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Here are a few things happening around the community this week:

  • Michael Stills is recruiting members who have given or are interested in giving live presentations on WikiTree at their local library, genealogical society, etc.
  • Dean Anderson is recruiting members who have an interest in black sheep, spies and traitors in particular.

The Mexico Project and the Collaborative Profile of the Week Present

Antonio López de Santa Anna

Do you remember Santa Anna? He was the Mexican General (the bad guy) at the Alamo, in the old Disney movies about Davy Crockett. Of course, there are two sides to every story. Let’s explore the other side with this week’s collaborative profile.

Antonio de Padua María Severino Santa Anna, was born and died in Mexico.

  1. Who were his parents and siblings?
  2. What kind of young life and background did he have?
  3. Did he marry and have children?
  4. What are the good parts of his career?
  5. What about the not so good parts? Are they American perceptions or has history backed them up?
  6. Anything else you would like to add?

It’s helpful to the collaboration and to save duplication of work, if you post an answer here before working on some aspect of the profile. But please feel free to simply add to the profile whatever you’ve found out with it’s source.

The Mexico Project

The Mexico Project includes Mexican Roots, where members post profiles for individuals and families directly associated with Mexico, while at the same time editing and improving those profiles, contributing proper source citations and providing help and support to other WikiTree members who manage profiles that have some relation to Mexico. The Mexican Roots Project is open to anyone who has an interest in the history or genealogy of Mexico.

“This project exists to bring together WikiTree members who are interested in posting and improving the profiles of persons directly associated with Mexico. Our principal aims are to enlarge and improve the profiles and trees associated with Mexico and learn more about the lives and families of those individuals.

“Of interest, also, are the myriad interconnections that develop among distant cousins whenever a population moves from from one or more geographic areas to another geographic area, such as from Spain or the Basque Country (Euskera) to Mexico.”



The Bermuda Project and the Collaborative Profile of the Week  Present

Diana Love Dill

Diana Dill (1923-2015) was born on the beautiful island of Bermuda. She was an actress herself, but was also the wife of Kirk Douglas and mother of Michael Douglas.

  1. Is there a find a grave memorial, with a picture of her stone?
  2. Does it confirm birth and death dates?
  3. How about an obituary? We don’t want to attach a copy, but we can use the information from the obit, properly citing the source.
  4. Are there some more public domain photos?
  5. Lets connect Kirk. He has a profile.
  6. Her bio could use a little filling out. Her obituary should help with this and there may be fan sites etc. to give it more depth

The Bermuda Project

Bermuda – This Island sits off the coast of the Carolinas and shares a rich early history with the British colonies of the United States. A place where early Portuguese Mariners left Pigs, yes pigs, so that anyone shipwrecked on the Island would have a source of food. A place of outstanding beauty!

For the Genealogist? Not so much as Bermuda records are not posted on line. You can write or call to have information sent to you, but I vote, in the interest of Genealogy, of Course, we plan an excursion to find our records in person.

Our Project is attempting to identify and add profiles for any early or notable Bermudans to our great big ole shared tree.


The Anzacs Project and the Collaborative Profile of the Week Present

Henry William Murray

Harry Murray, sometimes called “Mad Harry,” was a farmer. He enlisted in 1914, rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and was the most highly decorated ANZAC in World War I, including being a recipient of the Vicotoria Cross.

  1. Sources, please?
  2. What decorations did he receive and what did he do to earn them?
  3. How did he get his nickname “Mad Harry”?
  4. He was in WWI, did he reenlist in WWII?
  5. He has parents but their biographies are bare. A few sentences would be lovely.
  6. Did he marry and have children?
  7. Can we connect Harry to the Global Tree?
  8. Where did Harry live?
  9. Anything else?

Remember as you work on Harry’s profile, post an answer here first. This keeps us from duplicating efforts and keeps the profile high on the page.


ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps, which started in WWI and the landing at Gallipoli Cove where over 10,000 Anzacs were killed. ANZAC  Day in Australia and New Zealand is on the 25th of April, the day of the landing at Gallipoli, and is probably Australia and New Zealand’s most important national occasion. ANZAC Day is now for all Australian and New Zealand Military Personnel from all wars. ‘We will remember them.’ ‘Lest we forget.’

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