Featured Surnames from July 2010

Miles Gibson Parker Here the most active surnames on WikiTree for July.

Coming in at number one is Parker. This is thanks to Jane (Parker) McManus, one of the newest members of the WikiTree Club 1,000.

Among Jane's interesting relatives: Miles Gibson Parker (1837-1911). Parker was a member of the "Red River Rebels", Company B in the First Louisiana Infantry, and reportedly participated in more than a dozen of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. He fought his way from Second Manassas to Hatchers Run and surrendered with Lee at Appomattox Court House.

After the war, Parker went on to become the first sheriff of the newly-formed Vernon Parish. Since the new parish didn't have a jail, family stories say that he brought prisoners home with him! And that's not all. Click here to read the rest.

Surnames two, three, and four are a fine example of the power of gedcoms. Lucy (Meshell) York created a dozen WikiTree profiles by hand but then discovered she could import all the research she had done on Ancestry.com into her tree here, thereby transforming her hard work into a sharable family resource. The 400 Moores, Yorks, and Meshells are just a fraction of the profiles she created through the import.

By the way, Burgess would have been right there in the top five but it's disqualified from the Top 10 because it was featured in June. The indefatigable Doug Coldwell at work!

Top 10
  1. Parker (163 new contributions)
  2. Moore (143)
  3. York (136)
  4. Meshell (117)
  5. Coker (115)
  6. Pharo (88)
  7. Powell (85)
  8. Mayfield (83)
  9. Bascom (82)
  10. Stamps (81)
  1. Burgess (124)
  2. Johnson (81)
  3. Patenaude (71)
  4. Cooper (67)
  5. Smith (64)
  6. Nash (63)
  7. Lawler (62)
  8. Cianciulli (61)
  9. Warner (60)
  10. Sepulvado (58)
  11. Young (56)
  12. Sikes (55)
  13. Corkum (53)
  14. Owen (53)
  15. Wilson (50)
  16. Heflin (50)
  17. Brewton (50)
  18. Reese (50)
  19. Jenkins (49)
  20. Molyneux (45)

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