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The purpose of the Puritan Great Migration Project is to improve profile pages and research of early New England colonists who started arriving after the Mayflower and form the 20-40,000 settlers who arrived as part of the "Great Migration" generally associated with the Puritans between 1621 and 1640 (some say 1650). It includes both Puritans and non-Puritans, with the exception of those who came over in 1620 on the Mayflower, which has its own project.


Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration WikiProject!

If you'd like to help Wikitree improve these profiles, please consider joining the project and do the following:

  1. Successfully complete the Pre-1700 Quiz.
  2. Add PGM to your list of followed tags. That way you'll see all our discussions in your G2G Feed.
  3. Send a private message to Jillaine Smith, requesting to join the project.
  4. Add your name to the Participant list below, along with a note about what you're working on in this project right now. (Be sure to update it periodically.)
NOTE: Project members who have been inactive on wikitree for 6 months or more will lose their project badge. You can always get it back when you return to "active duty" on Wikitree.

The current co-leaders of this project are:

What PGM Project Members Do

Our primary goal is to improve the profiles of people who emigrated from England to New England between 1620 and 1640. This can include a number of specific activities:

  1. Add the {{pgm}} template at the top of the narrative box of such profiles. This template is only for those who EMIGRATED, not for their descendants. Exception: Mayflower Passengers have their own project and template.
    1. See Template:Puritan Great Migration for the different ways you can modify this template.
  2. Follow PGM-related discussions on G2G. Add pgm to the G2G tags you follow.
  3. If you're posting a message to G2G about a PGM profile, add the tag pgm to your message (in the "tags" box)
  4. Merge duplicates. On a given profile page of a PGM person, click Search and see if there are any dupes. Propose merges. Respond to merge requests that you receive. Where you can, complete the merge. Clean up the resulting merged narrative. See Narrative clean-up guidance below.
  5. Add sources. Many profiles still have either no sources or really poor sources. Find and add better ones. Learn how to use the <ref>...</ref>...<references /> tags to insert in-line footnotes/citations to a profile.
  6. Those of us working from Anderson's Great Migration series are typically de-duping the immigrating ancestor, his spouse, his children (sometimes), and anyone "up the line" (parents, grandparents, etc.). We need help merging duplicate profiles "down the line" (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc...)


  • Our main source of information for PGM profiles is Robert Charles Anderson's Great Migration series. When there is a conflict about facts on a given profile page, including Last Name at Birth, we follow Anderson's conclusions (and spelling of last name) unless there has been more recently published research that corrects or adds to Anderson.
    • Please do NOT transcribe onto profiles the full text of Anderson's profiles. The GM series is copyrighted; copy/pasting is therefore a copyright violation.
  • Sources. Please read this page for a range of sources that the project is using to support our efforts.
  • Narrative clean-up. Recognizing that not all members of this project have the same level of interest or availability, the following are guidelines, not requirements. The ultimate goal is to have a profile that is easily readable, devoid of duplicative data and useless information (such as REF ID numbers generated by uploaded GEDCOMs), and conveys a brief chronological history of the individual. Suggested subheaders include:
    • Disputed Origins (or Relations). Open with this when there is significant difference of opinion about parentage or spouses. Describe the problem and link to disproven or unproven links. Here's an example. Note the section also includes a link to a related G2G question-- another good practice for discussing such disputes. IMPORTANT: It is the policy of the Puritan Great Migration project (which follows, until better evidence is revealed, the conclusions reached in Robert Charles Anderson's Great Migration series) to:
      • Add a "Disputed Origins" section at the top of the profile. In this section, briefly summarize the problem, and include links to the disputed parents in this section.
      • Detach the disputed parents from the profile itself (as parents)
      • Ditto with disputed spouses.
    • Biography. Typically organized in a chronological manner, this section describes the life of the person.
      • If you find "copy/pastes" of multiple paragraphs of text-- whether it's from copyrighted work (like Anderson's Great Migration series), or even public-domain text (such as late 19th century genealogies freely available via Google docs or some other online archive)-- please replace such text with a summary of key points and LINK to the source where you can. Short quotes are okay-- and be sure to add a citation, referencing the original.
    • Last Will & Testament. Because such documents often include very important family-relationship information, please include where available. It is not necessary to transcribe the entire text of a will; simply highlight the particulars. Here's an example.
    • Sources. Formatted like this:
== Sources ==
<references />
See also:
  • [list here any general sources not included in any inline footnotes.
    • Acknowledgements. We follow the style guide on Acknowledgements. We do not acknowledge uploaders of duplicate profiles that add no information to the profile or include no sources. We do not retain a list of GEDCOM uploads. This information is tracked under the Changes tab.


See the badge report for the full list of current participants.

Beside your name below, please keep track of what you're currently working on for this project. This is both for your own reference, and to aid collaboration amongst the project participants. If you are going to be temporarily inactive in the project (eg. on vacation), please note that here. Thanks!

  • Melissa Wood (Mull-120)-I am researching my ancestors and it seems to have brought me here and I feel I have contributions I can make. But also just love finding out where everyone came from and to hear their stories from the past
  • AnneB I created a category for the signers of the New Haven Fundamental Agreement. I've been assigning this category, merging dups and writing bios. Most of them are also PGM. I love it when I can get double duty for one effort.
  • Cynthia Billups Working on the Reed/Read/Reade families (major confusion after some "unfortunate" merges) and skeletonizing any/all PGM biographies using Anderson
  • Tom Bredehoft - My primary interest is the Pettibone Family. I expect to be active on merging duplicates and cleaning up profiles.
  • Chandler Hoyt MA and other PGM I am always searching my trees.
  • Kyle Dane - Dane, Thacher, Sherman and Pond first, then any related families (which could be all of them).
  • April Dauenhauer - Began with Editha Stebbins-304 and related settlers of Springfield etc. May 10 - UPDATE: colonial immigrants from Magna Carta Ancestors by Douglas Richardson, using his list.
  • Robert Elmore Wanting to tie Edward Elmer (elmer-195) to his English roots a bit better.
  • Eowyn - I'll work on adding the template to profiles in the Puritan category. (Done through Edward Culver (8/1/13)
  • Kimball G. Everingham - I plan to use Anderson's Great Migration series to update (or at least review) the following profiles: William Bartholomew 1634; William Beardsley 1635; Thomas Bracy 1634; Jehu Burr 1630; Francis Bushnell 1635; Henry Coggan 1634; James Downing 1631; Nathaniel Foote 1634; Richard Harvey 1635; Thomas Hazard 1635; Thomas Joslin 1635; Nicholas Knapp 1630; Robert Lord 1635; Matthew Marvin 1635; Thomas Mayhew 1632; John Niles 1634; James Olmstead 1632; Thomas Page 1635; Robert Pease 1634; Ralph Shepard 1635; Timothy Stanley 1634; William Sumner 1635; William Swift 1634; John Warham 1630; Thomas Welles 1635; Joshua Wheat 1635; John Whitcomb 1635; Samuel Whitehead 1634. I'm actively working on those in italics.
  • A Fabry New London, Connecticut. Primarily the Welsh Group. Coit; Calkins; Brewster; Gardiner; Douglas; Chandler.
  • Michael Foos - I am tracing my ancestors in the family lines of Lippincott, Elkington and Ballinger.
  • M. Gaulden, Mags - I am descended from the Lord line which settled in MA, CT, SC, and GA, in that order. (They split from Church's, founded new ones and moved on). As I continue to add my line, I will add the template to my Puritans as well as source information (most have already been added). I am also looking for PGM questions in G2G.
  • Tom Green -finding ancestors other than Adams (George), Watertown, Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • Abby Glann -
  • Kellie Griffith -
  • Bob Hall - Primary concern is my mothers Larrabee Ancestors, court records of Colony of Connecticut, abt. 1637-47, and their related their families; Nims, Bennett, Aldrich, Ballou, Wheaton, Tenney, etc. Also, Mayflower Ancestor: Francis Cooke. My fathers lines, Wilcox, Fish, Sherman, Dodge, Keyton, Harrington, Aldrich, Snow, Rathbun, etc.
  • Cheryl M Hammond - Master class in yak shaving. Descended from Thomas Blodgett, Thomas Goble, Kenelm Winslow, and others.
  • Darlene Athey Hill - Will focus on the Nantucket families.
  • Chris Hoyt Direct descendant of Dolar Davis MA: Nathaniel Mowry RI: Gregory Dexter RI; John Hoyt MA/NH and by marriages, so many other early New England families. Primary focus is on these and their collateral lines and adding source information where I can.
  • Bob Jewett - Primarily work on Maximilian Jewett and his brother Joseph Jewett. Also those folks that came with them in 1638 on the ship John of London with Ezekiel Rogers ... see the Rogers profile for the passenger list.
  • Robert Keniston - I'll be working on my early New England ancestors - Harrington, Cutter, Bemis, Lock(e), Cutler.
  • Michael Alan Lewis - lineal male descendant of Edmond Lewes (Ipswich, England, 1634), searching for ancestors in England
  • Renee Malloy - Hoar - Chase - Tuttle families. Hingham families. [Green-11245] Adams and Colburn Families
  • Bryan McCullagh - Immigrants George Allen, Hugh Calkins, Thomas Clarke, John Peckham, Tobias Saunders, Hugh Roberts, Joseph Holloway, Peter Worden, Rev. Joseph Hull, Hadsell, Bateman, Richmond, Perry
  • Daniel Nordlund - Primarily interested in the ancestors and descendents of Thomas Millett and his wife Mary Greenaway.
  • Merry Ann Palmer -
  • Michael Palmer - concerned mostly with the families who ended up in Southwest Connecticut.
  • Carole Partridge - Scattered now: Brainerd, Crews, Graves, Partridge, Wight; Connecticut valley of Massachusetts; Smithtown area of Long Island.
  • Matt Pryber Descended from the Coe, Carman family
  • Larry Ridgley - Primary lines: Brockett, Inman, Pierce
  • Toby Rockwell -
  • Lynden Raber Rodriguez - I have found so many of my ancestors amongst the PGM I decided to join this project. I love categorizing those profiles I encounter.
  • Kelley Rosenbach - Lewis; Paddock; Woodbery; Spencer; Mitchell; Wormwood; Farrington
  • John Schmeeckle - Jenney, Pope, Burgess, Allen (Plymouth); Peckham and Weaver (Rhode Island); Strong and Clark (Conn.) As PGM profiles are brought to my notice, I research dubious "gateway ancestors" with questionable lineages from royalty and Magna Carta barons.
  • Linda Schreiber -
  • Laura Lee Scott - I am currently working on Timothy Hatherley. I have Doty, Hatch, Sherman, Bridge and Danforth in my ancestry. I enjoy working on the collateral families.
  • Margaret Simons -
  • Ellen Smith - Intermittent activity only. I have many PGM ancestral lines.
  • Jillaine Smith - Anderson's Great Migration Begins; through the L's (Sept 2014)
  • Kitty Smith -
  • Michael Spencer - I am interested in the Spencer family and the social and family interconnections throughout the western expansion until about 1880. I am working on the Haddam, CT Founders families, currently on the Cone family (Mehitable Spencer m. Daniel Cone 1661).
  • Becky Syphers - Localities: Hartford and Windsor, Connecticut, Essex, Hamden, and Hampshire, Massachusetts. I also work on "Pilgrim" lines - mostly Plymouth and Barnstable Counties, Massachusetts, most of whom are in the Mayflower Project.
  • Michael Thomas - Following maternal lineage for the following ancestors: Henry Travis (c1611-1648); John Pers or Pierce (1588-1661); Stephen Streeter (1600-1652); Henry Adams (1583-1646); William Peter Towne (1599-1685); John Bridge (1576-1665); Deacon Edward Rice (1594-1663); Thomas Frost (1616-1639); John Moor (1601-1674); James Phipps (c1606-c1660); and Christopher Brewer (1586-1633). I have now found many other families to follow now that I have compared the PGM list with my database.
  • Daniel Thompson -
  • Vic Watt -
  • Kay Wilson - Thomas Smith (1634-1724) & Elizabeth Patterson
  • Rodney Wood - help format Bio and Sources and merging of duplicate profile pages (especially the Perkins Family)
  • Joan Kelly - Continuing work on the Gilberts of Taunton, MA.
  • GeneJ--Working on Allen, Bachiler, Sanborn, Woodbury, Raymond, Leach and to support others trying to sort out profiles of sometimes long confused immigrant families. See also Stephen^1 Post.
  • Pat Hickin - Elizabeth Fones (1610-c1668 & William Hallett (1616-1709) Edited biography of Elizabeth's first husband, Henry Winthrop. Winthrop-13 and her brother-in-law John Winthrop the Younger Winthrop-14
  • Robert Jefferson Stiles - My primary study is on the descendants of the Stiles founders of Windsor, CT in 1634-5
  • Judith Harjung Waldert - Studying the descendants of Samuel Wilbore [1]. Also searching for connections in the Caswell family of the same time.
  • Loretta Black Black - 1271 Studing the FLETCHER genealogy.
  • Isara Chellis Argent Currently looking at the list of founders of Amesbury, MA
  • Sparkman-319 I Daniel Sparkman Got here via the Stone ancestors. Working on them, and whomever is affiliated with them and the Howard family of Rhode Island & Massachusetts
  • Brenna Ewing I am logging in the contents of my cousin Linda Phillip Spearman's genealogy Turner - Howe & Related Families which includes a section researched by her grandfather and my great uncle, Malcolm Stuart Howe. I would like to research some of the lines that dead-end in her book. I am finding some of those lost connections here, wonderful!
  • J. Salsbery I just noticed that my 9th great-grandfather Adam Mott is not in the PGM Project as he should be. I have many PGM ancesters and I am working on improving their profiles.
  • Wayne Haight Always looking at and filling in holes in Hoyt/Haight trees

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