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Welcome to a new installment of “Meet our Members.” It’s time to get to know another awesome member of our community: Meet Skye.

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Skye Driggs has been a WikiTreer since July of 2016.  She mostly spends her time improving profiles and connecting them to our single family tree. Her current project is transcribing records from the village where her Polish/Ukranian ancestors lived and creating profiles for those folks.

What are some of the surnames you are researching?  

My current obsession is my father’s paternal side of the family:  Korchowec, Mań, Nagórny, Nakoneczny, Piechowska, Sączała/Sonczalla, Wołczasty.

What are some of the locations you are researching?  

Specifically:  Cieplice, Gmina Przeworsk, Subcarpathian Vivodeship, Poland (pre 1918: Cieplice, Gmina Jaroslaw, Galicia, Austria). At present, I am researching where my “Polish” ancestors originated, to discover they most likely were Ruthenian (Ukrainian) ethnicity.  

I was lucky to find online archived records from this village and have been working on transcribing marriage records, as the records are not indexed. At present I have added over 1600 (sourced) profiles to WikiTree, and my goal is to connect as many of these people as I can to the World Tree.

This is honestly the first time I broke out of my comfort zone as I have never attempted to research my ancestors in their native homelands.  To my luck the church records were written in Latin. In piecing together this great big puzzle, I have found more generations of ancestors.

When and how did you get interested in genealogy and family history?  

My interest in family history started when I was a little girl.  I was always asking my parents about where our family came from, and repeatedly looked through photo albums.  My parents shared as much as they knew, but it wasn’t enough obviously. For about 20 years (with some time-outs), I have been actively researching.  Some of us are called upon to be the “story-tellers of the tribe”, and I am honored to have that title.

Who’s your favorite ancestor and why?  

I don’t have a favorite, they all are special in some way.  At this moment I feel my great-grandmother Anna Mań is by my side, guiding me through my current “project.”  My great-aunt wrote a biography about her mother many years ago, which I have transcribed to her profile. I’ve had many messages from random members, just letting me know that they enjoyed reading it.  Anna seemed to be loved by many and very charming. From the biography: “Because of her broken English and the language barrier, she would call Mickey Rooney “Macaroni,” Dinah Shore “Dinosaur” and she would often say “Makes no marre difference” (rolling her r’s) which translated to combining the two phrases “it makes no difference” and “it doesn’t matter.”  

Tell us about a brick wall you were able to break down or one you hope to bust through.

Aside from what the transcription project has revealed, the majority of my brick walls have been broken down by DNA/genetic application to genealogy.  I’ve helped several adoptees (or a relative who didn’t know one parent), find what they are looking for. In that process I have learned a systematic way to organize this information and make my time more productive.  Beforehand it was overwhelming to look at my DNA, now I feel like I know what I’m doing.

What are some of your interests outside of genealogy?

Mom of two Boy Scouts (one Eagle.)  I was a volunteer CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for 8 years.  I’ve dabbled in various mediums of art all my life. My current focus is on Mixed Martial Arts/Kajukenbo.  MMA forces me to step outside my comfort zone, and it’s a very humbling experience.

How long have you been on WikiTree and what do you spend the most time doing?  

Over two years.  I spend most of my time building trees and profiles for friends and family.

What is your favorite thing about WikiTree, or which feature(s) do you like the most?

That it’s a collaborative tree!  I love that I can sign up family/cousins who are interested, add them where they need to be added and they can help contribute.  I love how having more eyes on our ancestors preserves our family story. I am always eager to help others in need.

If you could improve one thing about WikiTree, what would it be?  

The way a woman’s name appears, especially if she has been married multiple times.  For example: Instead of it saying: Pearl Martha Perkins formerly Bain aka Marvin … I would like it to read something more clear like: Pearl Martha Bain (1) Marvin (2) Perkins.

What is an example of how WikiTree has helped you with your genealogy or how you’ve helped genealogy with WikiTree?

My family tree is more extensive than it has ever been since finding WikiTree, especially once I was able to connect my more distant ancestors to information already there.  Voila! I also have helped to source and add information to those more distant lines as well.

Any tips for someone just starting out on WikiTree?

Please, no more gedcoms.  I’ve run into too many “dump and run” profiles that needed TLC, b/c probably the profile manager was overwhelmed, and soooo many errors/duplicates.  Take your time, enter in your profiles manually. Learn how to format, there is so much information out there (I have a link on my profile.) Just do the best you can do, remember you can always edit later and there is plenty of help if you need it.

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  1. So nice to meet you via this post, Skye. And I agree with you about GEDCOMS. I am happy that I uploaded only two small ones, but even those took me over a year to clean up!

    Hope to bump into you around WikiTree.

  2. Congratulations Skye!

  3. I wish someone could/would research the records from my maternal grandmother’s town, Zakliczyn, Poland.

  4. Congrats Skye. I saw your name on the weekly news and it looked really familiar. You’ve really been helping out with my ancestors, your cousins, the Harpers. Thanks.

  5. looking to get a copy of FTM To see what it is like before trying to purchase one, if you can help thanks if not i understand

  6. Hello 10x’s Cousin Skye, I loved this bio of you. When I grow up I want to be just like you! 🙂 I’ve only been on wikitree a short time but i fell instantly in love with the idea. Thank you for all your hard work.

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