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The mission of Global Family Reunion project on WikiTree is to help make as many family connections as possible for the Global Family Reunion being planned for June 6, 2015, and, as a bonus in doing so, further the core WikiTree goal of one world tree, where everyone is connected.

The reunion is being organized by author AJ Jacobs. His New York Times op-ed "Are You My Cousin?" launched the idea for this project and discusses his plans.

AJ is including everyone, EVERYONE, who connects to him and his wife. He talks about the event and his approach on his Global Family Reunion website. Connections at WikiTree are generally only traced through common ancestors, but AJ is approaching this by considering connections made any way possible, so if you can be linked by a marriage, adoption, etc., tracing back and forth and all around, you are related.

All this means once we start tracing a line, we JUST KEEP TRACING! All the spouses, their families, their families' families. Everyone, just like you would if you were working on six degrees of separation.

If you like a little competition, we have an on-going game to race to make connections for some of our Notable Folks to AJ in our Connection Combat!



How to Join

To join the project, send a message to Abby Glann, the Project Co-Leader, so she can add the badge to your profile. You do not need to be a part of the Project here on WikiTree to go to AJ's Reunion on June 6, 2015, but we sure appreciate your help!

Then, you can jump right in, tracing your own family to connect with AJ and the existing WikiTree Global Family Tree, or you can work on any of the profiles listed on the category page! Most of the profiles on that page are open, so you can add to the profiles without being added as a trusted member (unless you would like to be).

Once you are a member, be sure to add the Global Reunion tag to your G2G feed for updates on what we need help with and updates about our progress .

If you have questions, just send Abby or Erin a message, and THANK YOU for your interest and help. Every little bit gets us one step closer to making one, giant world tree a reality!

Guide for Research

There are few things we suggest you do to participate in the project on WikiTree (if you want to go to the reunion itself, you can, whether you link to AJ or not. See more information on AJ's webpage):

  • If you do not already have a project badge, which shows everyone you are part of the GFR Project on WikiTree, contact Abby and let her know you'd like to be a part of the project.
  • Once you are a member, add the global_reunion tag to your following feed so you'll see G2G discussions, updates, and opportunities to help out as other members pass lines they cannot pursue on to others.
  • Visit our Google+ Community for weekly updates on progress, general news, and chatting with other members.
  • Check the Priority Connection Page and the GFR Category page to see the profiles where research has halted and you can help by picking one of those to start researching and connecting new lines. On that note, every time you reach a profile that you cannot pursue at the time but can be picked up by someone else and is within 10 degrees of AJ, put [[Category:Global_Family_Reunion]] in the bio section so it can be seen by others who may be able to. We have also added a list of notable people not already on WikiTree that can be added, researched, lines traced, and linked to the existing WikiTree at our sub-project page Notables
  • Put what you are working on on the list below so we aren't stepping on each others' toes.
  • If a profile strikes your fancy, but it is a private one, just send a message to the manager (most likely a project member) and we can have you added so you can work on it. If you have issues, let Abby know.
  • Keep all profiles as either Open - so anyone can jump in and help - or if the person is still alive (or might be) Private with Public Biography and Tree, so it can be easily referenced for others working on the same tree.
  • Active users can add this template to their profiles to show they are connected to AJ. If you know how many degrees you are from him, you can enter the number after the bar in the template. If not, you can just use the word "many".
  • For profiles that are for inactive or deceased profiles, you can use this template to show that the profile is part of the GFR and has been connected to AJ. We will go about adding the template to the profiles that have already been connected, but if you happen upon one, please add it. This is to show that who is connected, so should go on all profiles, so long as they are not active member profiles, and as long as the current profile managers are okay with it.
  • If you have a question or need help, please post a new question in G2G or in the Google+ community. Be sure to tag it with [global_reunion] so the project members see it and we can step in to help. Use whatever surname is appropriate, as well, as many community members at large can help, too.
  • This project is very important. Good research is very important. Give what time you can, even if it is only an hour or two a week. That little bit can accomplish a lot.
  • THANK YOU for volunteering. This project would be impossible without the incredible volunteers here at WikiTree!
  • If you come across fantastic profiles we can feature (and make sure you have the template with the steps to AJ on them!) in the Profile of the Week or submit to the This Day in History/WikiPick of the Day feature on the blog, put them under the appropriate heading on this page.
  • When you come across profiles that are part of what links one person to AJ on WikiTree, you can post this blanket statement on the profile bulletin board to invite them to check out our project, as well as AJ's reunion:
This profile happens to be connected to the WikiTree Global Family Tree, which also connects to AJ Jacobs. For more information on the Global Family Reunion, an event AJ is hosting June 6, 2015 for the entire world to show how we're all connected, see the Global Family Reunion project page. Be sure to invite your family and friends, too!
The Global Family Reunion Project


  • Our number one goal is to have everyone on WikiTree connected to the Global Family Reunion. That is A LOT of profiles. Luckily, all you need is one connection to connect a whole family line. We are currently at 65%. Chris created a list of unconnected profiles for us to use to connect the rest. It is here: Unconnected Profiles
  • Have all connected profiles well-sourced as possible and conforming to the WikiTree Style Standards
  • Include correct parents, spouse, and children, or mark the profile as having no children or spouse so that work can continue elsewhere.
  • Have appropriate categories listed in all Biography areas.

Members' Current Activity global_reunion.gif

  • This is a space to keep track of misc Fink Family related links, photos, leads, and such, until they can be linked to the family.

  • Abby Glann: Working on the Unconnected list, putting the GFR template on as many connected profiles as I can, and going through the category to remove/add the category as needed and keep things rolling in general.
  • Erin Breen: I'm ready to make connections for notable people, and every day folks! If you are still unconnected and would like some help finding your connection, send me a message.
  • Ron Norman: Open to requests for help in filling in twigs on branches. I have started by working on the Flug family and their siblings. Also the Sunstein siblings. The Bachmans, the Billigs, the Finks, and the Klees to name a few of the branches/twigs.
  • Toby: working on backfilling Harry Flug's descendants, and the spouses of his children, and their family connections. Will work on going down generations as other ancestors are revealed; I have no expertise in Russian or Polish ancestry.
  • Lianne Lavoie: I found my connection, so now I'm focusing on adding more sources all along that line, and branching out from it as I go. I especially want to grow the parts of the tree that are within Canada to make it easier for Canadians to connect to the tree.
  • Bob Fields: Leading the Notables subproject: Finding people who *should* be on WikiTree, adding those missing profiles, categorizing them properly, and connecting them to the rest of WT so people can see what other *famous* people they are connected to. Any/all assistance is most welcome.
  • Kyle: Well-versed in early American research, so can take on lines in that era/area when they are reached.
  • Heather: would like to help with the French Canadian connections, Seguin dit Laderoute and descendants. I also have a particular interest in Denmark and Danish research. Found my connection (another French Canadian / Deerfield massacre survivor Jean Chartier) so working on that in both directions: back to Simeon Harmon. Also connected via Queen Elizabeth II, working on connecting to our Creswicks Creswicke-4
  • Robin Kabrich constantly works on her multitudinous Pike ancestors and has adopted some that are on your list who turned out to be cousins. I'd be happy to look for the others!
  • Veronica Williams wanting to help with Australian and/or English research. Please let me know if you come up with profiles needing work in this area.
  • Eric Daly is working on Dickinson family lines (including Emily Elizabeth Dickinson)
  • Matt Pryber - working on the Kerstetter, Bierly, Barner, Glantz, Price and Coe Families George Abel from the list.
  • Chris Hoyt Bemis, Samuel W. and his ancestors. John Andrews [Andrews-420] and [Andrews-421]
  • Anne B is working on Rebecca (Turner) Mix and her family. I've gone back to the beginning. This is the first family I ever researched, 45 years ago. It's like visiting old friends.
  • Pat Hickin isn't doing any significant new research but is trying to clean up her messy source citations on her family database file on her computer.
  • Doug Lockwood - Just connected Kathy Lee Gifford to AJ (38 steps). Currently trying to connect Eric Clapton & George Harrison. Added sources confirming connection to Teddy & Franklin Roosevelt.

For what members are working on right now, click here for the badge activity feed.

See badge page for the full list of members.

Help Needed

The GFR Category page has the lines from Jacobs' family tree that need a volunteer to start researching.

If you're willing to work on a profile right now, move it by your name in the list above and remove the category from the bio section of the profile. You can always put it back on there when you have to set it aside or hit a brick wall and need someone else to take over.

We'd also love help connecting more Notables to AJ, so any of those folks and their families could use your attention.

If we can add more family to James Spaders' lines, we could probably attached even more folks, as many of AJ's connection come through him.


  • Rescued Memories has lost family photos and includes everything written about the photo with it. It may provide links in your search for connections.

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