It’s hard to believe that another RootsTech has already come and gone.   Next year will be our NINTH year doing a booth there.

We’ve learned a lot over the years we’ve been attending as exhibitors.  Our booth has evolved from a few of us standing behind one table trying to catch the attention of people passing by to several of us storming our area enthusiastically sharing what we love about WikiTree.  In 2011, when we first attended, hardly anyone had heard of WikiTree.  We were mostly greeted with “WikiTree? You mean the FamilySearch Wiki?” In later years, that became “How is this different than the FamilySearch Tree?”

We still get asked those questions but we also get WikiTreers who come out of their way to say hello and sign our banners, folks like Blaine Bettinger, Dick Eastman and Roberta Estes stop by to visit. Many people also stop by and say “Hey, WikiTree, we just heard about you in this class we attended.”

People know us now and we love that. We can improve the features of the site but ultimately, the success of WikiTree is due to all of you, our volunteers, that have built this fantastic, collaborative, genealogical community. That’s all you.

Here are some of our take-aways from this year:

  • One of the very best things about coming to RootsTech is getting to see other WikiTreers! Since we are a worldwide team and a global community, this is one of the few opportunities we have to get together. The face-to-face time is really invaluable.
  • We had some really great collaboration as we chatted and bounced ideas off each other. 
  • Our royal cousins, King Henry VIII and Elvis Presley, were a big hit!
  • We gained a Team Member!  Sarah Rojas has been a WikiTree Leader for awhile now and we were thrilled to have her join us at the booth this year. So much so that we made her our newest Team Member! Sarah will be a great addition with her calm, friendly personality.  We are pretty sure she never stops smiling.
  • We need live demos!  After this year, we determined this is the one thing we are missing. Live demos.  Next year we want to have several live demos at our booth over the three days.  We want to share topics like an Introduction to WikiTree,  DNA and WikiTree, Adoptees and WikiTree, and Collaboration.  Do you have an idea for a live demo? Would you be interested in presenting one? If so, contact

You can read more about our RootsTech adventures here.

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  1. If I come next year I could do something to showcase what the Greeters do.
    If I have time I could do this in London if we have an official presence.
    Let me know.

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