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Enter two WikiTree IDs to find their closest connection on the global family tree. This includes connections through marriage. To see if two or more people share a direct ancestor check the Relationship Finder.   more information Help

Kevin Bacon 9,283,292 people are connected within 100 degrees of Kevin Bacon (Bacon-2568), the amusingly ubiquitous actor. Check your connection.
Michael Phelps 9,088,454 people are connected to Olympic gold mega-medalist Michael Phelps (Phelps-2708), feature of this month's Connection Combat game. Check your connection.
Queen Elizabeth II 9,289,103 people are connected to Queen Elizabeth II (Windsor-1), queen of England and the Commonwealth realms. Check your connection.
AJ Jacobs 9,289,103 people are connected to A.J. Jacobs (Jacobs-2987), organizer of the Global Family Reunion. Check your connection.