fill in your family tree, the various surnames are added to your list of family surnames, e.g. Kitty's List of Surnames. This is helpful when trying to make connections with cousins based on your auDNA test. You can easily point your matches to your current research on WikiTree.

Next, consider posting your results on one of the DNA matching websites. This will help you make matches across the different testing companies.

Tools useful for analyzing auDNA

WikiTree Features and Test Extensions

When you post a DNA test on a WikiTree profile, WikiTree needs to be able to see the profile Family Tree tab to make DNA connections down the ancestral lines. Please be sure that the Privacy level on the profile and all of the ancestors are at a level that allows everyone to see the Family Tree tab. That is either:

We are now adding the ability to include all of the following (depending on test type) with your test information on WikiTree.

We need help writing the help pages above. Can you add to them?

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Here is the list of members.

Please join us by contacting Kitty Smith.

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