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This is a central page for organizing genealogy related to Lindbergh families and information about individuals, places, and things named Lindbergh.

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Origins of the Surname


Famous Lindberghs

  • Charles Lindbergh (1902-1974): Besides being world famous for aviation, Charles was an ardent conservationist championing the rights of lands, animals, indigenous peoples like the Tasaday tribal group of the Philippines. He worked to protect the humpback and blue whales. He helped to protect the eagle in the Philippines. Charles saw the need to balance modern technology with nature. He wrote material on the subject for years. Also in the 1930s he worked with another individual to design a functioning pump that could sustain organs from outside the body.

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On August 8, 2009 C-G Magnusson wrote:

Lindberg (or alternative spelling Lindbergh) I assume is of swedish origin, Lind (lime tree) and berg (mountain).

Today there are 27344 people using this surname in Sweden. The alteranative spelling Lindbergh is used by only 144 persons. This according to Statistics Sweden (

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