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WikiTree profile: Pip Sheppard
closed with the note: Thanks, everyone, for checking in. See you on March 27th!
in The Tree House by Pip Sheppard G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
closed by Pip Sheppard

Welcome to the Weekend Chat, my fellow chatterboxes! And Greetings from Cathey’s Creek, where the yard work is calling. While our irises, lilies, and flowering shrubs have not yet bloomed, we do have their greenery to enjoy as we await the beauty of spring.

On the Home Front: Still working through Mom’s stuff. All the clothing has been donated, but now it’s the specific bequests to pack up. My older brother came up this week, and my wife and I helped divide up things: wedding silver and china, my great-aunt Emma’s silver… stuff like that. I had to take a break, go outside and have a good cry.

The virus is now restricting several things that we normally do. Our grocery stores are still stocked. Even the dogs are getting into the act, as we saw the dogfood aisle was rather low! There is less of a selection of meats and eggs, but vegetables, fruits, canned goods, and even toilet paper are in. Church activities are restricted now. We will even be holding our monthly business meeting via audio conferencing. Otherwise, both of us are staying home unless absolutely necessary.

Still reading The Romanovs, in which the author calls Peter the Great “the ultimate control freak.” I love this author!!

On the Genealogy Front: WOW! What a blast I am having in North Dakota, mainly in Billings, Dunn, and Stark Counties. What I found out was that this area was the heaviest concentration of Bohemian settlers in the United States. Many of the older immigrants were actually born in Bohemia, but others were their children who were born in a large settlement in the Crimea.

One of the difficulties I am having is with locations is the creation, dissolution, recreation of Dunn County. Judicially, Dunn, at least in the first decades, was tied to Stark County. So, it looks like records for certain families may be in both places. When I categorize them as to location, I often have to put both counties.

There are extreme instances of intermarriage, with at least two different sets of two families that had three children in one marry three children in another. Just when I think I am about through with one family I find that I need to do another because of the intermarriages.

One concentration of the Bohemian families is in New Hradec, Dunn County. Most of the families came from, appropriately, Czechograd, Crimea. The settlers founded the Saints Peter and Paul Church in 1898; the current church building was constructed in 1917 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  I am going to wait until I get done before creating a category for the cemetery there, and then assign all these individuals into that category. This month alone, I have created about 320 profiles for these families. A special Thank You to Teresa Downey for catching two inadvertent duplicates I created!

Don’t forget WikiTree’s weekly round up on YouTube with Sarah and Eowyn tomorrow. I’ve set my reminder!

Enjoy the Chat!

Hi Pip, Yes, I saw the pet food shelves were low also. I am not sure what is up with that?
Per the dog food; is some of that made in China? My pup has allergies so I am obligated to buy the 'good' stuff so he doesn't break out in hives. (that also entails buying what amounts to doggie zyrtec).

In my neck of the woods, the shelves are half stocked. Locally, we have livestock so the meat situation isn't very bad and the toilet paper is available for the most part.

I have taken on home-schooling the next-door-neighbor children. By home-schooling I mean helping them finish what little work the school sent for their six weeks off. It's not a lot of work but it is important. I made downloadable flash cards of multiplication for the second grader. It's a lot of fun and it helps when the parents go to work. Other than that, life is normal in these here parts.
Take a deck of playing cards. Deal two. If they get the answer right they keep the cards. Otherwise cards go to bottom of deck.
Well, I haven’t seen any dogs pushing carts. I can only imagine hat pet owners are stocking up to limit their trips to the store.
Excellent idea C. Mackinnon. I'll try that.
Betty, I am working on setting up an online course for Ham radio licenses. That would cover Math, Science, and Government. We have some hams that are in the lower grades in school but I think that 14 or above would have the best chance of passing the class.
Thanks for hosting, Pip.

Pip, my church has been broadcasting live over Facebook for over a year now, for the benefit of people who used to attend, but have moved away, or who can't make it to church for other reasons. The way we've done it up to now has been to have a volunteer with a smartphone or tablet run the Facebook app and post the live video to our church's Facebook group, so nothing fancy. 

With the lockdown, we're basically extending that system. For this Sunday, the plan is to have only the pastors in the church, and everybody watch over Facebook. (People don't need Facebook accounts to watch the video.) 

Up to now, we haven't even attempted to show things like the PowerPoint slides with announcements that we run before the service, EasyWorship for the songs and Bible readings, or the PowerPoint slides during the sermon, but I'm thinking that, with the service being online-only, it would be good to incorporate those into the video stream if we can. I ordered a capture card, and found some software that lets you sort of turn your computer into a TV editing suite. The card won't arrive until next week, so this Sunday's service will be pretty much the same as before, but hopefully, next week, we'll be able to include the other resources that people have been able to see in person up to now.
Hi Greg! Our church has been posting on Facebook from YouTube for about three years now, plus a link from our church’s website. Also, a text version on the website for video failures (which happens more frequently than I’d like, since I’m in charge of that!).
Greetings from England. According to my daughter shortages now include bread-making machines and chest freezers. My countrymen have gone mad. NB That was supposed to be an answer!
Thanks for hosting Pip! That's a lot of profiles you've created this month. Grats on those!

I went to the dollar store here in town yesterday because I needed laundry supplies (had to wait until I got my SS check!). Thankfully, they had some of it in stock. The TP and tissues were all gone. Glad I got a package of each of those last week!

Pip, I just realized that you said you were reading The Romanovs, I am related to them according to WikiTree. Our grocery stores shelves are bare, especially on: toilet paper, tv dinners, and canned food.

The whole world has gone nuts. I have a friend who was in South Africa for 3 months. All of a sudden, he became persona non grata - a threat that had to be sent packing. Of course, this was AFTER the travel ban from Europe, and the only way back to the USA from S. Africa is (apparently) via Europe. He got home yesterday.

I have a student from South Africa. She can't go home even after the crisis is over. Lucky she's not on ICE's watch list - she'd have nowhere to go.

I have other students from Australia and New Zealand. They can go back home, but must put themselves in quarantine for 2 weeks afterward. I have a cousin visiting family in Arizona. She's headed home to New Zealand today and straight into quarantine.

Here's what I don't get - you can be safe where you are (no diagnosed cases in our small town), or you can get on an airplane, with recirculated, conditioned air, with a whole bunch of strangers who have been who knows where and exposed to who knows what, then put yourself in quarantine once you get to your destination. Why not just stay where you are and minimize your own risk.

The world has gone nuts.
Amen brother.

40 Answers

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Today is....



On National Ravioli Day, celebrate a pasta that is fun and versatile. Observed on March 20th each year, pasta lovers dive in on this food holiday. 

Ravioli are a traditional type of Italian filled pasta, made up of a filling sealed between two layers of thin egg pasta dough. Imagine a small meatball tucked, snug inside two cozy layers of delicious pasta dough. That’s basically what ravioli is. Although, a variety of fillings from cheesy to meaty take up that cozy spot in the dough.  And the ravioli are usually served in either a broth or with a pasta sauce.  A variety of filling recipes are available from cheesy to meaty.

While ravioli often serves as the main course, it can also be a side dish or even an appetizer. Many popular recipes bake or deep fry the ravioli. With chocolate added to the pasta or cream cheese stuffing and a caramel sauce, the dish quickly becomes a dessert!

Ravioli can be homemade or may be purchased fresh or frozen in grocery stores. In the United States, Chef Boyardee popularized the canned ravioli. This ravioli is filled with either beef or processed cheese and served in a tomato, tomato-meat or tomato-cheese sauce.  

We turn to St. Louis, Missouri, to learn about the toasted ravioli. By accident, a ravioli fell into the fryer at Oldani’s back in the 1940s. And as with accidents, the crisp ravioli earned a place on the menu. Or so the story goes. If so, it’s a delicious one. 

HOW TO OBSERVE National Ravioli Day:

Ravioli always sparks an appetite, so be sure to mix up your favorite sauce and pasta combinations. Try your hand at homemade. Make it a family affair. As usual, we found some delicious recipes, too! Give them a try and share your own, too.

Easy Ravioli Bake
Ravioli Lasagna
Homemade Four Cheese Ravioli
Ravioli Dolci (Sweet Ravioli)

by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.1m points)
Think Nutrisystem will send me some Ravioli?
Pip, Marie is having a BOGO sale at Nutrisystem.
Ha! I saw that. Actually, they had that offer before Marie starting promoting it.
We have a tool my great-grandmother, Clementina used to make raviolis. It's so cool. It looks like a little saw.
Made some during the week. Always fun to make and homemade is so much better than store bought.
I agree, Doug. Homemade is better!
Thanks Dorothy.
The St. Louis toasted ravioli is very good! Try it at one of the family restaurants on The Hill.
I love ravioli!!
I have some ravioli in my freezer. Sounds like a good choice for dinner during Lent.
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We still have that spring weather pattern floating across Central Pennsylvania. With last night being the first of Spring, I think we are right on schedule. I got outside a few times this week and got some vitamin D from the sun.

It appears most people are being respectful of the guidelines established for the Covid-19 virus here in the area. The local hospital, Hershey Medical Center, has their drive through testing center operating. Shopping has been very aggressive everywhere, confirmed by people I have communicated with in Europe and here in the USA.

What I spent a lot of time doing this week is going back over profiles where I had pulled census citations from Family Search. Family Search now seems to have the census documents viewable again. I use the original documents to look at occupations, and sometimes to see what month the census was taken to name two. I like to write biographies with in-line sources, and the original documents help me.

If you get depressed or are feeling low the next few weeks, just remember. “Every day is a holiday, and every meal is a feast.”

Please stay healthy and travel safe.

by Rodney Long G2G6 Pilot (361k points)
Hi Rodney! I'm trying to get some D in, but even though warmer here, clouds keep getting in the way.

Did you finish with the family that had 856 children? OK, only 22, but still!
That is the family I went back through looking at Family Search census documents, (Eshleman-43). Also, I am waiting for another profile manager to open the privacy setting for one of the profiles I connected to, and still need to visit the cemetery where I want to look at some of inscriptions. So I would say I am about 90%, I am charting the next generation to see where that goes. All fun.
Enjoy the spring weather..... and your feasts.
Hi Peggy, hope all is well. Enjoy the weekend. Stay safe.
Rodney, two of my grandkids were born at Hershey Medical Center. My daughter's family lives in Palmyra. I am pretty familiar with that part of Central Pa because of her.
Hi Nancy, hope all is well with you. Yes, Palmyra is a great little town. I live on a hill, and look down over the town everyday. You have a good rest of the weekend.
This reminds me that I need to work on the profiles I manage by adding more sources and writing biographies. FamilySearch is my favorite place for getting sources as Ancestry isn't as reliable except for families sharing stories about ancestors.
I use Family Search Greta, because anyone can view the citations. Also writing a biography with in-line sources make it very "user friendly" for anyone to read it, especially for future generations.
I agree, it's very user-friendly.
My daughter actually lives on a hill too, above town. Which is good with all the sinkholes there.
Sinkholes, O my, we struggled with those around here all summer. To my knowledge there are none right now. Did she tell you we even have a Sinkhole Saloon.
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Well the virus is still creating havoc around here. We are not quite to the shelter in place orders in California but we are close. The Walmart's near me, as well as other stores have reduced their hours but most give seniors an hour to shop without the younger people. As you mentioned Pip the shelves are low but we got the things we need including dog food. We are all still doing OK but the granddaughter got her hours cut. My sister works at Kent State and she works at home except for one day a week where she and one other person have to check the mail. My son in law from Kannapolis is actually working overtime at the place he works at because they manufacture and ship cleaning supplies. Diane was supposed to have elective surgery today but that was cancelled and pushed back, I hope my eye exam is still going to take place on Monday but.......

I actually have not done much on genealogy. I got my suggestion list down to about 20, all unconnected Notables, and I started to work on some of those unconnected notable profiles. With any luck I might take a trip to a cemetery I want to visit and take some pictures but it depends on the weather and the health crisis.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
I should mention that we ordered pizza for dinner yesterday, they offer free no contact delivery now. We ordered and paid with our card then they delivered it to my home and placed it in my car. They then called and told us it has been delivered so we could go out and get it.
Dale, my wife had two medical appointments canceled. Not surprised.

We had one meal out last Monday night with my brother and stepdad. The next day the restaurants closed.

We’re opening deliveries on the front porch and taking the boxes around to the garage. Handwashing afterwards.
Latest update: The granddaughter that lives with us just got told she will not be put on the schedule until she gets tested for coronvid-19 but the state is saying not to get tested unless you are a high risk patient. Her older sister lost one of her part time jobs because they closed the business until the virus passes and her other job, also part time, will not schedule her because she is too new and they are giving the hours to the workers who started before her. And as I expected I just got the call that my eye exam is cancelled and they are not scheduling any new exams until further notice.
Your area sounds like mine... Wal-Mart has reduced its hours and the town isn't on lockdown yet. Where do you live? I'm in Tennessee. We have 228 cases in the while state. There were 154 cases yesterday. Just 1 case in my area so far.
Eye examine for my wife, too, Dale. Plus her biannual appointment with her GP.  Mine are all cancelled as of yesterday.
I got a phone call from my neurologist, she is doing phone consults at the appointment time.
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Hails and horns, Wikipeeps!

How is everyone? On the genealogy front, I've been knocking out hints left and right as I wait for a game I ordered off of Amazon. It should keep me busy. I mean it's a Nintendo game. What's not to like about Nintendo?

I also posted a blog about "Popular" https://allroadhaverhill.blogspot.com/2020/03/52-ancestors-week-12-popular.html for 52 Ancestors.

Sometimes it's a good thing if your grandparents are on someone else's tree. 

In other news, I am a little out of sorts. The coronavirus or "human malware" has had a terrible toll on Italy. Been talking to cousins there and they are staying put, thankfully. It's just a hard thing to deal with for them. But, they told me to stay strong and hope for the best. So, that is what I am going to do. Or at least try to do. It's a tough situation. I hope everything works out for them and we all work together for a cure.

by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (300k points)

Hi there, Chris. I feel for you, what with all the relatives you have in Italy. How horrible. Hope they are doing all they can to stay safe.

“I was not born in Sicily.” Was that the dog talking? laugh How very cool to find all the info on the comprehensive tree. How far had you gotten before you found this info?

Italy is certainly being hit hard....... I know you'll keep in touch with your Italian friends and relatives while they're  "confined"....   I love the videos of how the Italians are interacting on their balconies..... such a creative group!

@ Pip: Thank you. Forza Italia!

I am trying to remember that dog's name. My dad told me it many times. The ironic thing is that poodle only liked Grandpa Marco. No one else. Grouchy poodle. 

The person saying "I wasn't born in Sicily." was my grandpa. Several people had him all wrong. So very wrong.

Before I got all this info, I had info on the first 30 ancestors and I compiled trees for my Wilfred Felker and Gertrude Stevens line.

OH! I also got a pic of Jeremiah Felker and his wife, Elizabeth Fellows: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Felker-208

One of my mom's cousins may have a better copy of the pic. That's always a good thing.

But, yeah. Before I got a genealogical reboot, my tree wasn't that amazing, really. Just branches into US history on the Felker/Stevens line. Maybe some of the Hamels, I think? I can't remember.

@ Peggy: Italy has been hit hard. I like the videos, too. My cousin's wife, Rosa, shared a video of her 2nd grade class singing. Here's hoping they all pull through.

Nintendo?! I love Nintendo! I dobt have a gaming system right now but I want one of those handheld Nintendo's that have been advertised on tv.

I'm sorry to here about your family in Italy. China and Italy have been hit hard with the corona virus.
Chris, forgetting where you were genealogically is a work hazard for us.
@ Pip. Oh, I know. I think that's why I stopped in like 2008 or so. I was probably a little overwhelmed. Good thing I came back to it full time. So much more stuff is out now.

I actually had a branch that was quite erroneous on my tree for a number of years. Ancestry auto added it in like 2006. It went from the Southwicks to some guy who lived in 1000 AD named Grimbaldus du Bacon. I wonder if we have his profile here. When I found the error years later, I was more than happy to delete that branch!! =D

@Greta: That would be the Nintendo Switch. It's pretty good. I'm awaiting the arrival of the new Animal Crossing game. I've played every Nintendo console since the original NES back in the day.

There's an interesting topic. Family history through gaming consoles. You start in the '80s and go through the console wars and end up with the Nintendo Switch. =D

The things I come up with before breakfast. And thanks Greta. Fam in Italy are doing what they can.
Chris, in my embarrassing database, I have several lines hat could be deleted (thanks to WikiTree). There is still one here that I need to deal with. Gonna take some work, my Underwood line which is solid here in the US back to the 1600s, but shaky once across the Pond.
Want me to help? I'll do my best Strong Bad impression.


And yeah, I am iffy on some stuff prior to 1600. Check out my g2g threads on Surety barons for details. I swear the Magna Carta team was like "Yes, Chris. Anne Derehaugh really was a gateway ancestor. Don't worry about it."

I said "Okay. What about this other guy?" They said "Nope. Sorry."
Hahahaha!!! This is a great start to a Saturday morning, Chris!
=) We could all use a great start.
Hi Chris. Good luck to your friends in Italy! I am following the situation there closely with France roughly 12 days behind them - ie, where Italy is now, Spain will be in 8 days and France in 12 days.
Stay in and stay safe everyone!

Best advice I was given by several medical folks is assume everyone has it and act accordingly.  Then you stay safe.  My son has no immunity so we are doing everything we can to keep him away from anyone who might even remotely have it.  

The good news is that for most the disease runs its course and you recover.  But there or those like my son who are at greater risk and we want to do what we can to keep them safe.   

I have been praying and praying.   

Cyber hugs to all.
This is sound advice, Laura. In truth everyone may have it, since a lot of people who show no symptoms carry it.

Hugs to you too!
And that is the most insidious thing about this human malware. Not my term, btw. That was coined by Nash Bozard, a video producer colleague of mine.

Probably is a good term for it.

Stay safe, Belle and Laura!!
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Well, Spring is here. We got a half inch of rain yesterday that turned to snow so have a couple inches on the ground this morning. March is the snowiest month in Colorado. It was statewide this time which will help the drought areas.

Garden planning continues. Waiting to hear back from the landscaper on the water mitigation project now that the ground is thawed. Seeds are sprouting and some need transplanting this weekend. Went to get the truck registered so we can haul some stuff and the offices are closed. Since it isn't a normal renewal it can't be done online so they said if pulled over to remind the police that it can't be registered until the state says they can open.

Some stores are still being hit hard but now that the one closest to us has "senior" hours, it isn't so bad since those hours are the first two when they open at 7AM.

Genealogically, I've been having fun extending my Quebec family lines. Have a number of them back to France and one is a notable personage in New France (http://www.biographi.ca/en/bio/prud_homme_louis_1E.html).Haven't added anything to WikiTree yet. I've been experimenting with a different genealogy software package that is strictly evidence based (Centurial). Every event requires a source citation. Interesting approach.

Hope all are well and keeping safe.
by Doug McCallum G2G6 Pilot (347k points)
Doug, as soon as I saw that snow report on TV, I thought of you.

Truck: not surprised. Everything here is drive-through, but the DMV is closed entirely. Police will just have to be understanding. Fortunately for us, our dealer handled all of that when we bought a car last week.
Ditto on the snow in the North part of the state.  We only got a couple of inches.  Went out last night and shoveled the walk as I thought the snow was over ... well, duh!  Had another quarter inch this AM ... lol.
Louis Prud’homme was indeed very notable in New France. I just finished reading his biography in the Dictionary of Canadian Biography. It makes for some interesting reading. Thank you for sharing.
It's been raining all day here. No snow this month, not even a few flurries. It has felt a little lije spring but tonight the temperatures go back to being cold again.
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On this day:

1828: Norwegian author Henrik Ibsen is born

1933: Dachau Concentration Camp is opened

2006: The Museum of the Portuguese Language is opened in São Paulo. A fire in 2015 damaged the building and much of what was in it, the reinauguration is planned for 27 June 2020. 

by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (380k points)
Thanks for sharing, Jelena! :)
I never knew Ibsen was the father of a prime minister! Learning something every time you post, Jelena.
+22 votes

Thanks for hosting Pip.

Greetings from Catoosa County, Georgia.

Genealogy:   Haven’t accomplished anything for the past two weeks.   Need to get back into the  “groove”.

Weather:    There’s been ample rain and the highs have been in the 60’s and 70’s;  buds and blossoms are exploding.   Soon we’ll quit feeding the birds (and foraging squirrels)……but they’ll have plenty of springtime delectables.  (It will be sad to not have them visit our decks.)

Travel:  I’ve had a cruise with 3 of my cousins planned since September 2019.  So March 5th,  I hit the road......even though I had hoped the Cruise Line would give my money back.  Originally, I planned to fly to Ft. Lauderdale, but ended up driving instead to minimize exposure to viruses.

I boarded the Celebrity Silhouette on Friday, March 6th, for a 9 day cruise from Fort Lauderdale.     They were only restricting passengers from the “hot spots” like China, Japan, Italy, Iran…. and a few others.   (As we all know, many more “hot spots” surfaced right after our ship disembarked.)   To board the ship, they took our temperature and asked about recent health and travel.

The short version of this cruise story, we met many interesting people and ate a lot of great food…. and explored 3 beautiful islands with great weather.   However, there was the constant “behind the scenes” drama of the corona virus.

About 5:00pm the first night, we headed south from Ft. Lauderdale, towards the Dutch ABC islands near Venezuela.    I woke up at 3:30am because the thrusters were at full power and it was pretty loud since we were forward on the 6th floor. I wondered why in the dickens the Captain would be using thrusters in the middle of the Atlantic.   Then I sat upright when a fully illuminated cruise ship completely filled our stateroom double doors to the balcony….it seemed like 50 feet away.   We jumped out of bed  (I was rooming with my cousin Joan).   But instead of a near collision at sea, we were in a narrow channel passing a ship that was heading to sea.   The passengers  were only told there was a medical emergency requiring us to dock at the Miami Port.    Later we heard rumors from the crew and other passengers that there was a murder or suicide or accident; and a second passenger was injured trying to save the  “deceased” who had fallen onto a life raft from a long distance above.

Saturday morning we left the Port of Miami and headed south again. That night, we once again turned around in the Atlantic at about 10:00pm, and headed north to the Port of Miami.  Another medical emergency, but later rumors had little additional information.   Naturally, we were expecting to be quarantined at any moment.  However, on Sunday morning we left the waters near Florida and were able to complete the cruise, only missing a stop at the Cayman Islands.  I assure you, we were diligent about washing hands.

Home:   I returned home a few days after President Trump declared an emergency.  So far, Catoosa County doesn’t have any reported cases of Covid-19.    We made sure we had ample food and supplies in late February, so there’s been little need to shop except for perishables.  The stores seem to have most items stocked; except for toilet paper and facial tissues. (An unexpected shortage.)  The schools are closed for 3 weeks.   We haven’t been eating out but will soon use of the incredibly great nearby BBQ drive thrus.   

We’re basically going through our normal spring time routine of starting landscaping/gardening projects  (trips to the store not required) and walking on the nature trails.  Our nature trails are sparsely populated.  My greatest sacrifice is not stopping to pet peoples' dogs.

People in this county are complying with the restrictions,  realizing how fortunate we are during this pandemic.   It's truly a time for generosity with neighbors and those less fortunate.


Looking forward to catching up on all your weekend posts.

by Peggy McReynolds G2G6 Pilot (248k points)
Glad you are back home Peggy. Sounds like you enjoyed the cruise. You have a good weekend.
I still feed the birds year round. Soon it will be time fir me to feed the hummingbirds. I've always wanted to go on a cruise but I get car sick sometimes. (On curvy and windy backroads) I would probably get seasick too. My uncle and aunt went around the time you did. They still have another week before they can go back to work from beinf quarantined.
I've been very aware of needing to quarantine too.   My county has no reported cases..... the only one I've exposed is my husband,  who's volunteered to quarantine with me.    The ship let everyone disembark without taking our temperatures,  which I thought was reckless,  so I'm not certain we'll be informed if other passengers get sick..... so we're playing it safe.  Which isn't particularly heroic of us,  since we usually spend our time on landscaping/gardening in the spring anyway.
You probably got the last ship out, Peggy, but I'm glad you had a great time. Our landscaping and gardening started two days ago, and we are full steam now what with the warmer weather.
Glad you are home, and hope your quarantine goes well. If the weather doesn't cooperate with the yard work, there's always WikiTree.
+20 votes
Hi everyone! :)

HOME: We are staying safe and trying to keep clear of going out. There are 150+ cases of Coronavirus here in Tennessee. Nothing new has been going on.

WIKITREE: I've been greeting and working on some of my free space profiles. I plan on working on ancestors profiles and other stuff on WikiTree soon.
by Greta Moody G2G6 Pilot (108k points)
Stay safe, Greta!!
Thanks Chris! :)

Don't forget to exercise!!   My cousin sent me this link to  stretching..... that I haven't tried yet.  https://www.facebook.com/ClassicalStretch/

Thanks Peggy!
Last I heard, there are few cases here in North Carolina than Tennessee, but we are being careful anyway, even with no cases in our county.
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Hello from beautiful southeastern Arizona. Temps continue to be a bit lower than normal, but several trees are already leafing! I tried placing the hummingbird feeder on my patio table since I cannot hang it from the balcony. But, it's been leaking though I'm sure I put the bottom on it tightly. *sigh!*

I've been feeling very unsettled. I haven't been able to focus on my writing much. Usually I can stick with it for 4-5 hours, but now I'm lucky if I can write for just 1 hour, but I did find some interesting stuff doing research. I think I discovered who Mr. Parkman was! Since Increase didn't mention his first name, I can't be 100% sure. In Geauga County, Ohio, there is an area called Parkman. When I download the county history, I found a lot of information about Robert Parkman who settled in this area. In one place, the history said he arrived in 1797, then in another place it said 1800. Increase's 1798 diary mentions a Mr. Parkman several times until they reach Wheeling, Virginia then he isn't mentioned again. To me, it makes sense that Parkman headed north from there to reach the Grand River area. Robert Parkman's uncle (Samuel Parkman of Boston) had purchased 17,000+ acres of land from the Connecticut Land Company. I'm glad I've been able to make sense of a meaningless name.

Self-confinement has brought me down! I'm usually active with so many things. Though there hasn't been any virus cases here in Cochise County yet, the town has closed government offices and the library.

I finally finished The Pioneers and have been voraciously devouring books of other genres. I'm glad I have a Kindle to download books with the library closed! My author book signing and presentation at my library has been delayed. Due to the pandemic, I've placed The Mathews Family: Mathews Family Saga Book 1 on Amazon for free Kindle downloads for today and tomorrow.

I've been so unsettled that I haven't done anything on WikiTree either. I hope to rectify this later today smiley

May you and all of your kin remain safe and healthy! Have a good weekend whatever you're doing.

by Diane Hildebrandt G2G6 Mach 5 (53.6k points)
I forgot to mention that my niece had to cancel her wedding plans. Two years ago, she decided to get married in the Virgin Islands.
Yes it's sad to have the library closed!!!   Fortunately,   we have accounts at two libraries that have a great collection of E-books.......  I've long resisted reading E-books but this might be what makes me finally use my husband's kindle.
Hi Diane, hope you can become "settled" and relax. Have a good weekend.
I'm sorry to hear that your neice had to cancel her wedding plans. I hear the Virgin Islands are beautiful.
I'm heading to Amazon to rad you book! Thanks for the heads up, Diane.

Don't feel bad about the less time for writing. Sometimes, the research is just as interesting and can lead to new ideas.
@Peggy You should definitely steal your husband's Kindle for now! I still prefer reading hardbacks and paperback but am glad I have an alternate.

@Rodney Thanks! I made myself some "comfort" food last night. It was chocolate tapioca pudding, and it helped!

@Greta They're wedding was planned for today. I'm unsure what they're going to do now. Her brother shared his good news on FB yesterday. He was accepted into anesthesiology residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. Bit surprised, I thought he was still planning on going into research.

@Pip Thanks for your support. I hope you enjoy your read! Definitely research leads to new ideas. I'm a bit surprised that I was able to figure out who Mr. Parkman was--all these centuries later. Internet research can be amazing!
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Happy Spring to those in the north and Happy Autumn to those of the south half of the world!  Love these 'in-between' seasons for the changes in color -- spring blooms or fall colors.  We have crocus and daffodils blooming now and am looking forward to the tulips.  Too bad our botanical garden is currently closed for they have wonderful blooms of tulips that I see every spring.  When I first met my man, it was the spring and he brought me over 80 daffodils from his garden.  My apartment smelled so wonderful.  I never new daffodils had a scent before this.

Wishing the best to everyone.
by Michelle Enke G2G6 Pilot (200k points)

You're fortunate to have a significant other that gardens.smiley

Perhaps spring will cheer everyone up!   

I love all the plants around his house and mine. I try to have something blooming all season long. We will both be working in our yards this spring!
We are still waiting on blooms, Michelle. What's taking so long?!? Trees are starting to bud out... finally!

My wife LOVES daffodils. Unfortunately, I haven't planted any for her. Guess I'd better get on that!
Spring is pretty. We have phlox, daffodils and azalea just starting. Everything is covered with yellow pollen and sneezes and sniffles are causing a run on tissues.
We had the first of our dreaded pollen puddles this week after a rain, the sign of our allergies getting ready kick in.
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WEATHERING THE HOMEFRONT -- California in lockdown excepting for essential services personnel and workers in grocery stores, pharmacies, etc and customers who need to get groceries, etc .... so there's still movement "out there" ... I see one of the residents in the neighborhood out riding a bike back and forth ... someone just left to go somewhere in their vehicle ... I do not think the governor has called upon the national guard to "police" malls and other places ... California as a whole trying to move the estimated 60,000 homeless into some sort of shelter be it motel, hotel or whatever, since the expectation is that the Covid-19 will hit this group very hard and put at least 20,000 of them into a condition that requires hospitalization ... 

Yes, and California as a whole simply does not have the necessary number of beds, personnel, supplies, and etc at this time and when will it if the number of confirmed cases spikes? 

New method of intaking shipments -- we purchase online, grocery and household -- now we will be letting the boxes that arrive sit for several days after wiping them down with wipes before opening with gloves and a mask ... and then wiping down each item before putting it away ... 

Sort of conditions in our world (personal, public) that makes me glad I'm still able to get outside and assault grass, weeds, shrubs with a few licks and a lot of profane promises of worse to come if I'm ever able .... I have faux memories of blackout curtains and curfews after dark and restricted movements in public and rationing ... culled from films of course and documentaries 

GENEALOGICALLY -- well now, went from 1,924 on my watch list to 1,939 and OF COURSE I'm still editing and revising -- will get a Club 1000 for March ... on Tuesday crossed into 200,000+ at g2g ... 

"Discovered", LOL, that if I go to my watch list and cllick on the surname in column "Status / ID" it calls up everyone in my watchlist with that surname (LNAB) and I can "attend" to the ones that need attention ... probably a "hack" everyone else knows about ... I may be slow, said the tortoise, but I do get there ... 

The only Vulcan I know "Live long and prosper" 

by Susan Smith G2G6 Pilot (206k points)
May you also "Live long and prosper"....... the national news was giving New York a lot of "coverage" and it seems just recently gave California more attention.     But this is Not the type of attention anyone is hoping for.

I've been "hacking" shrubs and my husband swears they'll not recover..... but he's always been wrong about my pruning in the past.
Susan, Ohio called up the National Guard but only to help wit the food banks, so far.

laughLOL Peggy --  MY Sig O had hysterics as a matter of fact, got a bit shrill, etc ... but my father taught me what to do for pruning or hacking-on shrubs and trees ... and he still got tense even after six years of growth and prosperity among said trees and shrubs ... my rule of thumb is no more than 1/3rd of the limbs pruned -- don't go all draconian on pruning 

crying "We have an electric saw" he says ... ah, and THAT's the one you can't figure out where you put it and haven't found it this last four years? Or is it five? 


Well, Dale, so far as I know, which is piddly little, and barely recalled from things said during the Katrina debacles and for USA border control and other catastrophes where they have been activated ... I recall the Ntl Guard has limited authority and is limited in what actions they are allowed ... there's things about looters, "policing", curfew, and so forth ... think they were briefly activated in Calif. since 2016 due to massive fires burning into urban areas 

We have not arrived in California -- or even New York, New Jersey, and a number of other densely populated mega-metro areas in the USA --  at the same point of disorder and chaos as New Orleans was experiencing when the Marines landed ... followed by or perhaps preceded by the Mexican army marching in along side their trucks ... which events are on my list of the most bizarre sights I have seen ... a lot of nations hesitate to call in the military in what amounts to a "civilian" situation ... but I'm not sure how long that forbearance will last if this Covid-19 is as nasty as WHO says it is 

Susan, The National Guard is part of the United States Armed Forces. The guard units activated in Ohio are providing support for the food banks in Ohio and supporting the medical testing at the Hospitals around the State. They are only limited by the orders given by the State or the President. They can do most anything including the things you mention but they can also help with search and rescue, and many other things the list is not limited. I have one son who is in the Army National Guard and he has served overseas in the middle east for 3 tours. Their mission is to protect the American people.
Yeah, Susan, we're already opening boxes on the front porch, cleaning our hands, carrying the contents inside, then carrying the boxes to the garage. Another handwashing. I saw that UPS drivers are saying that they are not being giving enough directions about handling and delivery.

Another 1000 badge: Good for you!!

I will say, PIP, I never ever expected this situation, this lock-down and uberhygiene and social distance and a deprivation of some degree in the quality of my life ... not going to a brick and mortar store -- not getting out of the house -- not being around other people ... probably should gear myself up again and go murder some more weeds ... might actually make me feel better ... 

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Hi all, greetings from Germany,

life is shutting down here more and more. From yesterday on, all non essential stores (cafés, book stores etc.) have to stay closed. Schools and kindergardens are already closed the whole week, from yesterday also playgrounds. In one of our regions (similar to US states), even family reunions with more than 5 people are prohibited. One region is from midnight tonight doing a curfew, you are only allowed to do grocery shopping, to go to the doctor or pharmacy, and to jog, as long as you are doing it alone or only with people you live with. My region is finally closing restaurants as well, and every "meeting" with more than 5 people is forbidden. Tomorrow will be the decisive day to see if maybe all Germany goes into curfew from next Monday. The cell phone operators are delivering the government anonym moving tracks, so that the government can see if the volunteer #StayAtHome-campaign has any success. Considering many young people don't get that they can transmit the virus to the elderly people and get them in big danger when they do their #Coronapartys in parks, I think the curfew, or at least much bigger restrictions will come on Monday. In all Germany we have had until this morning more than 18000 infections, the newest numbers are not out yet, but from the end of Wednesday (18) until this morning we had nearly 6000 new cases. These numbers are mathematically understandable (exponential growth), but still way too high...

On the personal side mum's surgery was postponed until Corona is over. I told mum not to go outside (well, I allow her the balcony), but she also doesn't really want to go outside because she doesn't want to risk anything. I am as well only outside when I have to do shopping and aside of that I stay at home too. One of the few young neighbor couples made a sheet of paper: "Dear neighbors, if you don't want to or aren't able to go outside because of the current situation, we will gladly go shopping for you or in pharmacies. Please give us a call at (their cell phones)". Well done to them, I already told them that.

Genealogy-wise I do my German small nobility and the Hessian marriages. Nothing new there.

Stay at home, stay safe and enjoy the weekend as much as you can
by Jelena Eckstädt G2G6 Pilot (380k points)
Glad to hear you and your mom are staying home and safe.
I was wondering when they'd cancel your mom's surgery. All for the better, though I know she'd just as soon have this over and done with. Glad she's staying inside. YOU BE SAFE, TOO, Jelena!!!
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Currently, it's 15˚ C and cloudy with sunny breaks in Fort Erie. The wind is howling as a warm front makes its way through the Niagara Peninsula. There is a small craft advisory for Lake Erie. (It's not very big as "Great Lakes" go, but it's shallow, so the waves get vicious. The bottom is littered with shipwrecks. I suppose it would be a great place to go diving, but today is not the day for that.)

Everybody do the Wuhan Shake!

I put up a new, topical, T-shirt design. (I'm not the first person to come up with a design related to Covid-19, although I'd like to think that mine is more helpful than most of the ones on offer. Although I did laugh at the "Will Work For Toilet Paper" design, and the "Consider Yourself Hugged" button struck me as way friendlier than a lot of the designs out there.)

Still plugging away on Welches, although I have also been working through the Let others know what locations you are working on page, clearing out the remarkably large number of branches which have been connected to the main tree. I wish I could take credit for how amazing Connectors are, but they're amazing all by themselves.

by Greg Slade G2G6 Pilot (317k points)
edited ago by Greg Slade
Nice T shirt Greg.

You're making me convert to Fahrenheit....... can get close enough for practical purposes in my head  ...... I can't really feel the difference  between 59 degrees F.  and  55 degrees F...... so I shouldn't care if I converted accurately!!

If I need to convert units, I find the Unit Converter Dashboard Widget very useful. (Unfortunately, Apple has decided to ditch the Dashboard in macOS 10.15 (Catalina), so I'm going to have to look for some alternative -- I've replaced as many Dashboard Widgets as I can with apps that run in the Notifications Center, but I haven't found an alternative for Unit Converter yet.)

Keep Calm and Wash

Apparently, I'm in a designing kind of a mood today, here's another one, based on those "Keep Calm and Carry On" posters that were printed up during World War II, never distributed, and then discovered in a used bookstore around 20 years ago. Those posters are incredibly powerful, precisely because they're so concise: just five words. So I decided to violate that design principle for comic effect. (At least, I hope people find it funny.) The small print reads, "Your Hands With Soap And Hot Water For At Least 20 Seconds". I was tempted to add "That's about the time it takes to sing "Happy Birthday to You" twice", but if I'd made it that wordy, the font would be too small to read from a safe distance. (Actually, at 150 points, it might be too small as it is.)

A "Calm" theme is certainly appropriate.      Hmmm,  the last T-shirt I had with a  "current topic" theme,  was when the Sky Lab was falling.

I survived the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020!

When I showed this one to the light of my life and the delight of my eyes, she laughed and piped up with, "Newspaper ink can't actually cause any harm to your butt, can it? (Asking for a friend.)"

That IS good....laugh   I guess the sale of newspapers will see a surge.

Actually, I thought of that design because I'm so far behind on reading the local freebie papers. I've probably got about two month's worth of them in my "to be read" pile. (Including the flyers.)

Newspaper ink can't actually cause any harm to your butt, can it? (Asking for a friend.)

Upon reflection, it occurred to me that the response from the light of my life and the delight of my eyes was actually funnier than my original wording, and deserved a design of its own.

Yeslaugh...... it's even better, asking  "for a friend" is the crown jewel.   You guys make a great team.  

Oh, now that is funny as the dickens!!! The Great Toilet Paper Shortage! Hahahaha!!!

Oh, yes. We both have the same whacked sense of humour. We say that we share the same brain. When I can't think, I'll ask her, "Honey, can I please have the brain? I need to work now." So I started a shop called "The Shared Brain" for the designs we come up with together.

I just shared your shortage one to my FB friends. How clever!

Thank you, Diane.

In my youth, in the outhouse, we kept an old Sears catalog or phone book for emergencies when toilet paper was not available. laugh

I remember a plaque that was in the bathroom of family friends. It had a little poem that ended with:

If everyone is paper hawgs,

We'll go back to using catalogs.

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Hope that everyone is well, and can remain so....

Weather: It is absolutely beautiful today, and the clothes are on the line. It is expected to be cooler tomorrow.

Home Front: We returned (a bit early) from our RV trip to Florida early this week, having been on the road slightly over 7 weeks. For long trips like this I usually take the contents of the freezer and most of the pantry when I leave and restock when I get home. The restocking has been interesting this year, to say the least. I was lucky to pick up some meat on the travels, since our local Wegmans grocery had absolutely none. They were also out of yeast. We are stocked now, and have essentials like dog food, pumpkin and Milk Bones, as well as lots for the 2 legged critters.

Travel: The trip up the east coast from Florida to Virginia was stressful, since there were tons and tons of vehicles on the road and we kept listening to Coronavirus news talk radio. Everyone seemed to be very cautious at rest stops. I saw today that Pennsylvania has closed rest stops. Most/many states have closed state park campgrounds and several private campgrounds are also closed. Friends and family that we know who live full time (or nearly so) in their RV have found places to stay; the RV parks have closed buildings and prohibited gatherings.

Genealogy: I had pretty good Internet for about a month on the road, and did some Data Doctoring -- working on the 133 suggestion list. Many of those are from very very old GEDCOM imports and the related profiles typically lack sources or locations. These can be a real rabbit hole of large families, I spent 3 days on one of them. I will probably continue this at home, ignoring my own ancestors.

by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (270k points)
Glad you made it home Kay!!   When I drove from Ft. Lauderdale FL  to near Chattanooga Tennessee  ..... Sunday and into Monday..... the rest stops were all open and I've never seen them cleaner!

Our stores are currently stocked pretty well.  When I bought some yeast on Tuesday,  the clerk and I talked about the ample supply of yeast...... many people aren't yet willing to make bread  "the old fashioned way".
About the yeast, I was wondering if they would have that. I have a bread machine and my sister was jealous this morning. Next time I get groceries, I will pick some up. that will probably not be until a week from Sunday. I usually order my groceries online and pick them up. But that option has been sold out a week ahead of time since the crisis.
Home safe and sound, Kay. I'm glad for you. Did you leave early?
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Here in Central New Jersey, the Covid-19 orders are well in place. The virus is ravaging our area. I don't know anyone personally that has had it, but yesterday, 3 members of the same family died from it. They had a big family party on March 5. I have not been out in public at all since Sunday, except to the post office and to pick up same Reuben sandwiches for St. Patrick's Day. I did go for a walk yesterday then sat on the swing in my yard and sang church songs to myself.

As for geneology, I am almost done working on my husband's Grandfather's siblings, the Danglers. He was one of 10 children. Been trying to track down more about them. It is interesting that some people have an extensive online geneology presence and others none. I have gotten most of the birth and death dates from the Social Security Death Index, through Rootsearch and Family Search but not all marriages and spouses maiden names. I have to acknowledge Reclaim the records for getting an online marriage index for New Jersey, by year and Bride's name. That has helped me verify some marriages that I had record of but no sources.

So today is National Ravioli day so I am going to have Ravioli for dinner. No salad left, so we will have celery and Carrot sticks instead. My neighbor was kind enough to pick up some bananas for us at Walmart. Ahh, the simple pleasure of fresh fruit.
by Nancy Wilson G2G6 (9k points)
From the news reports,  you're certainly  "in the thick of it" for the Covid-19 cases.   Glad you have at least one neighbor thinking of you......  I froze my over ripe bananas to make banana bread in a few days..... but we haven't had any banana shortages.

Take care of yourself!

Celery and carrot sticks? Sounds like our fridge. Saves having to cook, Nancy. I didn't have any ravioli, though, as I'm not going to the store unless I have to. Would have been a nice treat, though. sad

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I can't even right now. This past week our government split it's attention to both the coronavirus (this week announcing that the meeting limit has dropped from 500 to 100, that our external borders are closed. We're also seeing rationing in effect due to fear and greed) and also forcing through a bill which legalises abortion right up to birth (even after public submissions were 90% opposed)

In other news, had an email this week from someone claiming to be related through my father's family (citing the Wikitree information as why). I have a few more personnel added to my Roll of Honour (during the process discovering that I have two American cousins (upto 5x cousin 2x removed) aligned with various units: The 101st and Reserve respectively)

Contributions continue to be a laughing point: 424 till 2k (Yes, every intention was to go slow)
by Richard Shelley G2G6 Pilot (152k points)
Good morning Richard,

Thanks for catching the duplicate during the week. The computer didn't catch it...
Wow, more than 1900 contributions already... I mean, I am also already well over 1000, but this is simply... I would call it "amazing" if that hadn't the tone of "focusing too much on contribution numbers".
You sound frustrated, Richard, and I understand. Keep your cool and hang in there! Saw the news on the bill that just passed there.

424? Don't complain. If I know your work, those are all quality contributions.
Hi Richard, what country are you in? Sorry for so much bad news in one week. The virus is exploding here. In New Jersey, we had 175 cases 3 days ago. Up to almost 1000 today. Curfew from 8 pm til 5 am.
I'm in New Zealand
NZ legalising abortion right up to Birth?

Does that mean that any preemie who is born can be either saved in the NICU or left to die according to the mothers wishes?

That is just not right.
That's correct, even in the leadup to this, there was a chance to file a submission against the bill (90.5% opposed / 7.6% supported), the government ignored this result and refused to listen to the public and denied a large percentage from vocally submitted their concerns regarding the bill.

The change means that even if a child submitted to the abortion process (and survives) is to be left to die on the table. The mother can basically choose at any point when to abort off the child.

Certainly is sickening. The growing concensus here is that Ardern's government has to be voted out in come elections
On the COVID-19 front, our government just announced that safety measures are been raised and we will be in full lockdown with 48 hours.
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I suppose this video sums it up best.

by SJ Baty G2G6 Pilot (791k points)

What beauty and heartbreak.broken heart

Your early steps to take care of your family where crucial.  We're all certainly thinking of you and so proud of your planning.  May it keep you and your family safe.

Such a beautiful place to be so devoid of people enjoying it, but I get it. You keep safe, SJ, you and your family.

Thanks Peggy.  New baby is due in two weeks and the hospitals are starting to fill up.  We're on pins and needles as this will be our fate in two or three weeks:


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So, in the spirit of the times, what novel things have you done or bought as the Covid-19 virus starts to move into our lives?  Emphasis on novel!

I'll put my list next as an answer
by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1m points)
Grocery stores here are flat out of bread ... what?  Anyway, I made sure I was stocked up on wine ... lol ..

More importantly, I bought several Noosa Yorurts ... Noosa is made here locally ,,, just outside of Laporte, Colorado at the Howling Cow Farm, well, at least the cafe there is called the Howling Cow Cafe!.  One of the owners is from Australia and, I think, lived in Noosa, Australia.

Secondly, Tillamook Oregon Strawberry Ice cream ... Yumm.  Nor sure how far East their distribution system is ... Tillamook is just West of Portland on the Pacific coast.
Nothing novel here, Bob, but not being able to get out means I had plenty of outside chores to catch up on.

I did spend a little time working on designing a personal tartan. I'm never quite satisfied with the results, so I just keep at it.
I made myself a little private place in the woods. I used “garbage” to make 2 benches, one in the shade, one in the sun, both off the road but not far from fields. The garbage is old broken square pipes I found nearby from when they build drainage for a park that was never built. Maybe, I will take a picture tomorrow.

I'd say my purchases have been on the mundane side.  While I was gone,  my husband braved the crowds at Costco just to buy a  light fixture that was on sale for $27,  and he got a hot dog for lunch.   I haven't had the heart to tell him how UGLY I think it is. surprise   (It's not installed and he DID say I could return it.)  Personally,  I think he mainly wanted the hot dog.

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Greetings from Everett, Washington!

Hello Pip, and all.  I am by turns calm and jumpy.  I have been spending more time cutting fabric and sewing quilt blocks.  I am otherwise tied to the kitchen.  My son is the only family member working right now.  I can endure this day to day but persistently I wonder how long this situation can last.

When I venture out to the QFC supermarket, I see that the availability of food and supplies is variable. There is always plenty of fresh beef and vegetables.  Flour, eggs, bread and canned goods are low.  But today there was plenty of toilet paper (only one brand, but still).  I didn't buy any because I don't need it.  It seems that lately I haven't found any particular needed item to be lacking at the moment I need it.  

Today is a beautiful, sunny, warm spring day, the kind of day that makes the flowers bloom and the frogs sing. Alaska Airlines is flying out of Paine Field maybe three times a day only.  It seems the perfect opportunity to take my son out to practice driving.

Our veterinarians, eye doctors and dentists are cancelling appointments.  The ladies at the diet center where I and my daughter pick up our food packets were scrambling to fill two or three weeks' of orders.  They expect that they too will have to shut down for two weeks.  

I do a few Wikitree profiles every day, sometimes branching out from my watchlist and sometimes looking for unknown LNABs.  But my heart is elsewhere.  I think of my brother in California and my 85-year-old mother-in-law and our children's godfather who is quarantined in Austria.  

Our chapel continues to have Sunday Mass, with no holy water in the fonts.  People will be spaced 6 feet apart in the pews. I give thanks that we are having Mass and that Masses are being offered up for deliverance from death in time of pestilence.  I know the hand of God is in this. In addition to prayer, I continue to attend to my duties and dig away at my Lenten resolutions.
by Margaret Summitt G2G6 Mach 8 (84.7k points)

Margaret, our church services have been cancelled by order of the House of Bishops. We’ll do an audio conference service tomorrow. frown

For me, “stay at home” means outside chores I purposely put off all winter long. I’m sore as the dickens!

It's great you seem to shop for the essentials you need.    Your state is certainly hit hard.
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I believe it was Rodney Dangerfield who said "The weather is here, wish you were beautiful."

That sums up the change in our Iowa weather this week. Tuesday and Wednesday - shirt sleeves; yesterday - rainy; today - cold; tomorrow - who knows - my mother didn't give birth to a weatherman. And, while I'm at it - since when can weatherpersons actually predict the weather.

The topic of the week is all about COVID-19. Went from spring break last week to teaching classes remotely via Zoom, Loom, SnapChat, ScreenCast, YouTube, and any other way of spreading a message without actual human contact. If this is the future of higher education, I'll be retiring very soon.

Last week we went to Modesto, California. I'm so lucky (and grateful) they let me leave and didn't put me in quarantine. While there, between taking care of business for my mother-in-law's estate, I met several cousins. My grandfather had 8 siblings, two of whom settled in California. I met some of my dad's first cousins and some of my second cousins, descendants of grandpa's younger brother. Also learned that, if we're ever back there again, we don't have to pay for a hotel - place to stay offered (and accepted) in La Grange, CA. It's in the foothills on the way to Yosemite, low key, no stress. If it wasn't in California, I'd consider moving there.

I haven't experienced any shopping difficulties. Probably because the things I'm buying aren't on anyone else's panic list (or mine - I could easily put the purchases off, but why do that when I can have fun).

Making progress on home projects and some genealogy on the side. Other than that, life is good in Iowa.
by Gary Christopher G2G6 Mach 1 (10.9k points)
Gary, it’s that time of year where you can’t put winter clothes away just yet. I pretty much walk outside in the a.m. to see what to wear.

When you get back to California, be sure to ask for and record stories.
I highly recommend retirement!    Glad you were able to complete some business in California and return home.   Here is NW Georgia,   spring is well on it's way....... we're entirely happy to have escaped the midwest winters after our retirement.

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