We’re very excited to announce this new feature!

At the top of all pages (such as your Nav Home Page) you will see a new search box that says “Name on Watchlist.”

This enables you to quickly jump to any profile on your Watchlist.

When you first click in the box you may notice a message that says “One moment …”. This should almost immediately change to “Ready to Search Watchlist.” But if your Watchlist is large it may take a couple seconds. (And if your Watchlist is over the recommended 5,000-profile limit it may not work.)

You can enter any first or last name from your Watchlist. As you type, suggestions will appear. Clicking a name will send you to the person’s profile.

Matching will work for Short Names as well as the full formal Long Names you will see. Therefore, for example, you may be able to enter “Mike” to find “Michael”, “Jim” to find “James”, etc.

Matching will also work for birth and death years, e.g. you can enter “1819” to see people on your Watchlist who were born or died in 1819. It will not work for birth or death locations. For this and any other advanced search functionality you can use the main search engine with the option to limit the search to your Watchlist.

Isn’t this great?

Please post here if you notice any problems or have questions or comments.

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