Safety Tips

Identity Theft through "Phishing"

Phishing is an scam used to commit identity theft. A fake official-looking e-mail is sent in an attempt to get you to give the scammer sensitive information. There may also be viruses attached to the e-mail. Be aware that we never ask for usernames or passwords in e-mail. One way to avoid phishing in some e-mail software is to hover over a link and confirm that the URL starts with before you click on it.

If you receive e-mail that appears to come from us but is suspicious, please contact us immediately at info-at-interesting-dot-com (remove the hyphens and convert "at" to "@" and "dot" to ".").

Tips for Parents

Active members of WikiTree must be at least 13 years old. Members must not misrepresent their age or the ages of others on the website and we will terminate the memberships of anyone suspected of misrepresenting their age. If you suspect your child or someone else of misrepresentation please notify us immediately.

There may be Personally Identifiable Information about children under 13 that has been entered by others, usually by their family members. Please remove this or let us know and we will remove it.

We recommend that you talk to your teenage children about usage of this site. Explain to your child not to post anything that could enable unwanted individuals with access to their profile to find them, that could otherwise expose them to danger or that could embarrass them. Review your child's account settings with them to help them choose the appropriate restrictions.

If you or your child encounters inappropriate behavior please report it immediately.

To remove your child's membership or information, to report any problem, or to ask us any other question, contact us at info-at-interesting-dot-com (remove hyphens and change "at" and "dot" to @ and a period) with any questions or issues related to this policy.

For more information we encourage you to visit and review these resources: