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Location: Annandale, Scotlandmap

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This is a central page for organizing genealogy related to ADAMS families and information about individuals, places, and things named Adams.

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Alternate Spellings

Adams families can also be Adam, Adamson, Adamsone, Adamessone, Adames, Adie, Adami, Adamini, or Adcocks.

Origins of the Surname

The origins are in Annandale, Scotland in the 13th century.

The meaning: Patronymic of the Hebrew personal name of Adam, which may be from the Hebrew adama for "earth."

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Census Records

In the 2000 U.S. Census, Adams is ranked as the 39th most common surname with 413,086 individual entries.

Prominent Adams Family Trees

  • Descended from Henry Adams, English settler of Braintree, MS

Adams on WikiTree

There are many famillies and individuals named Adams on WikiTree. Here is the Adams Index.

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