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Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration Project!

Arrival of Winthrop's Company in Boston Harbor (1630) by William Formby Halsall (painted ca. 1880)

The purpose of the Puritan Great Migration Project is to improve profile pages and research of up to 40,000 early New England colonists—both Puritans and non-Puritans—who arrived during the period of the Great Migration generally associated with the Puritans, between 1621 and 1640. For those who came over in 1620 on the Mayflower, please see the Mayflower Project.

There are several other historically-significant Great Migrations. Although this one wasn't exclusively comprised of Puritans, and many emigrants in fact experienced religious conflict with the Puritans, the migration period is widely known by this name to differentiate it from others.

If you'd like to help WikiTree improve these profiles, please consider joining us!


Joining the PGM Project

PGM project members actively work on the research and improvement of project profiles, following the Project Guidelines and collaborating with fellow PGM team members.

As much of this requires familiarity with researching sources, editing and/or merging profiles, and making notations in proper Wiki format styles, we suggest that before opting to join the PGM project, that all volunteers become familiar with the ins and outs of WikiTree.

Here are some examples of profiles that have been researched and sourced.

How to join

  1. Successfully complete the Pre-1700 Quiz.
  2. Review the Project Guidelines.
  3. Add pgm to your list of followed tags on G2G.
  4. Send a private message to the project leaders requesting to join the project.

What members do

  • Add sources! Add footnotes!
  • Merge duplicates: propose merges, and respond to merge requests that you receive
  • Correct profile data; thoughtfully handle disputed, unproven, and disproven facts; and request project protection if needed
  • Improve biographies
  • Add the {{PGM}} template where appropriate
  • Respond to requests on G2G

What members are doing

See the PGM badge list for our current list of members, and Puritan Great Migration Current Member Projects for the projects we are working on. You might find a new cousin!

Editing Pre-1700 and Project Protected Profiles

If you have encountered a profile that is protected by the PGM Project, or a pre-1700 profile that is related to the Puritan Great Migration, you are not required to join the project to edit the profile, but we do ask you to collaborate with us on your proposed changes. We will be happy to work with you!

In particular, we are interested in making sure profiles are consistent with our project's approved sources, and we will ask you to complete the Pre-1700 Quiz.

There is a lot of unproven, speculative, and just plain wrong information out there about New England immigrants. In the 19th century, standards of genealogical proof were more relaxed than today, and dubious links to specific families and locations in England were often based on nothing more than a similar-sounding name. Please don't take it personally when we ask for additional verification, or point you to an article where a cherished family claim was disproved!

Project Guidelines

Which profiles are covered by the PGM Project?

The {{PGM}} template is used to mark European colonists who migrated to New England during the period 1621-1640, meaning there is evidence they resided in New England prior to 1640 and evidence they originated elsewhere.

Profiles of related persons (parents, siblings, spouses, children) who remained in Europe or who were born in New England do not fall under the PGM Project and do not get the template, but you may still find PGM team members involved in improving them.

Approved sources

Our primary source of information for PGM profiles is the Great Migration series by Robert Charles Anderson. We follow Anderson's conclusions unless there is more recent published research that corrects or adds to his. This includes his omissions: information which Anderson chose not to include, especially if it was available to him at the time, we consider unproven at best.

Please see the Project Sources page for details on the Anderson series as well as other helpful books, journals, websites, and resources.

Profile editing standards

  • Treat other WikiTree users with courtesy, especially when dealing with questionable or inaccurate information.
  • Add sources!
  • Ensure that all profile data, including dates, locations, spelling of LNABs and surnames, and relationships follows Anderson or a more recent approved source. When in doubt, discuss on G2G.
  • Move disputed information out of official profile data fields into a separate section of the biography.

See Puritan Great Migration Editing Guidance for more detailed guidance and examples.

Project Leaders

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