by Eowyn Langholf

Dr. William M. Mayo

On August 21, 1883, a F-5 tornado struck Rochester, Minnesota, the town where Dr. William Mayo and his family resided.  One-third of the town was destroyed and there were at least 35 deaths and over 200 injuries.  Dr. Mayo and his family were fortunate to escape serious harm.  To aid in the relief efforts, a temporary hospital was started and Dr. Mayo, along with other local doctors, treated the injured who were brought there for help.  Mother Alfred Moes and the Sisters of Saint Francis were called in to acts as nurses even though their training was in teaching not in medical care.

Afterwards, Mother Moes asked Dr. Mayo about establishing a hospital in Rochester.  He and some of the other local doctors agreed to work there and on September 30, 1889, Saint Mary’s Hospital was opened by the Sisters.  This was the foundation for what would become the Mayo Clinic.

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