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ETA: I found a clear copy within the Burlington Minutes. See my answer with transcription below and the image. I'm sorry for anytime spent on trying to translate that horrible image.

Any help with deciphering this record would be greatly appreciated. Julie Kelts has done a great job but would like 2nd and 3 eyes. Her transcription is:

1 at a mon meeting... [upper right corner of page missing]

2 the 15 Day of the 7 Month In...

3 I Will: Clayton the Ellder doe

4 the fear and Dread of the Lord and 

5 in the hewmillity of my soul acknowle…g…

6 that I did Sin agayens god and fri…

7 to the grief of frinds

8 and broak the good order of truth

9 in Consenting to the marriage of my

10 dattor Prudens to hendry Runolls

11 hee beeing nott a faythful Frind

12 hopping that you my frindes of the

13 moonthly meeting will as freely

14 (inserted) poso--- by 

15 f--- mee as -- -- freely

16 confessed the -- and as you

17 for -- -- -- -- -- 

18 god to forgivfe you

William Clayton apology

Inverted image

WikiTree profile: William Clayton
closed with the note: I found better copy. Would love any corrections to my transcription though.
in Genealogy Help by Connie Mack G2G5 (5.5k points)
closed by Connie Mack
If anyone can't see the images Connie posted, there are links to the record in this G2G thread, in the comments following RJ Horace's answer:

Here is the most problematic part, particularly the line above the four crossed-out lines:

Thank you Julie. Hopefully I fixed the links so the inverted version will show too.
Can you see them?  Sometimes, for whatever reason I don't know (must be either my Mac or my browser), I can't see images that others can see.  Can you see them if you are logged out?  Where did you upload them?

I cannot see images loaded to googledrive.

EDIT : if the link itself is posted, I believe it can be accessed; but attempting to post it as an image won't work because it doesn't have an image extension (.jpg .png .gif etc).

Thanks.  Can you see the one I linked above?  Can you see the links on the previous thread I mentioned?

Julie — your image is visible because it is on WikiTree. (whatever the rest of an image url might be).  You can link TO images elsewhere, but they need to be an image type.  The googledrive links do not have an image extension, so no image shows.

The other image as posted by Connie :

Thanks.  I think Connie will catch up.  We're in different time zones, etc.
I am logged out and the links work fine since I fixed them a couple hours ago. They work when I'm logged in too.
Maybe it's a Mac thing.  I hope between us, and Melanie, we've provided enough images, and maybe someone will soon come along who can help with the transcription.

Connie, they may work for you because they're your links.

They don't work as images for Julie, and they don't work for me.  (As links they work fine.)

I see those!
If I just put the images there they were small and wouldn't enlarge when clicked so I just put the link to the page they are on. The option is there to enlarge after it's clicked on.

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I found a final copy. I'm sorry for wasting anyone's time, but if I've made mistakes please correct me.  My transcription

At a Monthly meeting held at Upland in ye house of Robt Wade ye 15th of ye 7th mo. 1681.

I William Cleyton Senr do in ye fear & dread of ye Lord & in ye humillity of my Soull acknowledge yt I did sin against God & friends & break ye good Order of truth in Consenting to ye Marriage of my Daughter Prudence to Henry Renols he being not a faithfull friend having hoping yt you my fds of ye monthly meeting will as frely forgive me as I have frely confessed ye same or as you for Christs Sake would have God to forgive you.

It is generally agreed & Ordered yt if any thing fall out by way of Controvercy betwisct friend & friend yt if they cannot end ye matter between themselves then to refer it to two friends or more to See if they Can End it then if not to bring it to ye monthly meeting there to be Ended

Confession of William Clayton

by Connie Mack G2G5 (5.5k points)
selected by Julie Kelts
Good find!  You can close the question if you want to make sure no one else spends time on it.
Thanks. Yes, I was excited. I closed as you suggested but let me know if you see any errors. I'll continue to look for any follow up in the minutes.
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I'm going to post an answer here with a little more information in the hope that it will be useful for anyone who wants to help with the transcription.  By the way, Connie, it might be useful if you added the Quakers tag to the question.

William Clayton was one of the early Quaker settlers of Burlington, New Jersey.  His daughter Prudence married Henry Reynolds in January 1679.  Some readers may recall the long discussion on G2G (posted March 15) about whether Henry was a Quaker.  That's what led to this question.

Several years after the marriage, William Clayton apologized to the Quakers for allowing his daughter to marry Henry.  That is what we've been trying to transcribe.  One transcription of the apology was published by John Pitts Launey and Edward Wright in Early church records of Delaware County, Pennsylvania (vol. 1. Westminster, Md.: Family Line Publications, 1997, p. 75).  They did transcribe the last four crossed-out lines, but omitted the line inserted above them (line 14 above).  Their transcription of the last four lines is:  "freely forgivf mee as i hawfe freely confesed the same and as you for Christ sake woolld have god to forgivf you"

I think they did a pretty good job but may have made a few mistakes.  It is a challenging transcription, given the poor quality of the image.  Also not the most literate Quaker clerk I've ever come across!

by Julie Kelts G2G6 Pilot (295k points)

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