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Profile of the Week Profile Image Profile of the Week: Poet and playwright T.S. Eliot (1888-1965).

Profile of the Week Profile Image Last week: Dennis Wilson, co-founder of The Beach Boys (1944-1983).   [more examples of profiles]

Photo of the Week

Photo of the Week: Anna Jean (Yohn) Truman and Emma Martha Truman. [more family history photos]

Member of the Week profile image Member of the Week: Walter Howe is a dedicated researcher of the Howe surname and participates as a WikiTree Ranger, Data Doctor and Connector. "One thing I enjoy doing on WikiTree is finding a newly entered, unconnected Howe and then researching and linking the person to the greater tree."

Member of the Week profile image Last week: Mags Gaulden is a leading member of WikiTree's DNA Project. "I LOVE WikiTree's DNA features! WikiTree does things with DNA that no other genealogy site does, we combine community, collaboration and we do DNA the 'backwards' right way. We post DNA testers to the ancestors' profiles!"   [more members & member quotes]

"It's been wonderful to experience how collaborative genealogy in WikiTree makes all of us better genealogists. Collaboration on our shared ancestors encourages us to share information and to hold each other to high standards." Ellen Smith
member since 2014