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Yesterday we wrapped up our first ever 72 hour Scan-a-Thon and boy, was it fun! The mission was to scan and share all those old family photos and other items that have been piling up. There were so many wonderful treasures that were uploaded and are now preserved for future generations to see.  Check out this special feed to see for yourself!

199 WikiTreers participated on 24 teams to upload an epic 15, 845 items!

Aleš created this great graphic below that shows the flow of the uploading over the 72 hours.  The blue is day one, red is day two, and green is day three.  You can see how we started off with a bang right out of the gate on the first day!  Things slowed a bit the second day but picked up again Sunday with a big push through to the end.  We finished as strongly as we started.


The original results showed that the Kiwi Crew was the top team, however, there needs to be some clarification.  There was some confusion as to the rules.  We intended for there to be a 10-photo limit per profile when counting towards challenge contributions.  This was meant for both person and free-space profiles but there were some participants who uploaded quite a bit more to free-space pages.  The confusion was our fault as it was not explained as clearly on the help page is it should have been.

That said, we want to share the results as they turned out when both ways are taken into consideration.

With the 10 photo-limit, the top 10 contributors are:

  • Jody Rodgers – 463
  • Leslie  Scott – 458
  • Darren  Kellett – 414
  • Steph Meredith – 354
  • Bill Sims – 317
  • Pip Sheppard – 273
  • Brian Lamothe – 268
  • Chris Whitten – 256
  • Randall Garnder – 234
  • Virginia Fields – 227

Without the limit, the top 10 are:

  • Jody Rodgers – 647
  • Arthur Buckland-Pinnock – 600
  • Leslie  Scott – 458
  • Darren  Kellett – 420
  • Steph Meredith – 354
  • Bill Sims – 334
  • Brian Lamothe – 289
  • Pip Sheppard – 273
  • Chris Whitten – 256
  • Randall Garnder – 234
  • Virginia Fields – 227

With the 10-photo limit, the top 5 teams are:

  • Southern Super Sweepers – 1,253
  • Sandringham Strollers – 991
  • Windsor Warriors – 985
  • Nor’easters – 861
  • Team Missouri – 834

Without the limit, the top 5 are:

  • Kiwi Crew – 1,277
  • Southern Super Sweepers – 1,265
  • Windsor Warriors – 1,040
  • Sandringham Strollers – 992
  • Great Lakes – 936

So congratulations to the Southern Super Sweepers and the Kiwi Crew!

Really though, the ultimate win is for WikiTree, as so many ancestor profiles have been improved.

We think Maggie Andersson summed it up well:

What I have enjoyed most by watching the photo feed is that history comes to life, the history of ancestors, “real people”, and not just “general people” you read about in a book.

I’ve seen wedding and children photos of different places and decades and seen how the dressing changed, I’ve seen the inside of a cabin with what I think is a gold panning pan hanging on the wall, I’ve seen settlers’ homesteads and can get an understanding of how my own family emigrants might have had it, even though I don’t have any personal photos from their homes.

I have also looked through my own family pictures, something I have not done for a long time and remembered happy times with family now long passed and wondered about the lives of those before them that I never got to know.

So I guess I just really would like to say Thank You for making this Scan-a-Thon happen.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Onward and upward.

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  3 Responses to “Scan-a-Thon Wrap-up: A Fun Weekend of Scanning and Uploading”

  1. what fun it was and I enjoyed the live chats

  2. Now I feel rewarded for all that work!

  3. I went to the first morning check in and I could hear and see the manager, but I could also hear IRS talking to a client! It was quite strange. I closed the feed as I definitely felt that I was hearing way to much personal information about arresting him etc..

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