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Tis the Season:  Weddings! Graduations! GIFTS! and the option of:

A Gift of Treasure

The season for graduations and weddings is fast approaching, and soon the invitations will start rolling in if they haven’t already!  Have you ever wondered what could be better than that gift card or cash that will be gone in a second with no lasting memory?  Why not create a gift that will be treasured for generations to come? What’s that, you ask?

I’ve got the answer!  Create an “album” that is personalized to their ancestors!  I have yet to meet someone that did not sit up and say “WOW” when you show them their great grandparent’s wedding certificate or their grandmother’s birth certificate!  Or a document that their ancestor actual wrote or signed. How about making an album with images of marriage certificates or records going back as far as you can search for the new couple?    Or for the graduate, an album with their family tree and associated documents?  Or for the new homeowner, an album with property deeds of their ancestors?  It doesn’t even have to be a physical “album” but one that is digitized on a CD or many of the other options available online so that the record is accessible for infinity!

I am not an “electronic or digital” person.  Get one of your kids or grandkids to help with that, but if you want to actually create a “hold in your hand and flip the pages” album, a good place to start is right here on WikiTree.  So settle down for an evening, and go through your family tree on WikiTree or your recipient’s family tree.  IF it’s not there, get busy, and put it up.  If you need help, post a question in our Genealogist to Genealogist (G2G) forum or ask a Mentor.  And, also, ask your intended recipient’s family for information at least through their grandparents so you are able to locate the information and documents you need.  The great thing about WikiTree is we all work together (we are very fond of the term ‘Collaborate’) and you will reap the rewards for asking!  Once your information is on WikiTree, you can move onto the next step of creating the treasure.

If you are going to “create” a hand held album from scratch, you first will need to go to the store and pick up some paper that is “antique” or to your liking.  Next, make sure you have ink for your printer and if you don’t want to mess with that, get one of those little things that plug into the side of your computer (ask the kids) and save your documents of choice to it.  Then take that little thing to the printer place and they can do the rest of the printing/formatting to your specifications.

Okay, now you have all the prints.  If you are creating a “hold in your hand” album, go to a local craft store and select an album for photos, etc. along with the background paper and the details you like to create a treasure.  There are some great websites which can help you with what is called “Scrapping” that is basically a fancy name for creating an album which documents events.  Visit a few websites before you go shopping for some ideas of what you might need.  Sit down and be creative.  Now, if you want to also do a CD or online record, complete with music, comments, etc…get the kids… They know how to do that!

A great place to start this process is right here on WikiTree!  If you haven’t tried to search for family records, or organize them from the note cards or scribbles you have, scan them, upload them and create a family tree for all to share forever.  Don’t have the time to make an “album”?  Get the new couple’s email address and send them a request to join WikiTree that they will share with their family and contribute to their family tree.

A gift to treasure.

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