The Global Family Reunion Project is a huge undertaking. Right now, we are just in the fledgling stages of building AJ’s tree and connecting it to as many others as possible. The bulk and most important part of this is building from AJ’s tree outward in any and all directions.

But, even if you think you can’t be a help to the project right now, I have a challenge for you:

Pick 2-3 ancestors from your tree that you never pursued, like Great Aunt Sally’s family, or Cousin Joe’s wife’s family-and trace them. Though we need a lot of volunteers yet to trace on AJ’s tree out, you tracing those “other” lines on your tree, if you do not feel like you can help on the project at this time, will help us, too. We need to connect into everyone, everywhere, and you pushing your tree out a little can help us reach you. You never know, you may find a clue that helps you to break through a brick wall you’ve have for awhile. I love tracing collateral lines for that reason!

Above all, we would love you to join us on the project, but if you can’t do that, trace an oddball family line or two, and see what happens. You may be closer to AJ’s tree than you think!

Abby Glann ~ Global Family Reunion Project Leader

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