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Welcome to the One Name Studies Project!

The purpose of this project is to coordinate WikiTreers who are working on one name studies, and to provide a research resource for members who are trying to find their family history.

Project members are active researchers into one, or more, family names and their variants. Their research may be limited to one family group where alternative spellings are a problem, they may be researching a specific line of ancestors or collecting all references to a name and its variants to prove connections and theories about relationships.

Members are expected to maintain a category page detailing the name study and profiles included in their research. Additionally they may use Free-Space Profiles for research notes, sources and collaboration. Each name study should have at least one coordinator to handle interactions with other WikiTree members. It is an important part of WikiTree that we are creating a collaborative worldwide family tree and coordinators should work with other members to enable them to link their branches correctly.

If you are a WikiTree member and want to see if any of the One Name Studies connect with your branches or twigs check the list below and follow the links to see which names have been researched. If you think there is a connection either contact the profile manager or the study coordinator to start collaborating.


List of One Name Studies on WikiTree

Applegate - Study coordinator James

Barnum Barnum/Barnham worldwide - all periods - Study coordinator Patrick Barnum

Bowes worldwide - all periods - Study coordinator Martha Bowes

Brodie Worldwide - All periods - Study Coordinator Robert Brodie

Cascio Corleone, Sicily - all periods - Study coordinator Justin Cascio

Cooper Cooper, Cowper, Kooper - Study coordinator Kitty Cooper-1 Smith

Fairbairn worldwide - all periods - Study coordinator Lorna Henderson

Franklin worldwide - all periods - Study coordinator Lisa R. Franklin

Geleick Worldwide all proven variants - Study Coordinator Rhian Geleick

Gerard Any variants - Study coordinator Michelle Hartley

Grist 1500-present - Lacock, Wiltshire to N.E. England - Study coordinator Rhian Geleick

Hoolihan Hoolihan and variants - Study coordinator Leigh Hoolihan

Hoy Hoy and variants - Study coordinator Nancy Hoy

Jackson - Limited to the area of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire - Study coordinator Lianne Lavoie

Kemp Worldwide, Any variants & DNA Study - Study coordinator Andrew Kemp

Keniston Colonial America, Pre-Colonial England - Study Coordinator Robert Keniston

Lambert originally middle Tennessee and southern Illinois, adding Virginia - Study coordinator Nan Lambert

Lockwood worldwide - all periods - Study coordinator Douglas Lockwood

Mauldin - Mauldin, Maulden, Maulding, Malden and all variants. DNA and name study Study coordinator Nancy Hoy

Melrose DNA & Name Study Worldwide DNA and One Name Study - Study coordinator Rhonda Lucas

Merritt - Study coordinator Kristin Merritt

Murch - worldwide - all periods - Study coordinator Ros Haywood

Nash - worldwide; Nash profiles only at WikiTree - Study coordinator Maggie N

Runciman worldwide - all periods - Study coordinator Lorna Henderson

Schiffhauer worldwide - all periods - Study coordinator Douglas Lockwood

Smith, Smyth, Schmidt - Study coordinator Kitty Smith

Stermenszky - Study coordinator Maggie N.

Templeton DNA - study of Templeton's with DNA links - Study Cordinator Jack Templeton

Tilliduff worldwide - all periods - Study coordinator Christine Searle

Wharton worldwide - variants of Warton - Study coordinator Julia Wharton

Widdicks Worldwide and all variants - Study coordinator Michele Bergin

Marx Worldwide and all variants - Study coordinator Marlene Marx

Wood Worldwide and all variants - Study coordinator Rodney Wood

Warthen Worldwide and all variants - Study coordinator Rob Warthen

Participants one_name_studies.gif

The leader of this projects is Douglas Lockwood.

If you would like to start a One Name Study on wikitree, or join with an existing study as collaborator then please do the following:

  1. Add one_name_studies to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all our discussions in your G2G Feed.
  2. Ask Doug to award you the One Name Studies Project Member badge.
  3. Add categories to your researched profiles, see the instructions below.
  4. Add your name to the list below, along with a note about what names you're researching on in this project right now. This is both for your own reference, and to aid collaboration amongst the project participants. If you are going to be temporarily inactive in the project (e.g. on vacation), please note that here. Thanks!

Categories for One Name Studies

There is now (14 January 2014) an easier way to create one name studies. From the My WikiTree menu Surnames find the create a name study or DNA project, fill in the form, adding up to 3 variants remove the DNA line if you are not doing a DNA study, click the create button and the category is created and a free space page, every profile in your study can now have the [[Category:XXX_Name_Study]] added to the Bio text box and will show up on your one name study page.

Manual method of creating a study.
Add a category to one of your name study profiles, something like [[Category:XXX_Name_Study]] using the main name of your study in place of XXX. After saving, the profile will show a link, at the top of the Biography section, to your study page, follow the link and on the page that opens and add the one name study category with [[Category:One Name Studies]], you can also add a description of your study. Every profile in your study can now have the [[Category:XXX_Name_Study]] added and will show up on your one name study page.
You can also create a Free Space page to store research documents, pictures etc.and link that to your study page with the category link [[Category:XXX_Name_Study]]. See the Free Space help page for details about creating a Free-Space Profile.

Once you have a One Name Study category set up you can add the link to it in the list above, together with a brief description and a link to the study coordinators profile, usually yourself.

Useful Resources

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