Is Richard Odom the son of William Odeon?

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I am one of the great-grandsons of Richard Odom. There is a note on this profile saying "He was NOT the son of William Odeon d: 1662 (Odom-13) whose sons moved to Beaufort, North Carolina where their surname was spelled as Odeon or Oden."

However, my research leads me to believe he is the son of William Odeon and changed his surname to Odom.

In William's will dated January 25, 1662, he grants property to his children....son William, daughter Ellen, and son Richard. He grants them 1/3 each. It mentions that Richard is not yet 17 years of age in the will. That means that Richard would have had to be born later than 1645. I have Richard's date of birth in 1646 so that falls in line with the details of William's will. 

Then I also found this...
William Odean Oldham Abt. 1610 Born in England.
William Odem Abt. 1645 (The following list is from a paper without date. The Capt. Hopson mentioned in it is the Capt. Hobson of the New England Histories, probably).

"A List of Sea Men's Names which Capt. John Hopson one of his Maties Counce ll in Virginia desireth to be exempted from ye presse in Regard of his Present intended Voyage of Virginia in yfehte" (Isle of Wight.

William Vpton, Mr.
Richard White, Mate
William Godfie
William Minterne
Thomas Wooden
Thomas Wise
Robert Carter
Nicholas Sallter
Nicholas Godfie
John Persie
William Oden
John Orchard
John Smith
John Preston

Reference: Passengers to America by Michael Tepper , page 55, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1978

1665A grant of 300 acres was made to Richard Jones in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia for the transportation to this country of sson, the younger" and "Elr 2ard Jones for the transportation of Ellen Odion, Elizabeth Manning, Sarah Weaver, and George Fardinando. Note that Ellen Odion appears on two separate lists. The Elizabeth Manning mentioned on the transportation list was also mentioned in the will of William Odon Oldham (II) as " my Servant, Elizabeth Manning" and was "given her tyme in servitude ". Also mentioned in the will was "Elizabeth Manning's child". Son Richard Odeon and Mary Williams were listed on Thomas Wilson's transportation list of the same date.

Reference: Cavaliers and Pioneers - Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1666, by Nell Marion Nugent, Virginia Land Office, Richmond 445.

The Oldham's land seems to have been on the boundary line of Virginia and North Carolina, as a landmark mentioned was the "Old Odom Plantation." Nansemond County, Virginia was from the territory which was ranized first as Elizabeth City County, one of the eight original "shires" or counties created in 1634. The same land in Nansemond County may have been listed at various times in Nansemond, New Norfolk, Upper or Lower Norfolk, Isle of Wight, or Suffolk County. In the Church of England record, residents of Nansemond County, Virginia may have been listed in East or West Parish, or Chuckatuck Parish.

William Odeon 1662 Will of William Odeon, Norfolk County, Virginia, d. 1668
(from Abstracts of Norfolk County Wills, page 368)
Will of Willi am ODEON, dated 25 January 1662, proven 16 February 1662:

?.Sonne William ODEON
?.Daughter Ellen ODEON
?.Sonne Richard ODEON under seventeen yeres
?.Elizabeth MANNING's child
?.My Servant, Elizabeth MANNING, given her tyme in servitude
?.My Lovinge friend ffrancis SAYER to by my overseer

Image of Will:

WikiTree profile: Richard Odom
in Genealogy Help by Christopher Odom G2G Crew (870 points)
Darlene Athey-Hill added the comment to the profile that he was not the son of William Odeon. Perhaps she can discuss what led her to that conclusion.

Filby is cited as the source on the profile for the immigration year which implies he came as a child. Do you know what Filby's source was? If it's a valid source it might lead to more information since he was a child at that time.
Christopher is talking about a different person, who has a profile already on Wikitree.  I've provided the link in my answer.

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Hi Christopher, you are talking about a different Richard Oden.  The Richard Odom whom you show the link to his profile is, as I stated, not the son of William Odeon.  There is, however, a profile for Richard, the son of William Odeon here.  This would be the person about whom you are speaking.

by Darlene Athey-Hill G2G6 Pilot (402k points)
How did you determine that the Richard Oden who died in Beaufort NC in 1708 was the one born in Stepney in 1657?
The family was researched by a descendant, Thomas Joseph Oden, Esq., who presented a paper to the Edgefield Genealogy Society in 2008.
Thanks, looks like I'll have to write an answer...
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Hi Christopher, There are so many Williams, Richards, and Abrahams among the Odom families that distinguishing one from the other is not an easy or accurate task. I wouldn't take a bit of information that has been put forth regarding Odom family history with a grain of salt without dna evidence to support it. Since you carry the Odom surname, you would be a good candidate for a Ydna test. Start with that and maybe we can sort some of this out.

Thanks, Teddy Odum
by Teddy Odum G2G1 (1.4k points)
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Christopher's question deserves more attention because there are some serious problems with the current profiles.

Everyone seems in agreement that the immigrant ancestor was the William Oden/Odeon Odeon-1 who died in Norfolk VA in 1662. This is based on pretty solid evidence: his will gives equal shares to his children (William, Ellen, and Richard) and all three are mentioned in land grants for their passage from England. So far, so good.

Now there definitely was a William Oden who married Elizabeth Vestes (also transcribed Westis) in Stepney in 1644. He is described as a mariner from Limehouse (a maritime area of East London). He and Elizabeth had six children: John (b. 1645 d. 1645), Joana (b. 1647 d. 1649), William (b. 1650), Robert (b. 1653 d. 1653), Robert (b. 1656) and Richard (b. 1657).

Now we see the problem in identifying this William with the immigrant. Although he has surviving sons William and Richard there is no Ellen and additionally a son Robert. We also know from the immigrant's will that Richard must have been born around 1645 whereas this Richard would only have been four when the 1662 will was written. I don't see how they can be the same man.

I did come across this forum post from 2007 where Rodney Rhoads argues (convincingly) that the Richard who died in Beaufort, NC in 1708 was the son of the immigrant William. This doesn't contradict my argument - I'm not saying that they can't be father and son, just that they can't be the father and son from Stepney.

by Matthew Fletcher G2G6 Mach 9 (95.2k points)
Thanks, Matthew.  That forum post reinforces my comment based on the original question -- that being that Richard ODOM and Richard ODEN are not the same person.

As to whether the Stepney Odeons and the Virginia Odeon/Oden family are the same or related, I don't know.  If you want to pursue that, please start a new G2G post.

Christopher Odom's question was with regard to the Odom family.  Y-DNA has shown that Richard Odom of Chowan, NC (haplogroup I-Z139) is unrelated to Francis, Lewis and Thomas Oden (haplogroup R-M269).  As Teddy mentioned above, Christopher should take a Y-DNA test to help identify his Odom lineage.
Hi,  I'm new to all this Genealogy. The William Odom aka Oldham was supposedly born in Ireland in 1610 and died in 1662 in Norfolk, VA. He is father of Richard I odom born 1645 in VA and passed in 1727 in Chowan, NC and was married to and Elizabeth Anne Richards who also passed in Chowan. William would be my 9 grandpa and Richard my 8th provided Alice is the daughter of Abraham Odom which would make him #6. So Hey, we might be distant cousins, lol..

I realize I'm just a little late but I hope my info helps thou there is no gaurentee it's correct beyond Alice Odom..


Hi Regina,

Richard Odom's parents are unknown.  Richard's wife's surname is also unknown.  The Richard Odom to whom you are referring isn't the person that was actually being discussed.  If you have reliable sources and want to discuss the Richard Odom that died in Chowan (profile here), please start a new G2G post and provide your evidence.  Thanks.

Thank you for letting me know.. I'll keep digging and see what I have and additionaly find..


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