Hi WikiTreers!

Wow, what a wonderful WikiTree-ing weekend! Another successful marathon has come and gone. Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2020 Spring Clean-a-Thon.  It’s one of our favorite things when the community comes together and works hard on bettering our tree!

This year we cleared 158,784 suggestions in 72 hours! Quite an accomplishment. We beat last year’s total of 132,554 and the all-time record of 152, 253 set in 2018.  That makes this our most productive Clean-a-Thon yet.

Here are some highlights from the event:

Top 5 Teams by Total

  • Tree Nuts – 18,642
  • Team Roses – 17,685
  • Team Virginia – 15,730
  • Sandringham Strollers – 11,803
  • Windsor Warriors – 11,513

Top 5 by Team Average (number of team contributions divided by team members):

  • Team Roses – 982
  • Team Virginia – 874
  • South African Springboks – 825
  • Windsor Warriors – 822
  • Tree Nuts – 583

Top 5 Participants:

  • Porter Marsh – 4,532
  • Susie MacLeod – 4,007
  • Morgan Mulligan – 3,637
  • Maddy Hardman – 3,539
  • Emma MacBeath – 3,242

Top 5 Suggestions:

  • Location Too Early in Birth Location: 14, 334
  • USA Too Early in Birth Location: 11,455
  • ProjectBox Without Project Account: 10,866
  • GEDCOM Junk: 8,453
  • Empty Profile: 8,122

Top Participant Per Suggestion Group:

  • Biographies: Susie MacLeod with 2,329
  • Locations: Porter Marsh with 3,162
  • FindAGrave: Lydia Holland with 2,240
  • Privacy: Linda Peterson with 1,831
  • Unique Names: Isabelle Martin with 2,066
  • Names: Porter Marsh with 1,175
  • References: Desiree Schekierka with 991
  • Dates: Morgan Mulligan with 1,410
  • Gender: Pip Sheppard with 908
  • Templates: Susie MacLeod with 1,610
  • Relations: Sandy Patak with 1,331
  • Categories: Natalie Trott with 586
  • WikiData: Porter Marsh with 160

23 Teams participated and 20 of them broke 1000! 585 members participated – 46 of them broke 1000!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined in the clean-up and contributed to another fun, successful marathon and improved the health of our tree!

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Hi WikiTreers!

On Monday, we wrapped up our second annual 72 hour Scan-a-Thon and boy, was it awesome! The mission was to scan and share all those old family photos and other items that have been piling up.

There were so many wonderful treasures that were uploaded and are now preserved for future generations to see. These photos help so much towards bringing our ancestors to life.   This is one of our more laid-back marathons and it was fun to take some time to check out what everyone was uploading.

Here are some of our favorite horse ones:

159 WikiTreers participated on 20 teams to upload an unprecedented 16,696 items! We beat last year’s total by almost 1,000 uploads!


The top 10 contributors are:

  • Jody Rodgers – 1,011 (She took 1st last year too!)
  • Azure Robinson – 740
  • Alex Stronach – 533
  • Liz Marshall – 504
  • Lesley Scott – 460
  • Gisele Cormier – 405
  • Randall Gardner – 356
  • Amy Barlow – 350
  • Beverly Swann – 343
  • Madeleine Hardman – 282

The top 5 teams are:

  • Sandringham Strollers – 1,674
  • Tree Nuts – 1,560
  • Team Roses – 1,306
  • Western Red Cedars – 953
  • Cornbread Catchers – 921

So congratulations to the Sandringham Strollers and Jody Rodgers! You rock!

Really though, the ultimate win, as always, is for WikiTree, as so many ancestor profiles have been improved.

As Maggie Andersson said last year:

What I have enjoyed most by watching the photo feed is that history comes to life, the history of ancestors, “real people”, and not just “general people” you read about in a book.

Thank you to:

  • Team Captains – for motivating and cheering on your teams!
  • Aleš Trtnik – for making it possible for us to track participation
  • Sarah Rojas (and Aleš) – for hosting the live chats
  • Mags Gaulden, Katie Goodwin and Mindy Silva – for joining in the live chats
  • Everyone who participated! You guys make these marathons a success and we appreciate it.

You can see all the stats from the event here.

Do you have a favorite photo that you uploaded or that you noticed someone else added? Share it here!

We are looking forward to next year! Onward and upward.

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Wow, WikiTreers! Another Source-a-Thon has come and gone.  What a fun weekend and our Tree is a little bit healthier!

Can you believe this was our fourth Source-a-Thon?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the goal of the 72-hour  marathon  is to clear out the Unsourced Profiles category on WikiTree. Although including sources is in our community’s Honor Code, inexperienced genealogists don’t always record them.


One of the best aspects of WikiTree, hands down, is our community of members.  Helpful, friendly, knowledgeable and generous in donating time and talents to improving our shared global tree,  it was awesome to watch so many come together for a weekend of sourcing and fun.  415 WikiTreers participated in the Source-a-Thon. Some were just adding a few sources when they had a chance. Others were working practically every minute (how do they not sleep?!?).

Twenty-six teams re-formed from last year. We had a new one join the ranks – Tartan Pride!  Their focus was on Scottish profiles.

All the teams made great contributions. The top 10 teams overall were:

  1. Windsor Warriors – 12,340
  2. Team Roses – 8,757
  3. Team Virginia, 4,391
  4. Sandringham Strollers – 4,338
  5. Tree Nuts – 3,310
  6. Mid-Atlantic US – 3,041
  7. Kiwi Crew – 2,895
  8. Team Missouri – 2,766
  9. Team Tennessee – 2,581
  10. Super Sweepers – 2,117

Fifteen teams sourced more than 1,000 profiles each!

Eight individual participants sourced more than 1,000 profiles each! The top 10 participants overall were:

  1. Amy Utting – 2,607
  2. Morgan Mulligan – 1,950
  3. Susie MacLeod – 1,850
  4. Frances Weidman – 1,755
  5. Sandy Patak – 1,265
  6. Emma MacBeath – 1,118
  7. Star Kline – 1,104
  8. Becky Troth – 1,048
  9. David Wilson – 998
  10. Joan Whitaker – 956

In our most productive hour, we, as a whole, sourced 1,323 profiles.

And now, the total number of profiles that had sources added this weekend is <drumroll>:


Whether you only had the chance to source a few or whether you sourced a thousand, you helped improve our shared tree and for that we thank you! Every little bit helps.

You can view all the stats from the weekend here.  If you have ideas on how we can improve future Source-a-Thons, please share them here.

See y’all next year!


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Hi WikiTreers!

Our marathon events (Spring Clean-a-ThonSource-a-Thon, and Scan-a-Thon) have been a lot of fun and very productive for our mission. So, we decided to add one more event to round out the year: the Connect-a-Thon. The first one was last weekend, July 12-15, 2019.

Our goal for the Connect-a-Thon was to decrease the number of profiles that are not connected to our big tree by spending 72 hours adding missing relatives to existing person profiles.

It was a wonderful weekend and a great success. Thank you to everyone who participated.  We love these events because they really bring our community together.

This year we added 60,680 relatives in 72 hours! Quite an accomplishment!

Here are some highlights from the event:

Top 5 Teams:

  • Windsor Warriors – 8,434 relatives added.
  • Team Roses – 8,157
  • Team Virginia – 4,091
  • Tree Nuts – 3,604
  • Team Tennessee – 3,549

Top 5 Participants:

  • Darren Kellett – 1,900
  • Amy Utting – 1,818
  • John Noel – 1,614
  • Morgan Mulligan – 1,509
  • Emma MacBeath – 1,458

Top 5 by Team Average (number of team contributions divided by team members):

  • Team Roses – 388 per team member.
  • Windsor Warriors – 367
  • Gulf Coast Hurricanes – 277
  • Germany Genies – 179
  • Team Virginia – 170

Twenty-four teams participated and 20 of them broke 1,000! Four hundred and four members participated – 19 of them broke 500 and 142 more broke 100!

Check out all the stats here.

Unexpectedly, we discovered that WikiTreers can collaborate on more than just genealogy. Mags Gaulden had an idea to start a genealogy/family themed playlist on Spotify. Greg Slade posted about it in G2G and we invited anyone to add to it.  The result? A 29.5 hour collection of 463 very eclectic songs!  Many WikiTreers listened to spur them on through the weekend.  If you know of a song that you think should be included, please add it!

Another idea that surfaced during one of the live chats was to create a WikiTree quilt for the next Connect-a-Thon. WikiTreers could contribute a square that somehow represented their ancestors and then some of our awesome quilters would put it all together. Maybe it could be a special prize for next year’s Connect-a-Thon?! If you like that idea and want to be involved, you can respond to Mindy’s post here.

SJ Baty posted some great questions in G2G about what interesting profiles members were coming access while adding and what connection successes they were having. There are some awesome stories, such as how Robin Shaules found a father who had died in a duel, or how new member Ronald Hardy found a great-great grandparent’s orphaned profile while adding his family! For even more, you can check out the Connect-a-Thon Check-In post.

Thanks so much to everyone who joined in the clean-up and contributed to another fun, successful marathon.

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Hi WikiTreers,

The Profile Previews we started beta testing two weeks ago are now live everywhere on WikiTree!

You should see them anywhere you hover over a link to a name. For example, if you put your cursor over my name below you should see mine. To see your own, hover over the “Profile” link in the “My WikiTree” pull-down menu above. If you hover over your parents’ names in your preview it should switch to theirs. You can navigate up and down from there, all within the preview window.

A couple notes:

  • These won’t work on most mobile devices because phone and tablet browsers usually don’t let you hover over links. If you touch a link you go the page. In Android you may be able to see the previews by touching and holding the link.
  • They may not work on IE 11.
  • These are privacy-controlled. If a profile is private what you see depends on whether you’re on the Trusted List.

We hope you like these as much as we do. In certain circumstances they could be a distraction (for example, we’re considering whether to remove them from pull-down menus) but overall we think they constitute a major improvement to WikiTree. They could transform the way we browse trees and do things such as reviewing search results and potential matches.

Please post here if you have questions, problems, or suggestions.  We made a number of improvements based on suggestions from Rob Jacobson and others in the beta testing discussion and are likely to be making another round of improvements soon.

Onward and upward!

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