We’re very excited to announce this new feature!

At the top of all pages (such as your Nav Home Page) you will see a new search box that says “Name on Watchlist.”

This enables you to quickly jump to any profile on your Watchlist.

When you first click in the box you may notice a message that says “One moment …”. This should almost immediately change to “Ready to Search Watchlist.” But if your Watchlist is large it may take a couple seconds. (And if your Watchlist is over the recommended 5,000-profile limit it may not work.)

You can enter any first or last name from your Watchlist. As you type, suggestions will appear. Clicking a name will send you to the person’s profile.

Matching will work for Short Names as well as the full formal Long Names you will see. Therefore, for example, you may be able to enter “Mike” to find “Michael”, “Jim” to find “James”, etc.

Matching will also work for birth and death years, e.g. you can enter “1819” to see people on your Watchlist who were born or died in 1819. It will not work for birth or death locations. For this and any other advanced search functionality you can use the main search engine with the option to limit the search to your Watchlist.

Isn’t this great?

Please post here if you notice any problems or have questions or comments.

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by Eowyn Langholf

Well, it was an epic weekend, WikiTreers!

In case you haven’t heard of our Source-a-Thons yet, the goal of the 72-hour  marathon  is to clear out the Unsourced Profiles category on WikiTree. Although including sources is in our community’s Honor Code, inexperienced genealogists don’t always record them. Sometimes the source is “Aunt Mabel.” This doesn’t mean the information isn’t worth preserving or sharing. It’s a starting point — information waiting to be confirmed.

This weekend was our 3rd annual Source-a-Thon. We kicked off our first one in October of 2016 and over that 72 hours sourced over 22,000 profiles.  Last year, we more than doubled that, sourcing over 53,000.

And this year? Well, we’ll get to this year’s total in a minute.

One of the best aspects of WikiTree, hands down, is our community of members.  Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and generous in donating time and talents to improving our shared global tree,  it was awesome to watch so many come together for a weekend of sourcing and fun.  438 WikiTreers participated in the Source-a-Thon. Some were just adding a few sources when they had a chance. Others were working practically every minute (how do they do that?!?).

Twenty-six teams re-formed from last year. Two more were created: The Bama Bushwackers, captained by Topher Sims and focused on Alabama, and the Knitting Sourcers, captained by Anne Buckmaster, for folks who like to knit and source (though maybe not at the same time).

All the teams made great contributions. The top 10 teams overall were:

  1. Team Yellow Roses – 9,461
  2. Windsor Warriors – 9,455
  3. Kiwi Crew – 6,328
  4. Southern Super Sweepers – 4,239
  5. Team GB Gen – 3,997
  6. Team Virginia – 3,972
  7. Team Tornadoes – 3,371
  8. Team Orange Roses – 3,104
  9. Bama Bushwackers – 2,524
  10. Legacy Heirs – 2,473

This was by far the closest team competition we’ve had so far! It absolutely went down to the very last seconds of the Source-a-Thon with Yellow Roses and Windsor Warriors sourcing like crazy for the win.  We enjoyed watching the back and forth between the two teams throughout the marathon as the Roses seemed to go bed about the same time the Warriors were waking up.  So one would get ahead and then have to sleep, giving the other team a chance to gain ground. It was exciting!

Twenty-three teams sourced more than 1,000 profiles each.  Special shout-out to the Musty Dusty team – they sourced 360 pre-1500 profiles.  No easy feat!

Thirteen individual participants sourced more than 1,000 profiles each! The top 10 participants overall were:

  1. Frances Weidman – 2,600
  2. Paula J. Cullen – 2,245
  3. Morgan Mulligan – 2,005
  4. Emma MacBeath – 1,787
  5. Lucy Lavelle – 1,649
  6. Susie MacLeod – 1,615
  7. Amy Utting – 1,601
  8. Charlotte Shockey – 1,523
  9. Joan Whitaker – 1,469
  10. Charlene Newport – 1,323

In our most productive hour, we, as a whole, sourced 1,496 profiles.

And now, the total number of profiles that had sources added this weekend is <drumroll>:


Whether you only had the chance to source a few or whether you sourced a thousand, you helped improve our shared tree and for that we thank you! Every little bit helps.

We tried something new this year : Sourcing Selfies!  It was so fun to see your faces as you posted your selfies over the weekend.  See some of them here.

You can view all the stats from the weekend here.

Can’t wait until next year!

Special thanks for prize donations: Ancestry.com, MyHeritage, FindMyPast, Kitty Munson Cooper, RootsTech, The Genealogy Show, Pirates of the Pedigree (FamilyHistory Expos), Family Tree Magazine, Family Locket, Family ChartMasters, RootsMagic, Legacy Tree Genealogists, Trees by Rie, Borgerson Research, Gena Philbert-Ortega, Doug McCallum, Erin Klein, Stephanie Keeley, Abby Glann, Charlotte Shockey, Greg Slade, Catherine Shapiro and Lisa Murphy.

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Happy Wednesday WikiTreers!

Here’s this week’s WikiTree news as well as some of our favorites picks from around the genealogy community.

Happenings Around the Tree:

Happenings Around the Genealogy Community: 

Don’t forget to check  GeneaWebinars and ConferenceKeeper for upcoming genealogy webinars, online meetings, hangouts and events.

Keep calm and source on!


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