Looking for information on ISAAC DARNELL listed in the 1820 Federal census.

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Isaac Darnell (Isaac W. W. Darnell on a chart given to me by a cousin) is listed in the 1820 Federal census as a male between 16 and 26 living in Gloucester, VA. Date of birth is unknown. Date of death is unknown, but he does not appear in the 1850 census for the Gloucester area.

Isaac is my Great-Great Grandfather. I haven't been able to find any information on him prior to 1820 or after 1840. His Son Edward T. Darnell is my Great Grandfather, Thomas C. is my Grandfather and David Oscar is my father.

I'm interested in any information on Isaac and his kin.
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Who is this Isaac's father?

Isaac Darnall

Notes for (1B) Isaac Darnall (son of John drowned 1735): Isaac3 Darnall (John2, Edward1) was born 1730 in Charles County, Maryland, and died 1778 in Montgomery County, Maryland. He married Susannah Soper 1751 in Montgomery County, Maryland. She was born 1732 in Prince Georges County, Maryland, and died 1796 in Fleming County, Kentucky. Isaac Darnall was in possession of Darnall's Delight in 1750. 1778 MARYLAND CENSUS RECORD: Darnall, Isaac, Montgomery County Record Type: Fidelity Oath. Military service: Revolutionary War veteran, Private - 16th name in the 3rd Company of the Upper Battalion of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Children of Isaac Darnall and Susannah Soper are:+

i. Gerrard4 Darnall, born 1757 in Montgomery County, Maryland; died May 1826 in Sumner County, Tennessee. 36

ii. Sarah Darnall, born 175815. She married John Lowe June 24, 1782 in Prince George County, Maryland. 37

iii. John Darnall, born October 07, 1760; died September 04, 1819.

iv. Susanah Darnall, born 1763. She married George Owen January 25, 1783 in Prince George County, Maryland.

v. Thomas Darnall, born 1765.

vi. Charles Darnall, born November 07, 1767 in Charles County, Maryland; died September 24, 1833 in Fleming County, Kentucky.

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I have unsourced information on an Isaac Darnell with birth about 1729 in Fauquier, Virginia, USA and a death between 1778-1780 in Wilkes County, North Carolina, USA ... married to a Nancy (maiden name unknown).  He MIGHT be my 6th great grandfather but I don't have time to research this further.  Please feed back to me if this was helpful.  Wish I had the time ... I have no additional info than this butwill have to research myself when I do.

Just realized I show that the ancestral lineage MAY BE Morgan Darnall Jr.(1707-1777), his father Morgan Darnall Sr (Elizabeth E Duncan)1678-1726, his father David Darnall Sr.(1655-1702), his father John (1630-1684).  

I believe this same Isaac was the father of John Francis Darnell (1750-1780) who was the father of Benjamin Darnell Sr.
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The Isaac Darnell I'm searching for would have been born about 1794 - 1800. He had two sons, William W Darnell and Edward T Darnell. (And I thought the Isaac Darnell name would be unique................) Thank you for your response.

It took 8 months to take another look to see what I might have for you ... did you happen to see an Isaac Darnell b 06 Feb 1799 in Evesham Twp, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA with a death of 26 Jul 1857 in Evesham as well?

This what was attached to my file - have no idea why (YET).  It says I have linked to 111 facts in my tree ... sounds good, but I honestly don't see the connection on a quick scanning.  Who knows ... you might be hearing back from me in another 8 months.  This would be great if you find some proof that your Isaac is my Isaac. Please feed back to me.  I am so buried, I can't put any more pots on the burner right now, but I don't want to disconnect entirely.

Rootsweb World Connect; http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=SHOW&db=sharp&recno=2038; Filtered Search for surname Darnell; Access 01-15-2013; Note - No substantiating evidence shown. UID: 27190FCD216741D4B761738C347D7CA5A2CA (change datae 15 Sep 2010 at 21:46; See Obit from The Beacon News (Aurora, Illinois), Augst 1, 2008 (Friday)

James "Jim" Blaine Darnell, Birth: 15 Jan 1943 in Sandwich (DeKalb) Illinois; Death 29 Jul 2008 in Tampa (Hillsborough) Florida (See OBIT); Burial little Rock Townshiop Cemetery in Plano (Kendall) Illinois
I know about William Whittington Darnall [Kentucky] and his kin. Contact me at susanldarnell at sign gmail dot com
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I think the info Karen gave you is for a different Isaac Darnell, probably the family that arrived first in Maryland and spread out from there.  I have the same Isaac in my family tree (Gloucester father of Edward T.) he married Julia Frances Bristow.  Sorry that is the only info I have on him.
Isaac had one son (William W.) with Julia Frances Bristow, and some time later another son (my Great Grandfather Edward T.) with Fanny, maiden name not known.
Was William W Darnell's date of birth 1823 or 1825

Since you mentioned this Isaac in your Jun 4 2015 comment ... I need to clarify a difference that you and I have.  I had Julia Frances Bristow married to Isaac W Darnell (or Isaac William W Darnell) with two sons William W and Edward T, not married to William.   I had William W married to Rosa A Rilee and Mary Ann Dunston.  Have I made an error?   Do you have sources or primary info that shows differently? (I like anyone else can make a mistake, but before I take precious time to correct something, I need to verify that you are working with sources that I may not have seen. (The information I have shows the general source, but it was found prior to knowing about how to properly cite.) It doesn't help that 4 of my trees at ancestry are not synced properly after uploading and downloading debacle.  Lots of media may or may not be retrievable.  From what I read ... they may be lost.  Any feedback from your side would be helpful. Thanks for bringing this variance to my attention.

I also have a note that says that Julia Frances Bristow may have actually been known more commonly as "Fanny" (not uncommon).  Several Fanny(s) exist in the Darnall/Darnell tree. The only source I have is that a marriage record from Virginia between 1785-1940 shows name as Fanny and Isaac Darnell with child Edward T with no actual dates or further information.  Does anyone have proof of a 2nd wife with a different surname than Bristow? 

I also have an 1840 Census for Gloucester, Virginia, USA showing an Isaac with no wife, but with 3 children 1 age 5 or under, 1 age 5-9, and 1 age 10-14 ; no slaves.  As no wife's info and no other info on the children is available, this may or may not be this Isaac William W Darnell.  [I have 5 or 6 Isaac Darnalls and 5 Isaac Darnells floating in my trees ... I say floating because I have not substantiated the info as being factual with primary records.]  

Based on the information I have, William W. Darnell was born between 1829 and 1835.
Karen, we are in agreement that Isaac was married to Julia Frances Bristow. Marriage records for William W. and Edward T. list Julia as William's mother and Fanny as Edward's mother. If you have information about Fanny being used for Julia, what would the source be?

With regards to census records, Isaac is in the 1820 and 1830 census records. It is interesting to note that in 1820 he was listed as head of household "16 to 26", with one female "to 10", and one female "16 to 26". In 1830 there are two males "under 5" and one "of 30 - under 40", but no females.

The name Isaac William W. Darnell I use came from a cousin. She passed away a few years back so I can't ask where she obtained the name.
Ralph ... I just saw your question ... I do not have a source for Fanny actually being the endearing name of Frances.  There are at least 2 Darnell women called Fanny (but whose 1st or 2nd birth name was Frances).  I have yet to see any 2nd marriage date for our Isaac, no divorce record has surfaced as yet, and I do not have a birth OR death record for Julia.  I doubt that I will have time to work on her for now since I am working on the Carolina and Illinois Darnells this year.  The ancestry.com and Family Tree Maker debacle has be blindsided for probably the balance of this year since I have most of my trees out of sync since last May after they "helped" me.  I think "lost in translation" would be a good take on what happened in May.  I will attempt to feed back if and when I do a more extensive search on Julia.
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In my notes:  Virginia, Select Marriages, 1785-1940 

FHL Film # 2048451. Reference ID Gloucester County Image 431

Isaac William W Darnell and wife Fanny (maiden name not specified) were the parents of Edward T Darnell, the groom, who was born abt. 1837 in Gloucester County, Virginia. At the time of this marriage to Sarah C Walker, on 31 Jan 1867, in Gloucester County, Virginia, he was 30 years old and widowed.  There is no reference as to whom his first wife may have been - since he is widowed, his first wife died prior to 31 Jan 1867.   This 2nd wife, Sarah C Rilee Walker, was 36 years old (born abt 1831 in Gloucester County, Virginia). She was also listed as widowed  - so this was her 2nd marriage as well. Her first husband (surname Walker) would have died prior to 31 Jan 1867 as well. Her parents were William Rilee and Sally (maiden name not specified).  The Walker surname is most likely the surname of her 1st husband - possibly Richard Walker.  That is all I have on Isaac.  As for Edward T - one item stood out as something to check out ... something that might give a clue for Isaac and his wife Fanny.  If Edward T was living elsewhere at age 12, maybe there is a guardianship or other "legal" issue that might get found in the county records.

1850 ... if it is him, Edward T is found living in a different household at age 12 - Relationship to Wm and Nancy Soaes, Nancy Jakinan, and Jefferson Frank not known (by me). Do you know if any of them are family?

I think you may already know more than me ...  I haven't worked on the Virginia branch of the Darnells. I'll keep Wiki in mind if I add anything at Isaac's level in my tree. Another suggestion:  Have you checked Mocavo? Mocavo had enormous amount of information on Darnell family within its vast references - I expect that is where I got the WILLIAM part of his given name - I spent 1 year working within Mocavo to get Darnell info (most of it got lost when Mocavo took a nose dive in service and got picked up by someone.  I haven't figured out what happened to all my Mocavo work.  All my sources for Mocavo research was kept within my file there. I didn't have the opportunity to document in my other trees. Hope to find it some day. 

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I'm not sure if the link to the source for the Fanny/ Isaac Willliam W Darnell marriage was ever provided.  Source:  Virginia, Select Marriages 1785-1940.  Link: https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&dbid=60214&h=224287&ssrc=pt&tid=74096022&pid=360127289513&usePUB=true

(Remember there are other Fanny/Fannie women with Darnell as their married surname and maiden surname - so beware and don't assume anything. Hoping for something substantiating as more digital records become available.)
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