Wow, WikiTreers! Another Source-a-Thon has come and gone.  What a fun weekend and our Tree is a little bit healthier!

Can you believe this was our fourth Source-a-Thon?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the goal of the 72-hour  marathon  is to clear out the Unsourced Profiles category on WikiTree. Although including sources is in our community’s Honor Code, inexperienced genealogists don’t always record them.


One of the best aspects of WikiTree, hands down, is our community of members.  Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and generous in donating time and talents to improving our shared global tree,  it was awesome to watch so many come together for a weekend of sourcing and fun.  415 WikiTreers participated in the Source-a-Thon. Some were just adding a few sources when they had a chance. Others were working practically every minute (how do they not sleep?!?).

Twenty-six teams re-formed from last year. We had a new one join the ranks – Tartan Pride!  Their focus was on Scottish profiles.

All the teams made great contributions. The top 10 teams overall were:

  1. Windsor Warriors – 12,340
  2. Team Roses – 8,757
  3. Team Virginia, 4,391
  4. Sandringham Strollers – 4,338
  5. Tree Nuts – 3,310
  6. Mid-Atlantic US – 3,041
  7. Kiwi Crew – 2,895
  8. Team Missouri – 2,766
  9. Team Tennessee – 2,581
  10. Super Sweepers – 2,117

Fifteen teams sourced more than 1,000 profiles each!

Eight individual participants sourced more than 1,000 profiles each! The top 10 participants overall were:

  1. Amy Utting – 2,607
  2. Morgan Mulligan – 1,950
  3. Susie MacLeod – 1,850
  4. Frances Weidman – 1,755
  5. Sandy Patak – 1,265
  6. Emma MacBeath – 1,118
  7. Star Kline – 1,104
  8. Becky Troth – 1,048
  9. David Wilson – 998
  10. Joan Whitaker – 956

In our most productive hour, we, as a whole, sourced 1,323 profiles.

And now, the total number of profiles that had sources added this weekend is <drumroll>:


Whether you only had the chance to source a few or whether you sourced a thousand, you helped improve our shared tree and for that we thank you! Every little bit helps.

You can view all the stats from the weekend here.  If you have ideas on how we can improve future Source-a-Thons, please share them here.

See y’all next year!


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