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The New Netherland Settlers Project is a forum for WikiTreers interested in improving the profiles of early New Netherland settlers and their descendants. From Henry Hudson's 1609 voyage of exploration and past the end of Dutch rule with the Articles of Capitulation, August 27, 1664, to October 1674, when the Treaty of Westminster stipulated all Anglo-Dutch hostilities were to end, these families played a prominent role in colonial America and, as described in Wikipedia, "New Netherland culture characterized the region (today's Capital District, Hudson Valley, New York City, western Long Island and northern New Jersey) for two centuries."

Project Contacts

Michelle Hartley
  • New Netherland Settlers project leader.
Steven Mix
  • Project Coordinator

Important Search Tip

If you're searching for someone whose last name is in two parts, be sure to connect the parts with an underscore (_) in WikiTree person search.

  • Example: Jacob Van Meter finds no matches, but Jacob Van_Meter finds seven.


The New Netherland Settlers project admits three main groups:

1. immigrants who embarked for New Netherland no later than October 1674 from the United Provinces of the Netherlands, including Dutch colonies (regardless of where they were born), provided they settled in New Netherland upon arrival
2. immigrants born in the United Provinces of the Netherlands, including Dutch colonies, and embarked for New Netherland (regardless of port) no later than October 1674, provided they settled in New Netherland upon arrival
3. anyone born no later than October 1674 to a New Netherland settler

For project definitions (e.g., "immigrant" is someone not born in New Netherland) and additional information, see Criteria.

The project is intended to be as inclusive as possible, so that people with New Netherland ancestry have a forum where they can discuss issues related to that ancestry (such as naming conventions) and so that the project can protect profiles that need it. To that end, we have categories for descendants and ancestors (listed below), as well as an "Approval System" for reviewing potential duplicates and determining the best WikiTree ID for the person.

Project Box

WikiTree profiles of the early settlers of New Netherland should include the project box for this project (see Template:New Netherland Settler). To use it on a profile, just put the following text on the profile, above the biography:

{{New Netherland Settler}}

This displays the project box, which includes an image of the Old Dutch flag, and will also add [[Category:New_Netherland_Settlers]] to the profile, so you don't need to add the Category line if you're including the project box.

It's important to add either the Category line or the project box to profiles that belong in the New Netherland Settlers project so that they'll be included in the category page.

If you're not sure that a profile fits in this category, post a question to G2G from the profile page (click the "Ask Question..." button on the right-hand side of the profile, under the "Comments" section). Be sure to tag your question - new_netherland - so that it goes to project participants' G2G feed.

Project Categories

Each project has an associated Category page (such as Category:New_Netherland_Settlers). Projects frequently have subcategories as well. In addition to [[Category:New_Netherland_Settlers]] added to a profile page when the project box is added, the following are subcategories of this project (see the linked category page for more details):

  • [[Category: New Netherland Community 1674-1800]] - category page

Project Discussions

You can post comments and questions directly to G2G or from profiles, as described in a later section. Be sure to tag your post with new_netherland - otherwise it won't appear in the list of G2G messages that include the new_netherland tag or in your G2G feed (if you added new_netherland to your list of followed tags).

Project Protected Profiles

A “Project Protected Profile” (PPP) cannot be merged away, which means that duplicate profiles must be merged into the protected profile. Profiles protected under the New Netherland Settlers project include duplicate profiles being reviewed to prevent merging before the final WikiTree ID has been decided. After review, the selected profile is added to the NNS category and duplicates are merged into it. Check the list of selected profiles to see if a name has been decided upon.
The current process for review and decision of which name to use for a profile's WikiTree ID is described in the following "Approval System" section. Prior to that system's implementation in March 2014, we relied on G2G discussions (see the list on the project's Category page). Profiles decided upon before March 2014 are included in the current list of selected profiles, and the generalizations for certain family names remain as guidelines on this page (they follow after the "Approval System" section). See also the Quackenbush Bibliography, the only entry so far in a new section: One Name Studies, Bibliographies, and DNA.

Approval System

In March 2014, a rash of bad merges led to a rethinking of this process and a "Red-Pink-Orange-Green" approval system was developed (for using the system, see these instructions). See the category pages for category-specific details:
  • Orange category - New Netherland Merge Pending ("Do Not Merge" message and protection are removed from profile, as it is ready to be merged away), and
  • Green category - NNS (profiles selected to be the final WikiTree ID).

NOTE: It's important to agree on the surname and project protect the lowest-numbered WikiTree ID for that person with the agreed-upon spelling/styling BEFORE merging tons of duplicate profiles - and this project has tons of duplicates for just about everybody - then each duplicate should be merged directly into the project protected profile (PPP). (This is a technical issue - see "the redirect problem" for details and this G2G post for a great explanation.)
If you disagree with the styling/spelling of the ID used for any “Project Protected Profile,” please post to G2G using the profile’s “Ask Question about...” button (right-hand side of profiles, under “Comments” section). Be sure to tag the posting new_netherland as well as the current ID (without the number) and your preference (use an underscore for a space; capitalization does not matter in tags) – e.g., for Van_Meteren-8, your tags would be new_netherland, van_meteren, (your_preference)
If you find a lower number, for example, Van_Meteren-10 is a Project Protected Profile, but you find a duplicate profile with the ID Van_Meteren-9, please notify a Leader before proposing a merge so that the Project Protected status can be changed to the lower-numbered ID. (Currently, project members who are also Leaders are Kimball, Martyn, Michelle Hartley, Abby Glann, and Doug Lockwood, but any WikiTree Leader can do this.)

Du Bois & DuBois

In general, du Bois for ancestors who remained in France; DuBois (and eventually, Dubois) in America. See the G2G post about the guideline and the New Netherland Settlers Category page for a list of protected profiles that don't follow it.

Van Meteren & Van Meter

In general, in America, Van Meteren before 1700 and Van Meter or Van Mater after (the short-lived use of Vanmetre is the Van Meter branch).

Toers, Tuers, Turse

Toers is the way Arent Laurensen Toers spelled his name at that time(1653) according to the info I have. Variations such as Tuers & finally Turse started appearing in the 1700s and early 1800s. Tuers & Turse continue today. Their is a Closed Facebook Group for the Surnames Lockwood

Van Slyke

While in the Netherlands the name would be spelled Van Slyck or Van Slijck, based on the information contained in the book The Van Slyke Family in America, by Lorine McGinnis Schulze, Van Slyke has been chosen for Cornelis Antonissen, his son, several grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. (See the G2G discussion.)

Useful Pages

  • A Genealogy of the Duke-Shepherd-Van Metre Family, from Civil, Military, Church and Family Records and Documents.
  • - Russell Shorto's Island at the Center of the World (see this G2G post for description - Thanks Jeremy!)
  • Ships from Amsterdam to New Netherland

One Name Studies, Bibliographies, and DNA

One Name Studies
  • no one added yet

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  • images that may be of interest;
  • Old Dutch flag and port flags on Space: Migration to New Netherland (another page) - currently, we only have a flag for the port of Amsterdam.
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Related WikiTree Projects

Project: Huguenot Migration includes 1628-1690s migration wave to New Netherland.
G2G discussion tags for the Huguenot Migration project: huguenot.
If your immigrant ancestor was a Huguenot, add the {{Huguenot}} project box
  • (I think it looks better above {{NNS}}{{New Netherland Settler}} but below any Migrating Ancestor template, which should always be first).
Also see Space: Persecution of Huguenots - started by a New Netherland Settlers project member.

Useful Offline References

  • John B. Woodworth, "Van Meeteren Manuscript Genealogy," typescript, Waynesboro, Va., n.d.. Burlington Public Library.
If you're willing to do lookups in a reference you have, please post the reference and note that people can request a lookup (see also WikiTree's Genealogy Resource Exchange).



For a full list of participants, see the badge report.

Language Volunteers?

Language assistance is a new undertaking for WikiTree, stemming from a G2G discussion. Dutch speakers can add the Template to their profile. This will also add them to the Nl subcategory under Category:WikiTreers by Language.

If you're willing to offer Language assistance, let me know and I'll add the badge to your profile (see the Language badge report; Martyn Grifhorst on that list also has the Nl template on his profile, which means he's a "native speakers of Dutch"). Another person in that category, Ron Wopereis, volunteered to help with look-ups. Thanks Ron!

Less formally, Liz Shifflett can read French enough to get the gist, and Doug Hall has "a dictionary reading knowledge of German (acquired 30 years ago in college) if that will be helpful."

If no one's available, you can always try Google Translate (although it translates van Meteren to "of Thermometers").

Join Us!

To get involved in the New Netherland Settlers project, do the following:

  1. Ask Michelle Hartley to award you the New Netherland project badge - click here to send Michelle a private message.
  2. Add new_netherland to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all of our discussions in your G2G Feed.
  3. Add your name to the list below, along with a note about your area(s) of interest or what you're working on in this project right now.

Project Details

Beside your name below, please include information about yourself, what you're working on, and where your interests lie. This is both for your own reference and to aid collaboration amongst the project participants. Please also note if you'll be unavailable or inactive. Thanks!

  • Alison Andrus — I am a direct descendant of; Blanchan, Bords, Fockens, Hansen, Kunst, Louw, Meyer, Provoost, Roosevelt, Ten Broeck, Staats, Van Alcmaer, Van Alstyne, Van Borsum, Van Brugh, Van Buren, Van Cortlandt, Van Dam, Van Der Poel, Van Rensselaer and Verplanck.
  • Darlene Athey Hill — LUBBERTSEN, VAN DER GRIFT. My 11th great-grandfather was Frederick LUBBERTSEN (c 1609-1680), who immigrated c 1639 to New Amsterdam. My 10th great-grandfather was Jacob Leendertsen VAN DER GRIFT (1622-1697) who immigrated c 1644 to New Amsterdam.
  • Kimball G. Everingham — My New Netherland ancestor is Jacomyntje (Elting) Thompson, christened at Kingston, Ulster Co., N.Y. 27 Jul 1712, but raised in the Monocacy valley, Maryland. Her American ancestors include the surnames Slecht/Sleght, Bosh/Bos, Van Meteren, van den Oever, duBois and Blanchan. I do family history research professionally and bring over 40 years of experience to the project.
  • Scott Fulkerson — Currently working on the Dirck Volckertszen (de Noorman) and connected families, as well as researching the history of Nieuw Amsterdam and who the historically documented figures of this early settlement were and how they fit in genealogically. Also following my line both up and down to fill out the tree, from Dirck to the branch of Fulkersons travelling into New Jersey and then into Kentucky.
  • Abby Glann — Van Sickle/n and Courtright families, though I get sucked into collateral families frequently
  • Martyn Grifhorst — I'm currently working on mapping out the noble and royal families of Europe and establishing categorization for their Houses. I am Dutch living in the Netherlands and have family in the US - Holland MI area. Because of this I am especially interested in early Dutch settlers and emigration abroad in general. My contributions to this project will be to collate information on both sides of the Atlantic, assist with translations where possible and help people find ancestors in the Netherlands.
  • Michelle Hartley — Interested in Courtright, Westfall, Kool, Quick, Styntje Van Kuykendall, Tack.
  • Kathryn Hogan — Ryckman, Van Slyke and Quakenbos families of Schenectady, NY. I'm a professional genealogist specializing in Canadian genealogy. I've been researching my own family history for over 15 years. Currently, I am working on merging the many duplicate profiles in these lines, and adding sources to protected profiles.
  • Rob Hoyt — My wife's ancestry comes from upstate New York, from the early settler days right up to her parents. Damen, de Pre, Dumond, Masten, Ploeg, Van Akin
  • Barbara Johnson --I am a long-time genealogist, who only recently found I had Dutch ancestry. My great grandmother was Angeline Crumb, her grandparents were Benoni Crumb (Krom) and Sarah Van_Valkenburg. Other family names are Van_Schoonhoven, de la Montagne, Quick, de Hooges, Van_Vliet, Swartwout, Hendricksen, Spruyt. I am interested in verifying information and adding these families to my WikiTree. I have had my DNA done at 23andme and also transferred my raw data to FTDNA. I am looking forward to finding some new cousins!
  • Jeremy Kidd — Researching a complex web of New Netherlands ancestors, including Westfalls, Van Schoonhovens, Quicks, Kools, Van Vliets, and others. My goal is to trace my ancestors and other families as they settled Esopus (Kingston), then moved on to the Minisink (Port Jervis) area, and then Virginia. Many families seemed to have followed a similar path and I want to know their stories.
  • Kari Lemons — I became interested in the Van Mater Family while trying to find out who Ida Van Mater-Liming's parents were. While Ida is not in my direct lineage, I have been working on all the maternal lines of the Liming/Leming/Lemons men in my tree. Ida's 2nd Great Grandfather was Jan Gysbertsen Van Mater or as he spelled it "Van Matrn" on documents attributed to him as a magistrate. Jan (Van Mater-13) and his son Kreijn Janse (Van_Mater-3) were both the immigrant ancestors of this family, arriving together in 1663 to New Amsterdam. While much speculation has been made of whether Kreijn Van Mater and Joosten Van Mater are related, there has been no proof of a relationship. The only way to know at this point would be Y-DNA testing of a directly descended man from each family. Find and proving without a shadow of a doubt that each man is directly descended from both of the immigrants would be difficult, but could be 1 goal of this project.
  • Jeff Lewis — I am married to a Kentucky-born Van Meter who is an 11th generation descendant of Melchior Van Meteren (Van_Meteren-1) - or at least that's what the genealogy record says! I'm exploring multiple family lines, but have a keen interest in the multiple Van Meter lines spread out across America.
  • Doug Lockwood — Arent Laurensen Toers (Toers-4) is my 9th great maternal grandfather. He arrived in the new world around 1653. He had a very large family. The surname has morphed over the years from Toers to Tuers to Turse. My mother's maiden name is Turse. My research interest is to explore the many ancestral lines that descend from him. Some of the other names I am descended from are: Ackerman, Banta, Bogart, Blauvelt, Buys, Demarest, Duryea, Litchult, Lubbertson, Polhemus, Post, Quackenbosch, Seubring, Snedecker, Straut, Terhune, Tuenis , Van Horn, Van Meter, Van Rosenvelt/ Roosevelt, Vanderbeeck, Wortendyck & Wycoff.
  • J. McClary — Direct descendant of Louwerens, Schenck, Van Cleef/Van Cleave, Van Couwenhoven, Van Der Bilt - and more - mostly of Long Island and surrounding areas. I have a wealth of information to share with the community, and am always up for learning new things about my genealogical history.
  • Steven Mix (Project Coordinator) — I have multiple early Long Island ancestors, particularly the early settlers of Kings (Brooklyn, Flatbush, Flatlands) and Queens (Jamaica, Flushing), and then following those lines later as they migrated into New Jersey. My closest direct Long Island Dutch/Flemish/French ancestor surnames down to at least the mid 1700s are Bennett, Brinkerhoff, Lott, Stryker, Rapalje, Van Kirk, Onderdonk, Snedeker, Denyse, Cornell, Bogaert, Van Der Vliet, Bergen, Sebring, Duryea. And so then I am also connected to most of the remaining Long Island Dutch sunames through older ancestors directly, or by their close marriages, with a lot of information on Buys, Cortelyou, Cowenhoven, Covert, De Sille, Demarest, Dorlandt, Hegeman, Hendrickson, Hooglandt, Kip, Lefferts, Lubbertsen, Luyster, Monfoort, Nevius, Polhemus, Quick, Remsen, Reyniersen, Riker, Roome, Ryerson, Schenck, Schomp, Staats, Sutphin, Suydam, Terhune, Teunisson, Throckmorton, Van Arsdale, Van Brunt, Van Buren, Van Cleaf, Van Dervort, Van Doren, Van Duyn, Van Dyke, Van Horn, Van Houten, Van Nest, Van Nostrand, Van Nuys, Van Pelt, Van Voorhees, Van Wyck, Vandergrift, Vanderbeek, Vanderbilt, VanDerveer, Wyckoff. I have an extensive desktop database which I compiled decades ago, and that I use to check against the WikiTree Long Island lines, to complete the missing interconnecions. See Cool-66 for a bit of settlement timeline history of New Netherland.
  • Ron Norman — My interests involve my Schamp/Des Champ line that involves a marriage into the Dircks/Volckertszen/Vigne family that settled Boswijck/Bushwick.
  • Carrie Quackenbush — My current interest is in the Quackenbush family in America, starting in Beverwijck, and sorting the wheat from the chaff in what is traditionally known about the family, and finding sources for everything we can possibly know. Bedankt!
  • John Schmeeckle — My "gateway" to Dutch ancestry is Jane Hibbets (1829-1900), whose mother Susanna Hoagland was born into a family of pioneer Indian fighters in Virginia and Ohio. Jane's paternal grandmother was a Van Schaick from Monmouth County, New Jersey. Other surnames include Bloetgoet, Bergen, and Rapalje.
  • Liz Shifflett — My "first found" New Netherland immigrant ancestor was Jan Joosten (his great-great-granddaughter Ruth is my 5x-great-grandmother). Then I found that one of his descendants married into the du Bois family. Immigrant Louis Du Bois, a Huguenot, brought his family to New Netherland in 1660, so he's also included in WikiTree's Huguenot Migration project.


  • Ellen Smith — I have roughly 9 generations of family history (one grandfather and his ancestry) in the Hudson Valley, including quite a few New Netherland settlers. Surnames of my known or inferred New Netherland settler ancestors include Adams, Coeymans, Conyn/Konyn, Cool/Kool, Damen, De Vos, Duncanson, Lansing, Loockermans, Ostrander, Rinckhout, Schermerhorn, Tack, Ten Eyck, Terpening, Traphagen, Van Aelsteyn, Van Aken, Van Alen, Van Bommel, Van Buren, Van Egmont, Van Kuykendall, Van Ness, Van Slyck, Van Vechten, Van Woert, Viele, Westphal/Westfall, Winne, and Ysselsteyn.
  • Michael Stills — My interests in this project are through my Maternal ancestors of Wyckoff, Van Ness, Monfoort, De Planken, Schenck, Brockhurst, Van Vorhees, Gulick, Van Pelt, Van Sycklyn, Van Salee, and Jans. My key ancestor is Joachim Wycoff b. 1749 in New Jersey. It is him and my Maternal line that I am connected to these New Netherland ancestors. And my Paternal ancestors of Harty (Hartje), Moll, Miggielse, van Couwenhoven, Vreeland, and possible others.
  • Rodney Timbrook — My interests involve several families from the New Amsterdam/New York and New Jersey area, including the ten Broeck/Tenbroeck/Tenbrook/Timbrook families, the Montanye families, the Slecht families, and the Lane families. My ultimate goals or holy grail is to tie my 4th great grandfather (John Timbrook, b. 1766 in New Jersey) into the Ten Broeck family (his parents are not currently known).
  • John Turner — I have several ancestors who settled in New Amsterdam including Steven Coert Van Voorhees, Joannes Nevius, and Hendrick Rycken. Other Dutch family names include Scheneck, Wyckoff, Laenen, and Van Pelt.
  • Philip van der Walt — I was born and bred in South-Africa, a product one might say of the 400 year old legacy of the Dutch East India Company (Dutch: Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie, VOC). I am descended from a long line of Polish, English, Slave, Huguenot, Dutch, Frisian German and Scandinavian ancestors. Speaking fluent Afrikaans, English, and after 30 years of living in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) also fluent in Dutch, with some knowledge of Frisian, German, French and even Spanish. My expertise lies in knowing and still learning how the different Dutch and Huguenot spellings differ and evolved over time in different locations. For example the different spelling of surnames in South-Africa (Cape Colony when it was still a Dutch colony and not English) compared to the USA (New-Amsterdam and the surrounding Dutch and English settlements) and the socio-geopolitical dynamics that caused this morphing of (sur)names. I am not a linguistic expert though.
  • Jess Wallace — My primary interests are with the descendents of Peter Cornelius Louw and Elizabeth Blanchan.
  • Timothy Wilder — Descended from multiple New Netherland families, I have entered mainly Van Bunschoten, Staets/Staats and De Hooges.
  • G Gaffin — Descended from a number of New Netherlands families. Interested primarily in the Outwaters/van Oudewaters (my great-great grandmother was an Outwater) and van Bussums/van Borsums.
  • M Hammond — I am currently an active greeter, and I am an experienced genealogist. My interest lies in the Wheeler family of Dutchess and Columbian Counties of NY. I am retired. I love History and genealogy brings history alive.
  • Join us!

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