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This is a central page for organizing genealogy related to Perky families and information about individuals, places, and things named Perky.

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Famous and Creative Perkys

  • Henry Drushel Perky (1843-1906) developed a machine for making a solid wheat product, what Henry called "little whole wheat mattresses." Those wheat biscuits became known as shredded wheat.

Towns Named Perky

Perky, Florida. The town of Perky in the lower Florida Keys was officially established in 1929 in Monroe County with its own post office. Richter Perky, the wealthiest private landowner in the Florida Keys, brought a power plant, water towers and telephone service to this isolated outpost, near Sugarloaf Key. With the 1938 opening of the Florida Keys Overseas Highway, the Perky Lodge was created as a luxury fishing resort. A year later, Richter Perky died and the town of Perky was abandoned.

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