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Welcome to the European Aristocrats WikiProject!

This project is the effort of a group of WikiTree users interested in profiles related to the European Aristocracy and related families. It's important to remember that these ancestors are massively common--that is, thousands of WikiTree members share them; working on their profiles can be tricky, and requires a high degree both of genealogical knowledge and of familiarity with WikiTree procedures.

The older group discussion can be located here. We now use the G2G forum for our discussions of project matters. Our group chat can be found here. Please don't hesitate to ask for help with tracing your family-history back to the aristocratic families of medieval Europe; we've developed a great many consensus standards and best practices that we hope you'll learn to use in your own efforts.

See the list below for members who are actively working on the project. Any member may contribute, and we'd love to have your help!

For the style rules, see Name Fields for European Aristocrats.


Participants euroaristo.gif

The leader of this project is Katherine Patterson. For a full list of participants, see the badge report.

If you would like to be involved in this project, please do the following:

  1. Add euroaristo to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed.
  2. Ask Kathy to award you the European Aristocrat Member badge.
  3. Add your name to the list below, along with a note about what you're currently working on for this project.

You may also want to check out our older discussions on the Google Group. We generally use G2G for discussions now, but the archives are still very useful.

Our Progress

Beside your name below, please keep track of what you're currently working on for this project. This is both for your own reference, and to aid collaboration amongst the project participants. If you are going to be temporarily inactive in the project (eg. on vacation), please note that here. Thanks!

Project Box

The project box for this project is Template:European Aristocrat. It should be placed on profiles above the biography. Simply copy the following text into the profile, and set the house and image as needed:

{{European Aristocrat
| house =
| image =

The house should be exactly what the category for that house is called, to ensure that the profile is put in the correct category. The image should be the file name of the house's crest, badge, etc. Images should be uploaded to Space:European Aristocrats Project, and the file name can be found in the changes, in the item for the upload of the image.

This template will display a project box on the profile with the appropriate house and a link to this project page, and will also put the profile in the correct house category, so you do not need to include the Category line on the profile when using this template.

Useful Links

Profile Management Information

Profiles are managed by a small number of managers (frequently just one), as assigned by the user group. Management of 300+ year old profiles is treated differently than that of more modern profiles. For more information on this click here. Please understand that these profiles were created by many users and collaborated on by the group. Profile managers are not responsible for accuracy or content (though of course we try to improve it when we can).

Current Challenges

Most of the discussions in this project are about what last name to use for a noble family. Once the group has discussed and chosen a name, a project participant will become that house's manager (see the list below this section). The house manager is the primary person working on merges for that house.

House Assignments (by LNAB)

LNABs Managed by Martyn

Orange Orange-Nassau Amsberg Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg Hesse Habsburg

LNABs Managed by Roger Travis

Merovingian, Carolingian, Arnulfing, Normandie, Anjou, Capet, Robertian, Thüringen, Metz, Pippinid, Mowbray, Flanders, Beaumont-le-Roger, Vermandois, Welf, Liutfride, Bosonid, Wessex

LNABs Managed by Lindsay Coleman

Boleyn, Plantagenet, Tudor, Lancaster, York, Wynne, Wyatt

Under Construction: Neville, Beaufort

LNABs Managed by Kathy Patterson

Alava, Aragon, Asturias, Ayala, Barcelona, Bourgogne, Bruce, Castilla, de Vere, Girón, Guzman, Lara, Leon, Navarra, Portugal, Rogriguez

LNABs Managed by Lianne Lavoie

Hannover, Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, Stuart, Wettin, Windsor

LNABs Managed by Sir William Arbuthnot


LNAB Managed by Maggie

Arpad, The Hunyadis,Szapolyais, Jagello Dynasty and some Kievs and Paist, Wessex, " of " Bohemia, Moravia.

LNABs Managed by Darlene Athey Hill


LNABs Managed by Eowyn

Champagne, Gorm

LNABs Managed by Rhian

Seton, Dunbar

LNABs Managed by April Dauenhauer

( Magna Carta ), Bigod, Bohun, Clare, Montfort

Currently Unassigned LNABs

Auvergne, Bar, Blois, Bretagne, Champagne, Dreux, Dunkeld, FitzAlan, Gatinais, Godwin, Gwynedd, Hohenstaufen, Jiménez, Loches, Lusignan, Reginar, Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld, Salian, Savoie, Tosny, Valois, Wassenberg, Kiev

There are more LNABs to come. If you would like to suggest one please tell us in the group.

Explanation on some unassigned LNABS

From Roger: WikiTree ID’s are not necessarily the lowest or final but it’s an example I could find without searching forever, ha... I also chose LNABS with actual descent included over practically disconnected ones. If I didn’t say starts with, I did not decided that... Most of these married into the Plantagenet line, which is why I took the time to look up houses, lol.

Hohenstaufen-House LNAB- starting with,_Duke_of_Swabia {WTID: Hohenstaufen-37}

Dunkeld- House LNAB- starting with {WTID: Dunkeld-48}

Dreux- House LNAB- starting with {WTID: France-583}

Bar- House LNAB- starting with,_Duke_of_Upper_Lorraine {WTID: Bar-30}

Reginar- House LNAB- starting with Gilbert, 1st Count of the Maasgau – Couldn’t find him but this line {WTID Reginar-2} CADET BRANCHES OF Montfort, Percy and Hesse- House of Montfort House of Percy, House of Hesse

Bigod- Family LNAB- Hugh Bigod and Maud Marshall’s family- {WTID: Bigod-1}

Blois- House LNAB- Not sure where to start but, this line {WTID: Blois-49}

Bohun- Family LNAB- Line that married Elizabeth Plantagenet (Plantagenet-533)- {WTID: Bohun-3}

FitzAlan- Family LNAB- Married Plantagenet-48 {WTID: FitzAlan-29}

Wassenberg- House LNAB- who married Eleanor of Woodstock (Plantagenet LNAB)- {} Not sure where to start or end this line, though.

Savoie- House of Savoy- starting with,_Count_of_Savoy {WTID: Di_Savoia-2}

Lusignan- Family LNAB- Hugh X Lusignan and family

Clare- Family LNAB- Gilbert Clare who married Isabel Marshal

Gwynedd- All the Welsh profiles need a consistent LNAB and patronymic usage

As a side note, we already have Percy but I suppose I will clearly mention intentions to use LNABS Montfort and Hesse for the cadet lines of Reginar, listed above

Profile Maintenance and LNAB Selection

All users are encouraged to first read WikiTree's guidelines on Name Fields. Then read Name Fields for European Aristocrats.

When merging always select the lowest correct LNAB. To understand the importance of this please see the page on project protection and the Supervisor page on project protecting and merging.

Disambiguation of LNABs

The houses are sorted following the most common English spelling. LNABs are in bold.

Pending Members

These are WikiTree users who have been contacted about the group (so we're hoping they'll join!) but haven't joined the group yet.

Table of Houses (in progress)

Manager Wikipedia Origin
Alava Kathy Patterson
Alsace, Elsass (DE),
Amsberg Martyn
Angouleme, Angoulême (FR),
Anjou Roger Travis
Aragon, Aragón (ES), Kathy Patterson
Arbuthnot William Arbuthnot
Arnulfing Roger Travis
Arpad Maggie
Asturias Kathy Patterson
Austria, Österreich (DE),
Ayala Kathy Patterson
Bar -,_Duke_of_Upper_Lorraine {WTID: Bar-30}
Barcelona Kathy Patterson
Bavaria, Bayern (DE),
Beaufort Lindsay Coleman
Beaumont-le-Roger Roger Travis
Bigod Hugh Bigod and Maud Marshall’s family- {WTID: Bigod-1}
Blois - Not sure where to start but, this line {WTID: Blois-49}
Bohemia Maggie
Bohun Line that married Elizabeth Plantagenet (Plantagenet-533)- {WTID: Bohun-3}
Boleyn Lindsay Coleman
Bosonid Roger Travis
Bourbon, Borbón (ES),
Brittany, Bretagne (FR),
Bryan, Brienne (FR),
Bruce, Brus Kathy Patterson
Burgundy, Bourgogne (FR), Burgund (DE), Bourgondië (NL), Borgonha (PT), Kathy Patterson
Capet Roger Travis
Carolingian, Carolingien (FR), Roger Travis
Castile, Castille (FR), Castilla (ES), Kathy Patterson
Champagne Eowyn
Cleves, Kleve (DE), Clèves (FR),
Cordoba, Córdoba (ES),
Danemark, Danmark (DK),
de Vere Kathy Patterson
Devereux, Evreux (FR), Evreus (ES),
Dreux {WTID: France-583}
Dunbar Rhian
Dunkeld {WTID: Dunkeld-48}
Etichonid, Etichonen (DE),
Finland, Suomi (FI),
FitzAlan Married Plantagenet-48 {WTID: FitzAlan-29}
Flanders, Flandre Roger Travis
Gascoine, Gascuña (ES), Gascogne (FR),
Gascony, Gascuña (ES), Gascogne (FR),
Gascoyne, Gascuña (ES), Gascogne (FR),
Gaunt, Gand (FR), Ghent (NL),
Geneva, Genève (FR),
Girón Kathy Patterson
Eowyn Langholf
Grandison, Grandson (FR),
Grentemesnil, Grandmesnil (FR),
Guelders, Gelde (FR), Gelden (DE),
Guelph, Welf (DE),
Guzman Kathy Patterson
Habsburg, Hapsburg Martyn
Hainaut, Henegouwen (NL),
Hanover, Hannover (DE), Lianne Lavoie
Hesse Martyn
Hohenstaufen -,_Duke_of_Swabia {WTID: Hohenstaufen-37}
Hungary, Magyarország (HU),
Hunyadis Maggie
Isle Bouchard, Isle-Bouchard (FR),
Jagello Maggie
Kiev Maggie
Lancaster Lindsay Coleman
Lara Kathy Patterson
Leon, León (ES), Léon (FR), (different regions) Kathy Patterson
Leuven, Louvain (FR),
Liutfride Roger Travis
Lombards, Longobardi (IT), VI-VIII c.
Lombardy, Lombardia (IT)
Lorraine, Lothringen (DE), Lotharingen (NL), Lotharingia (alt EN),
Merovingian, Mérovingien (FR), Roger Travis
Metz Roger Travis
Meulan, ? Meullant (?oFR),
Montbeliard, Montbéliard (FR),
Montgomery, Montgommery (FR),
Moravia Maggie
Mowbray, Montbray (FR), Montbrai (alt FR), Roger Travis
Munro Trib
Naples, Napoli (IT),
Navarre, Navarra (ES), Navarre (FR), Kathy Patterson
Neville Lindsay Coleman
Normandy, Normandie (FR), Roger Travis
Norway, Norge, Noreg (NO),
Orange, Oranje (NL), Martyn
Orange-Nassau, Oranje-Nassau (NL), Martyn
Perigord, Périgord (FR),
Piast Maggie
Pippinid Roger Travis
Plantagenet, Plantagenêt (FR), Lindsay Coleman
Poland, Polska (PL),
Portugal Kathy Patterson
Pre-Romanov's of Russia Trib
Reginar Gilbert, 1st Count of the Maasgau. Couldn’t find him but this line {WTID Reginar-2} CADET BRANCHES OF Montfort, Percy and Hesse- House of Montfort House of Percy, House of Hesse
Robertian, Robertien (FR), Roger Travis
Rogriguez Kathy Patterson
Russia, Россия (RU),
Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha Lianne Lavoie
Salian, Salier (DE),
Savoy, Savoie (FR), Savoia (IT),,_Count_of_Savoy {WTID: Di_Savoia-2}
Saxe, Sachsen (DE), Saxony (alt EN),
Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg Martyn
Seton Rhian
Sicily, Sicilia (IT),
St Liz, Senlis (FR),
Stuart, Steward Lianne Lavoie
Stuteville, Estouteville (FR),
Sweden, Sverige (SE),
Szapolyais Maggie
Thuringia, Thüringen (DE), Roger Travis
Treves, Trier (DE), Trèves (FR),
Tudor Lindsay Coleman
Turin, Torino (IT),
Tuscany, Toscana (IT)
Vermandois Roger Travis
Wassenberg who married Eleanor of Woodstock (Plantagenet LNAB)- {} Not sure where to start or end this line, though.
Welf, Guelf, Guelph Roger Travis
Wessex Roger Travis, Maggie
Wettin Lianne Lavoie
Windsor Lianne Lavoie
Wyatt Lindsay Coleman
Wynne Lindsay Coleman
York Lindsay Coleman

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