WikiTree: For Genealogists and their Family Members

"I've used other services including,, etc. but none were as easy and accessible for sharing and collaboration."— Jay Byrne

First  For Genealogists

If nobody has thanked you for it lately, let us. Thank you. You rock. You've honored the memory of those who have come before you and done a service for those who will come after you.

WikiTree is a way for you to leverage the work you've done and share it with others. For free.

  • Pool your research with other genealogists.
  • Make it easy for family members to enjoy the fruits of your labors, and to add their own tidbits, memories, photos, and comments.
  • Create awesome "cousin bait". Some genealogists consider WikiTree the best way to attract distant cousins.
  • Help ensure your valuable research won't be lost.
  • Download a GEDCOM at any time for safekeeping or to upload elsewhere.

Most importantly, WikiTree is a way for you to collaborate with other genealogists on a grand mission: to connect the human family on one tree that's free and accessible to everyone.

If your tree is already digital — on another website or in family tree software — you can export a GEDCOM and upload it here for matching.

If your tree isn't on a computer yet ... well, you've known for years that this day was coming. WikiTree makes it easy to enter it one step at a time.

Register here

Please join us. We need good genealogists!

To emphasize: It's entirely free for everyone.

"We had a very enjoyable Sunday morning here in Dublin with my brother & his family & our Mum & Dad going through all the family tree, memories, photos etc. The snow & ice were left behind outside as we all got warm & fuzzy inside!" — Jane from Ireland

Second  For Family Members of Genealogists

For you, WikiTree is cake.

If you ...

  • Received an e-mail invitation: Follow the link in the e-mail message to create a password. This will give you access to private family versions of pages.
  • Were told about WikiTree by a family member: The best thing is for them to send you an invitation. This way you'll be on their family tree and have access to private information.
  • Googled your name or a family member's name: If there's protected information that you want to view, click to send a Private Message to the Profile Manager.

We don't expect everyone in our families to become active genealogists. Part of the enjoyment of family history is just knowing that our family members can access and appreciate it. As you browse WikiTree, it would be great if you help fill in blanks you see, correct any errors, and maybe post an occasional personal memory or photograph to enrich our family members' profiles.

"Genealogy for me has always been all about family. A great, big extended family. ... I love WikiTree for many reasons; here are a few: the cousins I meet, the people I can help, the discussions and partnerships that decide policies, the wonderful combination of high standards combined with kindness and consideration, and, most of all, because it makes my family BIGGER!" — Kathy Patterson

Third  For Others in the Human Family

If you're not a family member of a genealogist who's contributing to WikiTree, you will be soon!

WikiTree is based on the idea that we are all family. We are all related.

Our community is on a mission to connect the entire human family on one completely free family tree. We are working to make it free and easy for everyone to discover their genealogy.

If you're not a genealogist, try a search for the names of each of your grandparents or great-grandparents. If they're already on WikiTree, ask to be added by the person who added your ancestors.

If your ancestors aren't on WikiTree yet, consider getting started in genealogy and adding them yourself. Register now and then "volunteer" to be a Wiki Genealogist. Other genealogists on WikiTree will help you get started.

See our help pages for more information, or post a message in our friendly genealogist-to-genealogist (G2G) forum.

Welcome to WikiTree!